It's a Hello

So happy to be back with my laptop in front of me and the pillows surrounding me. Anyway, I got home from my Holyland Trip last Thursday. Do bear with me while I sort through all the pictures. Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures from Red Sea, Egypt.

Green Act

Decked myself in greens for Helo Strangers lookbook shot a month ago. I am so sorry we weren't able to give you a September Collection because of our Israel Holyland trip. But we promise there will be good stuff in our October Collection! Don't forget to follow at @HeloStrangers instagram :)

Have an amazing day!

Never Stop Travelling

Just a few outfit photos from my Eurotrip that never been published. Wore this pink sweater with "never stop travelling" written on it. I have to say, once you do travel, there's no cure for it. The sensation of a new place, new atmosphere, new culture, and ofcourse, new experiences.. There's nothing can beat those kind of excitement. 

What is that feeling when you're driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you their specks dispersing? -it's the too-huge world vaulting us, and it's good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies - Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Making The Most of My Florals

I spotted tartan prints, lots of black, lots of brown, and all sorts of fall shades in stores. I figure I won't be able to wear my summery floral for quite some time so I busted them out before their hiatus. 
Anyway, wisihing everyone a good day!

Midi Skirt Glory Days

Obviously, since the weather is colder, the skirt naturally become longer, and it is most fortunate for me because I always love modest dressing. I have never been comfortable with short shorts or short skirts which makes this midi skirt glory days some of my favorite fashion moment.

Have a lovely day, all!

Staying Trend : Skorts

top - Helo Strangers, skorts - Cloth Inc, heels - Sachlirene

I have to admit, it's the best trend ever. It definitely has a staying power. Yes, it's not the hottest trend anymore but skorts are so chic and functional, I literally have 5 of them. Do you own any skort?

Off to Israel today! I scheduled four posts ahead so do wait for it. Will be back on 26th :)
Do wish us a safe trip!!!

The Silver Year

polkadot blouse - Zara, black sateen skirt - Lolliestories, watch - David Wellington
double zip tote - Prada, red heels - Bellagio

Turning 25  years old today!
It's pretty much like any other day but it is nice to know that you are a silver member of life now. There isn't much to update except for the fact that I am a year older and I am still in a good place. I guess it has a lot to do with my amazing family (thank God for that) and my wonderful friends, I wouldn't be here without them. 

I'll keep this post short and sweet. Enjoy your day!

Home Is Where The Cookies Are Made Of

The perfect booster for a Monday blue! Received two packages of home made cookies from Mantequilla. The left one is nastar burger and the right one is choco truffle. Mantequilla also sent samples of cookie monster (with blue sprinkles), cashwenut cookie, and cheese cookies. My favorite is definitely nastar burger! It's their signature cookies and I can see why. It's yummy! Highly recommended You can order via BBM 279C62B2 or via line with line ID elizabethnna or via text on +62813-8028-3975.

Anyway, the giveaway winner is Eva Silviana. Congrats and happy shopping, Silvi! :)

Summertime Sadness

top and skirt - Helo Strangers, ankle-strap sandal - Zara

Just a quick post for you who is enjoying the summer heat because I'm more of snuggling in a blanket with a hot coffee kind of girl. It's getting rainy these days and I guess soon I'd be able to hide under my blankets again every night!
Anyway, you can get the whole look from Helo Strangers instagram! Go to @helostrangers before these items sold out.

Wishing everyone a happy day!

Flounce Skirt Trend

crop top - The Editor's Market, flounce skirt - Cotton On, 
necklace - Saint Peter Store, Petit 2Jours bag - Fendi, strappy sandal - Zara

Flounce skirt is a skirt that has tight silhouette from waist to hip and then flare out at the bottom. I only recently joined this trend although this skirt peaked last year. I was hesitant at first mostly because I don't think I will pull it off but as what I always do with new trend, I just go ahead and try once. Ended up liking it when paired with crop top but a tucked in top create bulk so I guess it's one of those skirt that I wore rarely. But no regret! It's always fun to try a new trend.

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