A Tint of Red

Happy fasting for those who are doing it!
Wow.. Like really.. I have my ultimate respect for Moslems. I can't function without feeding my mouth for at least every 4 hours. If I don't have something sweet for more than 6 hours, I usually get dizzy. 

I actually feel a little nauseous now. I'm not sure if the weather is cold or I am the one who is under the weather. I honestly can't afford to be sick! I am juggling between 3 cities for the week so I need my immune system to work at its best. Maybe I need to sleep more... Honestly, I wish I am one of those person who quickly fall asleep when they travel! Of course, I am NOT one of them, cause, well, I am me. ;p

flower headband - thrifted, blazer - Gaudi, shirt - D'fash Butik
skirt - vintage Elle from my Mom's closet, tights and wedges - BTC

Anyway, this is just a quick post! Until weekend, darlings! <3

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