My Favourite TV Shows to Unwind

Hi, guys!
I know I haven't been checking in for quite some time. I have no excuses except the fact that life has been crazy and I have been preoccupied with my health. However, since I am currently on a 3 days rest holiday at home, I decided to put up a post. Today, I want to share my favourite TV shows to unwind.

Holidays can be stressful with all the rush of gift-shopping, all the decorating, not to mention all those Christmas parties and dinners. I personally love meeting up with family and friends but a lot of them on a short span of time can be draining for an introvert like me. Therefore, I always like to unwind with my favourite TV shows.

October Favorites

Hi, guys!
I know I know I am very late, but it's been a sick-ish week for me so I've been focusing to rest. I am feeling a tad better tho; so without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things in this spooky month!

Festive Ready with Your Phone Case

Hi, guys.
Basically, as soon as Halloween over,  I'm all about Christmas. I usually have about 3 to 4 Christmas events to attend every year so it's important to be festive ready! Your phone case is usually overlooked when it comes to dressing up. But since us millennials have our phone in our hand 75% of our waking hours, it's crucial that our phone case doesn't interfere with our perfect outfit. 
For festive season, I always have two cases ready. One for everyday (always Christmas themed) and one for a fancier event; like this gold one. I feel like gold is the perfect color for your phone case since it goes perfect with both Christmas and New Year theme. 

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