Excuse Me, Sir, I'm Looking For Summer

WHERE is summer? Sure, there's a few hours of sunshine every now and then but the rest are grey skies with endless rains. How dreadful. 
I love the cold, for sure, but all the time I'm wondering where in the world is summer?

dress, Yellowline ; cardigan, Minimal ; watch, Singapore street market

Apologies for the flip flops. Too lazy to be in heels.
There was a moment of sunshine on Sunday. Therefore I used it wisely.

Funny story, I wore this to a blind date last March. And the strap of the dress failed me. Yet, that strap, did that very same thing in the middle of the Sunday service. I had to improvise. Don't ask.

This is one of my favorite summer dress. It has a vintage feels somehow. I think it has to do with the color and the pattern. Anyway, STILL looking for SUMMER!

Banging Bangs

That's a lame title. But I suppose that's a little funny.

Still juggling between side bangs or blunt bangs. But today I thought I try those Japanese style. Yay or nay? I believe it's a nay. Cause my mom and my grandma didn't approve. So I took my hair down again.

top, online store ; pants, unbranded ; watch, Fossil

Yesterday, my friends from out of town was visiting. It was so much fun. That day victoriously pulled me out of my depression blackhole. They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, my friends make me laugh. So I guess FRIENDS are the BEST MEDICINE.

I was wearing cardigan, unbranded; flowery top, CCC ; sandals, Charles&Keith ; bag, MiuMiu

blunt bangs


side bangs?

All yesterday's pics belongs to Anton Effendi , our photographer of all events.

Cute Little Cafe

Found this cute little cafe. It's not exactly little. But cute nonetheless. I just like the phrase. "cute little cafe". Can I say that again? Cute little cafe.
It has a Dutch theme. Noticed all those gorgeous tulip flowers?


stripes kimono,unbranded; flip flops,Nevada ; yellow top, unbranded; patterned dress,unbrandedbrown flats, nbranded.

flowery shirt,vintage ; shorts,Zaranecklace, Ciro

Vin de Bourgogne

It translates burgundy wine, in case you guys curious. I was trying to be French. Unsuccessfully, naturally.

stripey dress, JCrew ; rose and plain ring, Miss Selfridge ; pearl ring, Mom's ; necklace, Next.

Diabolical Cycle

Oh. I cannot decipher to you how bored I am right now. I despise this kind of feeling. It fills me with a sense of failure. It's a heinous feeling. I hate feeling like failure. I mean, who doesn't? The thing is, experience of feeling like a failure happens a lot. No. It's not because I'm a perfectionist. Hardly. It's just that when I don't have a list of things to do, I sort of relentlessly thinking. Thinking about how I have accomplish nothing and it just seems like I lead an aimless life. Then it will lead me to the thought "what's the point of living?". Later, I would succumb to a depression. I can sense it. That depression floating above me. Ready to pull me in to its diabolical cycle.

Now enough whimpering! Sorry. I shouldn't have write that. But blogging has been my... well.. not exactly a cure. More like a morfin. Where it can lessen the pain. 

Anyway. Here what I wore this afternoon.

hat, unbranded ; cropped cardi, Mango ; tanktop, B'Girl magazine bonus ; skirt, ITC Mangga Dua ; shoes, BTC ; bangles, Gaudi; watch, Singapore street markets.

I love this skirt. I had this for so long. I used to wear it rather often. But it has been abandoned at the back of the closet since I don't really wear skirts to uni. The brick orange and green color was one of the reason I bought this skirt. I thought it was a smart color combo! And I happened to love the model. The next thing, it came home with me!

My pathetic attempt of editing photos to draw your attention to my lovely accessories. And of course, so you can see the beautiful detail of my cropped cardi.

Pretty In Red

I'm not saying I'm pretty, you know. I was just trying to find a nice title. Remember? Pretty In Pink movie. I never watched that movie. Is it good? It sounds very... er... pink. I think that's before my era. Before I was born in fact. 1986, (mm.. yea, I totally just googled it) to be precise.

Anyway, I think it's a cute title. It's kinda dorky, I suppose. Do pardon my lack of creativity. It's never my strongest suit.

As promised, I feature my kick-ass red leather jacket. It's not real leather, though. It's synthetic.

Finally, there's a moment of clarity this afternoon when I got home from church. So I deliberately took the opportunity to take pictures. 

And excuse the excess pictures in this post. My sister was helping me with the photo shoot. Blame her for taking such great pictures I can't decide which NOT to post.

I'm wearing red leather jacket, black loose top which I got from Scotish II , aladdin pants, and red flats which I purchased from Love Andalasia (it's one of my good friend online store!)

I like the fact that when I took off the jacket, my red-blood-color flats still give that excitement instead of all black dead boring outfit.

 The accessories. I kinda like taking close-up on the accessories. Definitely will do it again.

It's A Wet Wet World

I know it's exaggerating, but Bandung has been raining every single day. I like it cause it gets cold and comfy for me but then that means no time to do photo shoot outside! Everywhere wet and damped I had no choice to take pictures inside.

I just got home from a photo session in a studio. My sis that is. I didn't. I'm utterly content doing my own photo shoot without no one bossing me around.

I was trying to do multitasking. Playing with my puppy and took pictures also. Divo looks like he's loving the bag. So do I! It's mom's and of course it's fabulous cause that word just describes my mom's style. Nothing but the best!

The bag has studded details and this exquisite sun-like-detail. Just phenomenal.

Anyway. I hate the fact that my flowery legging which arrived yesterday fit super lame one me. It's too short. I was considering to change but it was already 9.30 and my sis should be at the studio by 10. So instead changing the legging, I grab my bag and my blackberry and rushed to the garage.
I had to admit. It has an enchanting pattern. I've been really into flowers lately. It just happens without me realizing it. A year ago you asked me if I ever wear a flowery legging, I would most definitely answered no.

Sometimes It's Not All About You

My outfit today was actually pretty post-worthy. But I was too lazy to take any pics. Okay that's a lie. I took a bunch of pictures I started to get sick of taking pictures. (i never thought that day would come!) It was for my online store. Yea. I'm selling my old clothes that I've never worn for the past 3 months.
You can visit them on Facebook here : SecondFashion Shop
So if you are anywhere in Indonesia, do check June Collection album. 
All in very reasonable prices!
I'm just dying to get it out of my closet so I have rooms for new clothes. Yeay!
That's just how I do my inventory cycle. 

But I thought I post some amazing photos of my favorite VS Angels. Behati Prinsloo. Cause, you know, sometimes life is not all about you.

She is just the sweetest thing you ever seen in the VS runway. Not as sexy as other angels.
But too adorable to ignore.
And I love her personal style too!

Mad Hat

Finally after so much trouble, I got the modem and now I can post anytime I want. Yeay!

So 2 days ago my mom was possesed by some super-generous-spirit or something, cause she bought me anything I want! So I chose this impecable orange hat. I also chose a kick-ass red leather jacket. That will be on the next post.

I'm wearing a tribal print t-shirt I got from online store, woven brown belts, brown shorts, my new hat, and brown peep-toe heels.

You know, I got a lot of good stuff with reasonable price from online store. I should promote some of them sometimes.

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Blair Hairology

Today, I decided to do the photo shoot inside our townhouse. Ar first I wasn't to excited at the idea. But my sister refuse to have a photo shoot today. And I wasn't really interested getting all sweaty to do the photo shoot outside. But it turned really good. 
I had more fun doing the photo shoot inside. Cause I don't have to worry about getting caught while doing poses!

And of course, one of the many perks, it's not as hot! So I succeeded to have a flatless hair photo shoot. Don't blame me for utilizing it! 

On this post, I would like to dedicate this to my fashion icon. Blair Waldorf. She's bitchy and she's real. She doesn't say nice things just to make people happy. She works hard to get to where she is now. And that's why I love her. You know, besides having an awesome sense of fashion.

I'm wearing a vintage top, my sister's high heels, quilted shoulder bag, headband (of course!), and a black belt. I even curled my hair a little to give a more Blair look!

And without furthure due, allow me to present you, the HAIROLOGY!

I'm going home to my hometown later tonight. So I wouldn't be posting as much. Cause there's no internet connection at my home. But I'll try to post using wifi!

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