5 Things I Love The Most About Christmas

I know everyone is out on a winter holiday or just coming down for breakfast with your family, but I want to pop in just to say Merry Christmas! Not gonna lie, Christmas is my favourite season and I think it's a favourite for a lot of people too. Here I list 5 things that I love the most about Christmas.

Christmas Make Up & Hair

Hi, guys!
As promised, the make up and hair I wore on my red dress look in the last post. I mentioned in the last post that I go all out including falsies. This is not a tutorial tho, just to give you some idea on what kinda make up you'd want to wear for Christmas.

Christmas Outfit Ideas 2017

T'is the season to party! And I might be a little late to the game but you still have a week to shop for the perfect Christmas outfit no matter what the occasion. Here I'll break down four Christmas Outfit Ideas for 2017 that both current and chic but classic at the same time.

2 Days London Itinerary

Hi, guys!
It is long overdue but here is my 2 Days London Itinerary. Enjoy...

Hidden Gem of London : St. Katharine Docks

As promised, the second hidden gem of London! St. Katharine Docks dated all the way back to 12th century and remains open until today with a few redevelopment, of course. It's a quite popular leisure area with offices, public and private housing, a hotel, shops and restaurants and the famous pub The Dickens Inn. We had lunch at Ping Pong for some Asian taste and it was pretty good.
I'd say this place is worth a visit and even a must since it's a merely 5 minutes walk from Tower Bridge. The boats and the piers scenery are a welcome change and I didn't notice that much tourists in this area. Mostly locals who work in the area.

Hidden Gem of London : St. Dunstan-in-the-East

Hi, guys!
I have two London's hidden gem spots for you who's just tired of the hustle and bustle of tourists flocking around famous landmark. First up is St. Dunstan-in-the-East which is a ruin of once was a beautiful church built all the way back in 1100. It experienced fire and bad architecture before it was reopened as a garden back in 1971. 

November Favourites

Hi, guys!
It has been a very long and heavy day but I always feel writing is therapeutic so here I am typing about a few things that I have been loving in the month of November.

City of Stars from Sky Garden London

Hi, guys!
On our second day in London, we visited Sky Garden and so happy we decided to come on the right time to see the sunset and then watch London becoming a city of stars. 
I highly recommend you to make time for Sky Garden since it has such a different pace from your usual touristy spots. It has the right amount of locals and tourists mix. I do love that it's completely free! You do need to BOOK FIRST, but again, the booking is free. So make sure you plan your visit. 
After booking, you will need to be there about fifteen minutes before since there's a line and you will scan your booking barcode at the lobby so make sure you have your booking details with you either it's on your phone or as a print out.

Gratitude Game

Hi, guys!
First of all, Happy Thanksgiving. Here in my country we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving but I do like the idea of dedicating one day to just gather around your loved ones and being grateful. Altho, of course, you do need to practice gratitude attitude everyday of your life. 
Found this adorable little gratitude game while browsing Pinterest and I thought I share it with all of you. 

Holding On to Fall

Hi, guys!
Holding on to the last bit of fall before winter arrives. This photo is taken at Hyde Park about two weeks ago and being a tropical gal, it's actually my first fall ever and I LOVE FALL. I'm not too crazy about the cold wind but without the wind, I really enjoyed this amber season.

So yes, I just got home last week from a two weeks holiday across United Kingdom (London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Edinburgh) with my husband. Just the two of us having the best adventure of our lives. But anyway, I lost one of my memory card and despite it's upsetting, I'm going to try to recreate all of our trips there with a mix of iPhone pics just so we have something to look back on when things get rough in the future. Do look forward for my UK posts!

I'm Like A Cat or Whatever

Happy Halloween, you guys!

Here in my country we don't really celebrate All Hallow's Eve so it's definitely a last minute costume for me. I had this cat ears headband from Forever 21 for a while so I thought why not be a cat or whatever. LOL. Clearly, I'm not that committed into this horror season. I'm also not a fan of all these scary movies popping up in my TV. I honestly don't feel secure changing my TV channel anymore... 

October Favourites

Hi, guys!
I don't have that many new favourites this month mostly because I've been using most of my old  favourites from the past but here are a few new things I have been loving in the month of October.

Sweaters with a Twist

Hi, guys!
It has been raining every single day here in my city and I have been wearing sweater over another sweater. It can be a bit of a bore when you're wearing your normal usual cozy sweater, especially when you want to go on a movie date while looking cute. Worry not, Yoins Black Friday and Cyber Monday have the answer for you, it's sweaters with a twist!

How to Apply Korean Make Up (Step by Step Guide)

Hi, guys!
I had my K-Pop fan girl moment for about two years; back when I was in uni (boy, that was over five years ago). So I am quite familiar with Korean make up and I was actually a loyal user of The Face Shop BB Cream. But that phase over when thesis period came (I wore zero make up on weekdays and on weekend the bare minimal, powder & blush on : MAC, eyebrow & eyeliner : Dolly Wink, and Bodyshop tinted lip balm) and when I graduated, I just completely forgot about all the boy bands and the girl bands. 

But anyway, I noticed there are plenty of American vs Korean Make Up videos online and it did tingled me a little bit. I have completely immersed in American (some people say Western) make up for the past three years so I thought it would nice to switch things up a little bit and did a Korean make up for today's look.

It's A Plaid Thing

I have never been a fan of plaid shirts, I don't find them flattering on me somehow but I do really like the prints. It does gives you that fall vibes that no other prints can do, I guess it's a plaid thing. Since I'm determined to wear plaids this fall, I actually custom made this skirt to a tailor and obviously it's a flared midi skirt, I mean, were you really that surprised?

Anyway, I would like to tap myself in the back for creating two posts this week. It has been a few months of one post per week but I'm trying, you guys. I guess the fact that I'm back to my parent's house (because my husband is on a 3 days business trip and my parents don't want me to be all alone in the apartment) and my old room which has no TV, I'm being more productive. So yeah, here's to less TV! 

Oh, I also decided to be on a social media fast this week (and maybe next week too), just to be more productive (as proven by my second post here this week). And also, to keep in tab with my individuality, the instagram (and Path, in my case, maybe yours is Snapchat or Pinterest?) has been so saturated with the same things, whether is the new coffee shop or a fashion trend, that fad would keep come up over and over again. I don't know if I really like this new tied up dress or is it just because all the celebgrams are wearing it and it looks good on them. That line has become real blurry. And honestly, I just feel  . . . overwhelmed? I can't put it into words, but I just need a reboot or something. It's only been two days, and out of habit, I still open instagram app, but I logged out of it, so I would be reminded that hey, you can do other things than checking out what he/she had for lunch. Let's see how I feel in a week, I might have some social media addiction withdrawal. LOL.

Well, thank you for reading and wishing everyone a great weekend!

Sweater Weather Altogether

Hi, guys!

It is officially fall and altho I live in tropical country, the rule of fall dressing in such country is simple, a lightweight knit and fall colours. This knit top can be worn two way, one shoulder, or just as a boat neckline. I prefer the one shoulder of course! Paired this top with two fall colours, forest green and maroon. 

September Favourites

Hi, guys!
I know you are tired of hearing this, but apologies for posting 5 days late. Ever since I got back from Bali, I haven't been feeling 100%. More like around 70-80% on a good day and as low as 50% on a bad day. Also, due to that fact, I don't have that much stuff that I like this month, but without further ado, these are some stuff that I have been loving in the month of September.

Best of Summer

Hi, guys!
Apologies for posting so scarcely these days. I have lost my mojo, I have to admit. But after staying away from laptop for two weeks, I do miss the keyboard sounds as weird as that might be. But anyway, it is officially fall and I thought we reminisce a bit about the hot season which has passed, which is the best of summer in my opinion.

Jakarta Aquarium Review

Swirls & Jewels Tank
Hi, guys!
Visited Jakarta Aquarium located at Neo Soho Mall about a month ago and I thought I share my experience there with you! We went there on a weekday so the place was not crowded but it wasn't empty either, there were definitely other people around so it doesn't feel spooky (considering how dim lighted every area is). Entrance fee was Rp 175.000 or around US$13. We got another discount, not sure what kind of discount it was, but we ended up paying only Rp 150.000 or around $11.

The place is much nicer than Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and the entrance fee there was so much more expensive. It is quite spacious too! I did thought the aquarium would be a small one. There are upper and lower level. The upper level has more attractions than the lower level. So you'll enter on upper level and exit at lower level. Here is their map.

Those Summer Days

Hi, guys!
We are getting closer and closer to fall and now it's the perfect time to enjoy the last bits of those summer days. So bust out your favourite summery tops and rock them while the weather still allows it. Today I am partnering with Yoins to bring you a few tops that are just too perfect for those sweltering heat. 

First up is a cami or some people might call it tank top. There are so many options and it's so easy to rock this with your favourite shorts. I personally like white shorts for summer because of its versatility so any of this top will make my summer wardrobe complete. 

Another summer staple favourite of mine is a crop top and I love pairing them with them.. again, a denim short, preferably highwaisted. It's just so chic and fun and oh so summery. The cactus printed tank top is sooo cute I would wear it in a heartbeat. I included direct link to each items but if you want to see more of women fashion vest online, just visit Yoins.

August Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologies for posting a few days late. My cough seems to take #cantstopwontstop a little to literally. After the usual meds and two consecutive days of 9 hours sleep, I do cough less now, which is good. But anyway, enough talk about coughing, let's jump right in to some stuff that I have been loving in the month of August.

Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette Review

Hi, guys!
I'm pretty excited about this post mostly because I have never reviewed a palette before. Also probably because I had my first cup of coffee in the past two weeks. Anyway, Tarte launched this Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette at the end of May this year and I didn't know about its existence until I saw it on an instagram post late July. I have been wanting a palette for my travels, so when I saw this, I immediately purchase it. I wish there's a blush in here, it would have been so perfect. 
This Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette retails at $46 which is a pretty darn good deal, IMHO. It's my third palette from Tarte. I absolutely LOVE Tartelette in Bloom, it's the palette that I always bring with me whenever I travel. I like Tarteist Pro as well, I found the pinkish shades are so fun to wear whenever I want to switch things up, but not like, too crazy.

The White Clover Bandung

Hi, guys!
I visited The White Clover located at Dr. Cipto about a month ago despite plenty of friends had a bad experience there. What can I say? I'm drawn to their beautiful interior design. I love American Classic style in a building. It's a mix of French flair as well, IMHO. Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm no interior designer. Just an enthusiast.
But anyway, we went there on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn't as full as I thought it would be. I expected a wait list since it is the new it place in town. However, there is a room booked for a birthday luncheon so the parking space was packed. 

Back to School Outfit With Embroidered Jeans

Hi, guys!
I used to dread going back to school like literally, I won't be able to get a good night sleep the day before. I'm not sure why, I just wasn't the biggest fan of school. I do like hanging out with my friends but that's pretty much it of what I like in school. Oh, and the big library of course. Luckily, those days are well behind me but for those of you who's still in school, I thought a good outfit might make the first day less annoying.
Embroidered jeans are all the fad and I love that it's girly and it gives a bit of that cool vintage/retro vibe. School might not fun but your outfit can be! Clearly, I'm already in fall mood so I gravitate towards dark colours. But there are plenty of choices out there. Mine is from a local boutique but Zara has some pretty choices too.
Anyway, wishing everybody a great midweek!

SASC Liquid Lipstick in Antoinette, Dazzling Deeds, and Vivacious Vixen

Hi, guys!
It's been quite a while since I did a beauty related post so I thought I started again with this local brand called SASC abbreviated from Socially Aware Sexy Cosmetic. Not sure how I feel about the name.. It's not catchy in any way and it's kinda tricky to spell; but I do love their packaging. They have a bundle available consists of 5 different shades but that one sold out so I purchased three colours individually but they sent it in this pretty box. It claims to be cruelty free and paraben free.

Summer Hottest Accessory : Rattan Bag

Hi, guys!
I mentioned this bag on my previous post and no kidding, rattan bag is the hottest accessory this summer. It does have other names such as straw or wicker bags. But no matter what you called it, this type of bag is fun and brings a youthful vibe to your outfit. I spotted so many bloggers and celebgram sporting rattan bags and who can blame them? This type of bag instantly brings summer to you and so versatile you can dress it up or down like I did with these two outfits below.

July Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologies for posting five days late. I have been feeling in a funk lately and I just can't seem to shake it off. I do feel better now which is why I dragged my lazy ass to shoot and type this post. But anyway, these are some stuff that I have been loving in the month of July.

La Costilla Bandung Review

EDIT per September 2019, La Costilla moved to Jalan Sutami. Here is the new review of their new place -> http://www.escapesweetest.com/2019/09/new-la-costilla-bandung.html
Hi, guys!
Visited the most happening place in Bandung right now a few weeks back called La Castilla located at Jalan Karangsari. The facade does look very summery which is probably why everybody seems to visit this place. Like literally, my feed is filled with updates from this place. We went there on a weekday for lunch and the place was packed. Luckily, there's a table for us right away. 

My 6D Eyebrow Microblading Experience

Photo courtesy of Bellbrow.Studio. I swear that is me, I could never mistaken my own freckles :D
Hi, guys!
Today is all about eyebrow. I feel like 2016 is the year of eyebrow and in January I took the plunge and decided to have my eyebrow microbladed.  There are a few questions that always come up from my friends and family such as : does it hurt? ; how long is the process? ; is there any down time? ; what if you don't like the result? ; how long does it last?  ; do you think I should do it? ; and the most important question of all ; how much does it cost?

So I will be answering all those seven questions here. It's more about my experience with microblading tho so for a more detailed information about the ingredients and the technique, you really should ask the staff (I will give their contact at the end of this post). Let's get started!

Dog in Town Cafe Bangkok

Hi, guys!
Besides Santorini Park, this place also had a couple of people intrigued. I guess it's not the most ground breaking idea since there's an owl cafe, pinguin cafe, etc... And I did visited a Cat Cafe in Tokyo so I thought why not visited a dog cafe? 
We became aware about Dog in Town Cafe when we were just browsing around about things to do in Bangkok. Since I'm a dog person, I immediately tag the place and make sure we had time to visit. 

Santorini Park Cha-Am (Bangkok)

Hi, guys!
When I went to Santorini Park Cha-Am in Hua Hin and updated my instagram, there were a couple of people asking where this place is, how to get there, how much does it cost, and what's in there. So I will be answering all those questions here. Hopefully it will gives some insight to anyone who's thinking about visiting this photogenic place.

June Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologies for posting almost a week late. Work has been crazy this past month, not to mention adjusting to a new routine with le husband. But anyway, here are a few of my favourite things in the month of June.

Bangkok Vacation Outfits

Hi, guys!
I got home from my Bangkok vacation about a week ago and I'm just starting to sorting through the 500 photos we took there. I got sick as soon as we got home and I still have a cold and a cough altho I'm feeling much better now which is why I decided to kick start the vacation posts with the easiest one, a documentation of what I wore. Enjoy.

Before After Everyday Make Up + How To Make Your Make Up Lasts

Hi, guys!
I don't mean to brag but I got questions all the time about "what kind of powder do you use?" or "how is your make up still look good after a whole day outside?"

So I thought I put one nice post about those two questions and to answer it, I basically have to explain about my everyday make up routine tho. Which is pretty simple really. The whole thing, with curling the end of my hair a little bit, only take about 30 mins.

May Favourites

Hi, guys! First of all, I'd like to pat myself in the back for posting a favourite post on time. This is not a coincidence and I obviously sacrifice my TV time for this. LOL. But anyway, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of May.

Ambrogio Patisserie Bandung

Hi, guys!
First of all, I'd like to say happy fasting to every moslem out there. May we have the most peaceful month in 2017. With the Manchester bombing and a local bombing here in Indonesia just days apart, it has been a very unnerving month for us. Seriously, it's the time to be the kindest version of yourself.
But anyway, on a brighter note, I haven't posted foodie post in a while so here is another one of Ambrogio Patisserie located at Jalan Banda, Bandung. Who knows, this could be the place you could do your breakfasting :)

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (A Recap)

Hi, guys!
I'm sorry it took me almost a week just to do a recap. I definitely had tons of fun creating ten looks out of ten items and my summer edition is coming together a little slow mostly because of my busy schedule. But, it is coming. Anyway, the ten items I chose have one colour palette of mostly pink with one yellow wildcard just to mix things up. Thus, making it a pretty easy breezy job to come up with ten outfits. 

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 9 + 10)

Hi, guys!
I hope everybody is having a good day. Today's post is the last two looks of my Ten for Ten Spring Edition. I definitely had fun creating all ten outfits and can't wait to see them altogether in one pic!
But that's for the next post, in the meantime these are look number nine and ten.

Look Nine

Wore this outfit for a Sunday service and feeling cold the whole time. LOL. Should've brought my suede jacket with me. But overall, I do like this dress a whole lot. It's from one of my favorite local brand but unfortunately this Praul dress is sold out, however, there are tons of pretty dresses there. This dress is kinda fancy with its lace fabric but I found them to be very wearable for weekends and special events :)

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 6 to 8)

Hi, guys!
So this is my 3rd post on my Ten for Ten Spring Edition. And I promised you five posts. The next post will be Look 9 + 10 and the next post after that would be a recap of what I have put together with my ten items of choice. Anyway, wishing everyone a great Monday! It's going to be a very busy week for me so I'm keeping this short and sweet and I'll see you in my next post.

Look Six

I believe this is what I wore to watch Guardian of The Galaxy. The movie was good but I like the first one better. Again, this suede jacket is everything (and so warm) and I'd recommend everybody to go and get one! It's from Stradivarius and I believe they still have this in stock. I'm seriously considering getting the brown colour. Click here for direct link to the jacket.

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 3 to 5)

Hi, guys!
TGIF, right? Here in our country we had Vesak Day yesterday, which is a national holiday so I went to grab some coffee with my fiancee and finishing up our invitation list. I also shot my very first look for Ten for Ten Summer Edition. But before we jump into summer, here are my Look 3 to 5 of Ten for Ten Spring Edition.

Look Three

Itinerary for that Saturday included a coffee meet up with friends and a movie afterwards (I think this is what I wore to watch Fast Furious 8) so the idea is to look cute and yet still warm for the always-so-chilly theatre air-con. I did brought a floral scarf with me which I put inside the bag since it looks too crowded with the embroidery on my blouse. P.S. I am in love with this blouse. Wear it all the time even after I finish my Ten for Ten.

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 1 + 2)

Hi, guys!
I hope everybody is doing well. I want to start creating a capsule wardrobe mostly so I shop less but also to save time getting ready in the morning. I thought I started small and do a Ten for Ten which is where you choose ten items and create ten outfits out of them. I did a Thirty for Thirty before and despite enjoyed trying to push my creativity, it did felt very limiting since I love wearing new stuff pretty much every week. Also, taking pic (almost) everyday is annoying for everybody I know, t's annoying even for me.
P.S. I'm sorry the ten pieces pics look off. I took those in two different lightings. And the last pic of the suede pink jacket is taken directly from Stradivarius website which is where I bought the jacket.

April Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologise for being 5 days late posting my monthly favourites post this April. I had been quiet a busy bee this week and also next week and even busier in the second week of May. I had, however, create an editorial schedule for most of May so hopefully I still able to post twice a week :)
Anyway, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of April.

Focus On The Graffiti

Hi, guys!
I do apologize for the lame title. I mean, here is a pic of me wearing a t-shirt with FOCUS written on it, posing in front of a graffiti wall. I know, not the most witty title but I kinda like it! I'm sure all of my readers will catch up on that :)
Anyway, had a really good day dating with my mom today. Got a really cute sandals that's perfect for summer and a red block heels that I fell in love with. Pretty much a successful day.
Wishing everyone a great weekend, as well!

Melbourne Vacation Diary

Hi, guys!
Proven by the length of this post, I was more aware of taking more pics for le blog. Perhaps because we took less pre-wed photos here but anyway, here are the couple of days I spent in the endearing city of Melbourne.

Exploring Yarra Valley

Hi, guys!
Do excuse the overexposed photos, my uber smart fiancee forgot to bring our DSLR camera battery so we ended up make do with my Fuji X100T camera. I have always wanted to visit Yarra Valley mostly because I want to try the exhilarating hot air balloon ride there. Unfortunately, our full schedule couldn't work with that ride. But I'd make sure to try that hot air balloon ride in my near future!

Belle & Her Book in State Library of Victoria

Obviously I have no interest in yachting. My fiancee picked the book.
Hi, guys!
I do relate to Belle a lot, I love love love reading and I have always been feeling out of place since I was a kid. So this title is a nod to Belle and it seems goes pretty well with my title :)
Another spot I want to highlight from my Melbourne trip is State Library of Victoria. I saw this place in one of my friend's instagram post and not only this place is super photogenic, it serves well to my book worm side. 

One Sunny Day in Brighton Beach

Hi, guys!
I thought I'd kickstart my Melbourne posts with three separate outfit entries so I can give more in-depth explanation and minimise the length of my Melbourne vacation diary post. Obviously I started with an outfit post from one sunny day in Brighton Beach.
If you want to see the bathing boxes, you do need a car, in my opinion. The last time I went there, we use public transportation and ended up walking A LOT. This time however, we did rent a car and it was such a big convenience for all of us. Especially for my mom and my little nephew. The parking lot is super close to the bathing boxes.

Sydney Vacation Diary

View from Mrs. Macquaire's Chair
Hi, guys!
I have a confession. I was a terrible blogger during my Australia trip. I was so focused in getting our pre-wedding photos taken perfectly that I forgot to snaps my surroundings. Despite that fact however, I will try my best to recreate the 5 days that we spent in Sydney from March 12th to March 16th.

Prom Dresses for Your Inner Princess

Hi, guys!
Today I will talk about Disney Princesses. I'm sure each one of you watched the live action Beauty and The Beast movie. I do love Emma Watson as Belle and it seems like every single ladies are fixated on Belle lately. Elsa is also somewhat still very much popular. I am excited about Aladdin live action movie and can't wait to see who they cast as Jasmine! It is an exciting time for us who grown up around those characters. What better way to channel your inner Princess than donning a pretty dress?

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