Carnivor PIK

So this Carnivor is different from the one located in Bandung. This one in PIK is definitely a big brother of some kind because it's better than the one in Bandung. Space-wise this place is huge if we're comparing to PIK cutie tiny cafe standard. Hence, I would recommend this place as a family-friendly place! I love the warm ambience with exposed brick wall here and there. It feels very rustic. Like a dining room of a traditional American house. Food-wise is good but I found nothing special...

Shop at RoseGal

It has been awhile since I was approached to do a sponsored post so I'm quite excited with this one! Not to mention that Rosegal has great fashion items, not just clothing, but also accesories and even the latest craze of temporary tattoos. They also have an impressive collection of hats and my favorite is this stripey number. So perfect for your little black dress or even your little black romper.

This pretty stripey straw hat is just the best because it's unlike other hats that I've ever seen. Very rarely I see a stripey straw hat. In case you want to grab it, you can click here

You can definitely pair that cute stripey hat number with a solid black romper. Romper is still trending thanks to its chic sillhoutte. Click here to place your order.

This jewelry tattoo is the perfect accesory for those late night party. It's cute and cheap and you don't have to be afraid of losing it while dancing! You can get one by clicking here

My favorite part is the free shipping worldwide part of course! I always dread those $20 fee when something I bought is not even that expensive! Anyway, they are having an anniversary promo so it's the perfect time to shop :)

Have a nice day shopping, all!

Flock of Birds

tee + skirt - Helo Strangers // block heels - Tory Burch
Pashli bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim // watch - David Wellington

Something simple I wore to Publik Markette. Flock of birds on my t-shirt is one of my favorite part of this outfit besides my beloved Pashli, of course. The red skirt was intended to match my supposed-to-be red lips but I forgot to re-apply so it looks pink-ish..
Anyway, I hope everybody in Indonesia had a great long holiday because I did.
Let's work again with a much better spirit!

Publik Markette Grand Indonesia

Went to Publik Markette at Grand Indonesia (East Mall), Jakarta a few days ago. My first impression was this place is really nice! I'm glad I dressed up my t-shirt with a flare skirt other wise I would be terribly underdressed. Anyway, I will definitely recommend this place to a friend because in addition to the amazing interior, the food is great!

Denim Again

Busting out my denim jacket for a few times already in two weeks. 
I found them to be super versatile as per usual :)
Paired it with this MDS dress I just got. It has adorable pink floral prints I just couldn't resist. Despite the fact I can't wear it too much often considering it is a little too dress up, but I have a few extra dollars on my Paypal so I thought I just grab it!

Bellamie Boulangerie Bandung

Visited Bellamie at Cihapit a few weeks ago with my friends. So sorry for the long hiatus, I have been away for a while but I am back with plenty of posts coming up for this blog! Back to Bellamie.. The place is easy enough to find but the space is small. I wouldn't suggest coming to this place with a bunch of people. I went there with six other friends and it was difficult enough to find table big enough for us.

One Set Wonder

One set item means the top and the bottom matches and usually in the same prints. The top and the bottom can vary in shapes but the material and the prints are the same in general. I do love one set items, it makes dressing up so much easier not to mention how slimming this thing is! You have no idea how similar color/prints from head to toe can cut pounds away without those dieting and excerscising (altho those are important for healthy lifestyle).

How to Wear : Long Vest

long vest - Helo Strangers // white top - Minimal // necklace - H&M
ripped jeans - Stradivarius // bag - Phillip Lim Pashli // heels - New Look

How do you wear your long vest? It was a trendy item last spring and I only follow the trend now because I'm anti-mainstream like that. I do love how it covers your hip and just overall creates a slimer figure by layering without the extra heat like a blazer does. 

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