Bangkok Vacation Outfits

Hi, guys!
I got home from my Bangkok vacation about a week ago and I'm just starting to sorting through the 500 photos we took there. I got sick as soon as we got home and I still have a cold and a cough altho I'm feeling much better now which is why I decided to kick start the vacation posts with the easiest one, a documentation of what I wore. Enjoy.

Before After Everyday Make Up + How To Make Your Make Up Lasts

Hi, guys!
I don't mean to brag but I got questions all the time about "what kind of powder do you use?" or "how is your make up still look good after a whole day outside?"

So I thought I put one nice post about those two questions and to answer it, I basically have to explain about my everyday make up routine tho. Which is pretty simple really. The whole thing, with curling the end of my hair a little bit, only take about 30 mins.

May Favourites

Hi, guys! First of all, I'd like to pat myself in the back for posting a favourite post on time. This is not a coincidence and I obviously sacrifice my TV time for this. LOL. But anyway, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of May.

Ambrogio Patisserie Bandung

Hi, guys!
First of all, I'd like to say happy fasting to every moslem out there. May we have the most peaceful month in 2017. With the Manchester bombing and a local bombing here in Indonesia just days apart, it has been a very unnerving month for us. Seriously, it's the time to be the kindest version of yourself.
But anyway, on a brighter note, I haven't posted foodie post in a while so here is another one of Ambrogio Patisserie located at Jalan Banda, Bandung. Who knows, this could be the place you could do your breakfasting :)

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (A Recap)

Hi, guys!
I'm sorry it took me almost a week just to do a recap. I definitely had tons of fun creating ten looks out of ten items and my summer edition is coming together a little slow mostly because of my busy schedule. But, it is coming. Anyway, the ten items I chose have one colour palette of mostly pink with one yellow wildcard just to mix things up. Thus, making it a pretty easy breezy job to come up with ten outfits. 

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 9 + 10)

Hi, guys!
I hope everybody is having a good day. Today's post is the last two looks of my Ten for Ten Spring Edition. I definitely had fun creating all ten outfits and can't wait to see them altogether in one pic!
But that's for the next post, in the meantime these are look number nine and ten.

Look Nine

Wore this outfit for a Sunday service and feeling cold the whole time. LOL. Should've brought my suede jacket with me. But overall, I do like this dress a whole lot. It's from one of my favorite local brand but unfortunately this Praul dress is sold out, however, there are tons of pretty dresses there. This dress is kinda fancy with its lace fabric but I found them to be very wearable for weekends and special events :)

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 6 to 8)

Hi, guys!
So this is my 3rd post on my Ten for Ten Spring Edition. And I promised you five posts. The next post will be Look 9 + 10 and the next post after that would be a recap of what I have put together with my ten items of choice. Anyway, wishing everyone a great Monday! It's going to be a very busy week for me so I'm keeping this short and sweet and I'll see you in my next post.

Look Six

I believe this is what I wore to watch Guardian of The Galaxy. The movie was good but I like the first one better. Again, this suede jacket is everything (and so warm) and I'd recommend everybody to go and get one! It's from Stradivarius and I believe they still have this in stock. I'm seriously considering getting the brown colour. Click here for direct link to the jacket.

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 3 to 5)

Hi, guys!
TGIF, right? Here in our country we had Vesak Day yesterday, which is a national holiday so I went to grab some coffee with my fiancee and finishing up our invitation list. I also shot my very first look for Ten for Ten Summer Edition. But before we jump into summer, here are my Look 3 to 5 of Ten for Ten Spring Edition.

Look Three

Itinerary for that Saturday included a coffee meet up with friends and a movie afterwards (I think this is what I wore to watch Fast Furious 8) so the idea is to look cute and yet still warm for the always-so-chilly theatre air-con. I did brought a floral scarf with me which I put inside the bag since it looks too crowded with the embroidery on my blouse. P.S. I am in love with this blouse. Wear it all the time even after I finish my Ten for Ten.

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 1 + 2)

Hi, guys!
I hope everybody is doing well. I want to start creating a capsule wardrobe mostly so I shop less but also to save time getting ready in the morning. I thought I started small and do a Ten for Ten which is where you choose ten items and create ten outfits out of them. I did a Thirty for Thirty before and despite enjoyed trying to push my creativity, it did felt very limiting since I love wearing new stuff pretty much every week. Also, taking pic (almost) everyday is annoying for everybody I know, t's annoying even for me.
P.S. I'm sorry the ten pieces pics look off. I took those in two different lightings. And the last pic of the suede pink jacket is taken directly from Stradivarius website which is where I bought the jacket.

April Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologise for being 5 days late posting my monthly favourites post this April. I had been quiet a busy bee this week and also next week and even busier in the second week of May. I had, however, create an editorial schedule for most of May so hopefully I still able to post twice a week :)
Anyway, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of April.

Focus On The Graffiti

Hi, guys!
I do apologize for the lame title. I mean, here is a pic of me wearing a t-shirt with FOCUS written on it, posing in front of a graffiti wall. I know, not the most witty title but I kinda like it! I'm sure all of my readers will catch up on that :)
Anyway, had a really good day dating with my mom today. Got a really cute sandals that's perfect for summer and a red block heels that I fell in love with. Pretty much a successful day.
Wishing everyone a great weekend, as well!

Melbourne Vacation Diary

Hi, guys!
Proven by the length of this post, I was more aware of taking more pics for le blog. Perhaps because we took less pre-wed photos here but anyway, here are the couple of days I spent in the endearing city of Melbourne.

Exploring Yarra Valley

Hi, guys!
Do excuse the overexposed photos, my uber smart fiancee forgot to bring our DSLR camera battery so we ended up make do with my Fuji X100T camera. I have always wanted to visit Yarra Valley mostly because I want to try the exhilarating hot air balloon ride there. Unfortunately, our full schedule couldn't work with that ride. But I'd make sure to try that hot air balloon ride in my near future!

Belle & Her Book in State Library of Victoria

Obviously I have no interest in yachting. My fiancee picked the book.
Hi, guys!
I do relate to Belle a lot, I love love love reading and I have always been feeling out of place since I was a kid. So this title is a nod to Belle and it seems goes pretty well with my title :)
Another spot I want to highlight from my Melbourne trip is State Library of Victoria. I saw this place in one of my friend's instagram post and not only this place is super photogenic, it serves well to my book worm side. 

One Sunny Day in Brighton Beach

Hi, guys!
I thought I'd kickstart my Melbourne posts with three separate outfit entries so I can give more in-depth explanation and minimise the length of my Melbourne vacation diary post. Obviously I started with an outfit post from one sunny day in Brighton Beach.
If you want to see the bathing boxes, you do need a car, in my opinion. The last time I went there, we use public transportation and ended up walking A LOT. This time however, we did rent a car and it was such a big convenience for all of us. Especially for my mom and my little nephew. The parking lot is super close to the bathing boxes.

Sydney Vacation Diary

View from Mrs. Macquaire's Chair
Hi, guys!
I have a confession. I was a terrible blogger during my Australia trip. I was so focused in getting our pre-wedding photos taken perfectly that I forgot to snaps my surroundings. Despite that fact however, I will try my best to recreate the 5 days that we spent in Sydney from March 12th to March 16th.

Prom Dresses for Your Inner Princess

Hi, guys!
Today I will talk about Disney Princesses. I'm sure each one of you watched the live action Beauty and The Beast movie. I do love Emma Watson as Belle and it seems like every single ladies are fixated on Belle lately. Elsa is also somewhat still very much popular. I am excited about Aladdin live action movie and can't wait to see who they cast as Jasmine! It is an exciting time for us who grown up around those characters. What better way to channel your inner Princess than donning a pretty dress?

Surf The Crimson Wave

Hi, guys!
I hope you don't mind another sponsored post. I am getting married and currently building our dream house so every penny counts! But anyway, today we're going to talk about Aunt Flo. And in case you're not familiar with the urban term, Aunt Flo is an urban slang for menstruation. And can't we all relate to the illustration of the Menstrual Island above? I know I can. I believe most of my readers are women so we are all kind of a pro in terms of surfing the crimson wave month after month. 

O My Darling Harbour

Hi, guys!
This set of pics are from Darling Harbour. Another iconic place in Sydney. I do love the contrast between the modern tall buildings and the rustic pier. Obviously, I went with a striped top to give a nod for fellow sailors out there. I'm cheesy like that.

Keeping this post short and sweet so we all can enjoy our weekend. Have a good one, all!

Meet Cute with Koalas

Hi, guys!
So happy to finally start posting photos from my Australia trip last month. Opening this series with one of my favourite activity that we did, a meet up with cute koalas! On my last visit to Australia back in 2012, I went to Taronga Zoo so this year we decided to go country and check out Koala Park Sanctuary which is a privately owned sanctuary for Australia's native animals. Obviously, the entrance ticket fee  (AUD$27) is much cheaper than the fancy Taronga Zoo (AUD$42). We came a little late and the park's staff was already done feeding the koalas. However, he kindly let us in for a little bit just to take some quick snaps.

Luscious Locks in Seconds

Hi, guys!
Based on the title, you, my brilliant readers, would probably guessed that it's a sponsored post about hair extensions. I do love love my halo hair-extensions to death and would recommend this method to any of you who's feeling insecure about their thin short hair. So yeah, for my fellow friend who long for luscious locks, look no further than Equeena Hair Store. It is an online store so put on your smart buyer's glasses and make sure you match your hair colour perfectly, know the kind of textures you want. and of course, the suitable length.

This store basically provides all your cheap hair extensions needs.  If you are overwhelmed with the so many options, let me lead you to Brazilian hair extensions. The website says that this type of extension is usually more shiny and more silky than others. They come in straight, wavy, or curly options depending on what your need is. If you have naturally straight hair, I would recommend getting the straight, since you can always curl it with your curling iron. Or if you only want to wear this extension on special occasion where you always have your hair nice and wavy, you can go with the way extension. The price ranges from $20 to $68.

If your natural hair is not silky, because I do understand the struggle to have nice shiny silky hair, fear not! Equeena Store also sells Indian Hair extensions which the website said, is thick and coarse. I do love the body wave option below, it looks very Victoria's Secret Angel runway hair. Or if you want a more everyday look, just go for the straight option.

For closure, there is the latest tech in hair extension world called Lace closure. Basically it's the parting area on your scalp. Sewn-in or bonded weaves usually require lace closures to cover the top area where the track hair or weaving hair gets sewn/bonded down. This process often creates an area called the “horseshoe” where some hair gets left out. Closures can be used to cover up that area and add some decorative style to enhance the weave. Always make sure you tint the materials used on your closure so that it matches your scalp. When you properly tint the closure it makes it easier to part, pull back or twist your hair in any style you want without drawing attention to the closure. It's  pretty cool era we live in, huh?

Anyway, for more info you can always email their customer service :
I'm sure one of their lovely CS will be happy to help you find your perfect hair extension match.

Thank you for reading and I'll see on my next post about my Australia trip.
Have a productive Monday, all!

March Favourites

Hi, guys!
Can't believe it's the end of the month already. Honestly, March has been a pure bliss despite its up and down. I'm just so grateful that I'm still happy, healthy, and alive surrounded with loving family and friends. What more can a girl want? But anyway, here are some items that I have been loving in the month of March.

My Kopi O! Bandung Review

Hi, guys!

It has been a while since my last foodie post, so here it is another resto review of My Kopi O! located at Jalan Trunojoyo in my beloved Bandung city. We went there on a Sunday, which was our second visit, and the place was packed as per usual. First impression was not bad at all since we went there just for snacks and coffee so we decided to come back and try our luck for a lunch date.

Touches of Green

Hi, guys!
Happy St. Patrick Day to our Irish friends. I obviously don't celebrate St. Patrick Day but I thought I'll join the merriment by incorporating touches of green in my neutral palette outfit. Borrowed this Coach Swagger bag from my mom for the green colour and with a little help from my bushy leafy friends as the background, voila touches of green.

Apologies for slow reply in everything, I'm still currently down under in Melbourne. Promise to reply everything by the 22nd of March :)

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Engagement Day

Hi, guys!
I hope you don't mind another couple update from me since I don't have much time to shoot outfit photos, I guess I'll just post about my engagement day last Sunday. In Chinese tradition, two family gathers and introduced each member of the family to the other party. After that, as a symbol, mother of the future groom put on a necklace on the future bride as a symbol that now she is tied to the future groom's family. And yeah, that's pretty much it. After that the future bride's family entertain the future groom's family with lots of good food. And by a lot, I mean a lot. I don't feel like eating again until the next morning.

There's a more traditional ones called "Sangjit" which involves exchanging lots of goods (6 to 12 trays) consisting from household items to personal items like clothing or make up for the ladies. We didn't do that since both of our family are not that traditional and took a more modern simpler route with only 2 trays. I do however, love our matching outfit oh so very much! It's traditional for the bride-to-be to wear a Mandarin collar or cheongsam. Big shout out to my friend Felice for creating our outfit :)

LBDs Assemble!

Hi, guys!
For those of you who understand the titles, hey there, fellow Marvel fans. I'm typing this in the middle of a packing breakdown. I always get overwhelmed whenever I try to pack for my travels mostly because I want to bring the whole closet with me. But in the midst of chaos, I thought I should just bring a bunch of little black dresses, rely on accessories for a pop of colour, and call it a day. These are my top four little black dresses that I plan to bring! My favourite is bottom right since it has a longer hemline and very ladylike, altho it still looks super cute with a white slip ons.

Flower Power for Every Hour

Hi, guys!

Spring is just around the corner and there's no better time than now and the next couple of months to rock your floral outfit. Here I compiled three floral outfit because this season is the time to launch your flower power for every hour.

White All The Way

Hi, guys!
Sharing with you some pics from our pre-wedding video session last week. For those of you who is not familiar with the concept, here in my country we usually did a shoot a couple months before our wedding day for footage to be mixed in on our same-day-edit video, you know, just for some variation. We'd sure added a little bit more jazz with our smoke bomb! I definitely had tons of fun playing with the smoke bomb despite the smell.

February Favourites

Hi, guys!
It is a new month and I'm excited to share with you some stuff that I have been loving in the past month of February. With 28 days, I do feel like it's a short month but March has lots of exciting things happening too so I'm not exactly sad that February is over. But anyway, let's get started!

My first favourite is definitely this beautiful bouquet of roses from my fiancee that he got for our Valentine's Day dinner. It actually has some glitter all over the petals which I'm not too fond of but I don't care. I just love love love flowers and seeing them in my room just makes me happy.

Sadang Korean BBQ Bandung

Hi, guys!
I visited Sadang Korean BBQ restaurant in December and I did totally forgot to post about this place due to my Christmas special posts. But anyway, here is a review about Sadang Korean BBQ in Bandung. I was actually very much impressed with the spacious and bright area.  I did had the highest hope considering the place.

Still In Pink

Hi, guys!
I can't believe February almost ends already. It feels like it was just last week when I typed my January Favourites, now it's time to start taking pics of my February Favourites once more. But anyway, I am very happy that this month is closing to an end because I'm so excited for what March has in store :)
Pardon my still-in-pink outfit. My pink clothing doesn't get out much in months that is not a February. LOL. It's still a Valentine month, right?
Wishing everyone a great midweek!

Rosy Pink


Hi, guys!
I hope everybody is having a good week so far. This rosy pink blazer & white shorts combo is what I wore on my Valentine's dinner last Thursday. We both were busy on Tuesday and Wednesday so we had a belated V-Day dinner last night. We were definitely the best dressed couple in that restaurant. LOL
I also tried on my halo hair extension for the first time and very much impressed! I love the evenly distributed weight, making it very comfy to wear. Not to mention the remy human hair quality was the best. It blends extremely well with my real hair. If you have been a fan of a clip-on hair extension, I urge you to try the halo hair extension. I swear I'll never go back to clip-on's anymore.
Anyway, wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Boci, Rubino, Fresco, Patina, and Bacca

Hi, guys!
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and if you're still looking for the perfect lip colour to complement your meticulously planned outfit, I have five shades for you to choose for. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Boci, Rubino, Fresco, Patina, and Bacca are ready to complete your V-day look.

Bilbao Brasserie Bandung

Hi, guys!
TGIF, right? If you're looking for a nice restaurant where you can have a pre-Valentine day dinner with your loved one, I present to you, Bilbao Brasserie located at Jalan Cimanuk no. 12, Bandung. It was a cafe called Hartwood but they revamp it (I'm not sure if it still has the same owner) to Bilbao. I do love the ambience and the lovely interior design (no industrial theme here, thanks God). Service was okay, nothing special. Price wise, if you don't order their famous Raclette cheese steak, your wallet should be just fine (complete menu and prices at the end of this post). I will definitely come back although not for their steak.

Valentine Outfit Ideas

Hi, guys!
Valentine's Day is less than a week away, have you planned your outfit? Here I present three pink outfit ideas just because on Wednesday's we wear pink! I do love pink color although I'm not their biggest fan. It does give a girly vibe effortlessly and sometimes a girl just want to be a girl. 
P.S. I'm sorry for the weird lighting on the 1st photo. The big red lamp of H&M sign was the culprit.

Hair by Windy Day

Hi, guys!

Today' post hair is courtesy of the wind the other day when we took this pics. I did feel like Beyonce in her concert where there are fans here and there to make sure that diva-like blown swept hair. Although when I browse around the pics, I definitely does not look like a diva at all. I guess I'm lacking the X factor. But anyway, wishing everyone a wind free weekend! It has been super cold lately, and I'm not complaining but my runny nose does.

January Favorites

Hi, guys!
Can't believe it's been thirty one days already since New Year's Eve. Honestly, I feel like this month flew by just like that. I need more than 24 hours/ day in the next couple of months. And yes, I am also very proud that I finally posted a favorite post on schedule! Without further ado, these are a few of my favorite things in January. 

Sejiwa Coffee Shop Bandung

Hi, guys!
I'm a bit hesitant to write this mainly because the interior of this place is super industrial. LOL. It's difficult for me to get excited about anything that is too industrial and too rugged. What can I say, I like the finer things in life. But you guys don't care about that so here is a post about Sejiwa located at Jalan Progo no. 15, Bandung.
We went there on a Thursday afternoon and the place was packed. We actually roamed around for 10 minutes before we get our table. Another thing, all of the waiter/waitress were busy so we were pretty much left to our own. Luckily before we exit, one of the waitress offer us a seat since a couple just left. Oh, upstairs is smoking area so even though there was a table available upstairs, I refuse to sit there because I'm fussy and I love my healthy smoke-free lungs.

Chinese New Year Outfit Ideas

Hi, guys!
Put together three Chinese New Year outfits ideas especially for my Chinese's friends. It's traditional to wear red since we believe this beloved vibrant colour will scare off devils; however, I took a more modern route although I also included a good ole red outfit in the mix. I have always loved the idea of mixing something traditional with a contemporary touch. Keeping it very Lunar New Year appropriate with my mandarin collars yet still managed to look fresh and youthful.
Anyway, wishing everyone a great midweek!

Team Bride

Hi, guys!
My boyfriend and I got engaged last December and I just asked my girls to be a member of my Team Bride a.k.a my bridesmaid. Not that a wedding is a competition but you know, it's just nice to have your best girls cheering you up, rooting for you, and just be there when things get emotional.

I think it's a common knowledge that I love laces and it's almost guaranteed my future bridesmaids will most definitely have lace of some sorts in their dresses. These three lace bridesmaid dresses uk are delicate and romantic in its own way. My favourite bridesmaid dress amongst all three is hands down the first one on the left. The neckline is just very unique and the sash on the waist is flattering for all body types. I would've chosen a lighter, more lilac colour but this one right here is a gorgeous shade of plum nonetheless. The other two has less lace implemented in bodice which is not only budget savvy but also creates focus on the bridesmaids' beautiful hair and make up.

Balenciaga Metallic Edge Small City Bag Review


Hi, guys!
It took me three days to edit this video. Not to mention another two days to shoot it. But I'm actually quite happy with the video. The whole trouble (including stares from strangers) was totally worth it. Despite only editing two hours/day, I think this video is not too shabby! Pardon the self-confidence, I read too many chapters of self-help book today. 
But anyway, I purchased this bag early December last year as a late birthday present / an early Christmas present from me to me. I wore it all through December (I switch to my other bag for only three days and then back to this) because I want to make sure I've worn it enough times to have the right information. 

Monochromatic Once Again


When you're in a rush and just had no idea what to wear but want to stay put together, an LBD has been my saviour. And I have been in a rush very often these days, I haven't really got the time to plan my outfit as per usual. So please bear with me while I go back to monochromatic outfit schemes once again. 

It was an easy breezy Sunday and I went for a casual side with my cold shoulder black dress which you can also easily recreate with this number from . They have great selections, one of a kind clothing for women. This pretty dress can easily dressed up or down. Paired it with heels and red lipstick; it makes a great date night outfit. Or, you can go the other way; paired it with a gladiator sandals and some slouchy bags; a perfect hobo outfit for a day exploring the city. Direct link to this dress here.

StyleWe provides exclusive pieces from various designers, making sure each of you get that high quality product on your doorstep. I browsed around and I did find their items are not the ones you usually see on the street. All the cutting edge designers and all the trends you can think of. One thing that makes me very interested was their gym-wear tho! It's tough business to look cute in the mornings while you're working out. A page worth looking at for some fitspiration :) Don't forget to check our Instagram as well.

December 2016 Favourites

Hi, guys!
I know it's super late but I don't want to just skip my monthly favourites post so without further ado, here are some stuff that I have been loving in the month of December.

Sydwic Bandung

Hi, guys!
Back with a foodie post from the widely popular Sydwic Bandung. It's a coffee shop IMHO, not much going on in the food section. They do have cakes as well. I first noticed this place from a friend's instagram post and pretty soon everybody start posting about this place. What captured our hearts was definitely the whole kinfolk-ish vibe with minimal interior and lots greenery. 

When you first walk in, it's a fully air conditioned little space and the back area is semi-outdoor so it was really really hot during day time even with air-conditioning. I went there around 4PM and we had to wait for while because the place was packed. Parking was also difficult. I wouldn't recommend to bring more than six people here. Food and drinks come out relatively fast. Nothing special about the service. Price was normal, I would say slightly cheaper than your usual coffee shop. Definitely worth a visit!

Cropped and Fringed

Hi, blogsphere!
Took an impromptu leave for a week from the blog and feeling very much refreshed! I hope everybody had a nice new year's eve because I sure did :)
I thought I start the year with my favourite type of post (altho the least popular type of post here) which is an outfit post. Wore this cropped and fringed lace top on the last day of the year. Pretty much dancing away the rest of 2016. So much details going on with this top from the polkadot tile on neckline, to the lace, to the fringes, that it quickly become a favourite. Paired it with a knee length culotte for a relaxed vibe to make this top slightly more casual.

Anyway, as I said in my previous post, I am cutting back on blogging. My 3 posts-a-week schedule will be 2 posts-a-week now. The schedule will be as per usual; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I will put up my posts around those three days. I do hope this is only temporary because I still enjoy blogging very much. It' nice to just sit in front of my laptop and type away; disconnected from the reality and it's just me and my keyboard. But anyway, real life is calling and I must prioritise, like the adult that I am.

Wishing everyone an amazing year ahead!

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