A Lil' Bit Country

Feeling just a lil' bit country in this adorable dress. Do excuse the creased denim part, I ironed it but I'm not very good at domestic stuff like cooking and ironing. I do try tho! I actually like ironing despite the fact that I don't have the techniques right.. Haha. It feels very soothing to do something so mundane without thinking.

Anyway, wishing everyone a fantastic start of the week :)

Off Shoulder Trend

off shoulder top & long culottes - Helo Strangers
black ankle strap heels - Zara
TGIF, right?
It has been one busy week; time literally flew by. It feels like it was just yesterday I went to a Zumba class and yet, I just got out of a Zumba class yet again.. How is your week, readers?
On a fashion note, I am currently absolutely obsessed with off shoulder trend. It looks very sexy without being too revealing. Just the right amount of skin indeed. My top has a tile on the collar area so the rest of the fabric sits just right :)
Paired your favorite off shoulder top with a long culotte for a major, on point fashion statement.
Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

Old Ben's Garage & Coffee Bandung

Phew! I'm finally posting about Old Ben's Bandung! Sponsored posts are lining up so I thought I just sneak this in :)

Visited this place two weeks ago with my lava and had a pleasant time. Industrial theme no longer bother me perhaps because it has become too much, my annoyed nerves shut down. Haha. Either way, I do think industrial theme and coffee shops are a good match tho. I mean, can't you see how pretty the coffee looks like with the wooden table background?

Anyway, place is not that big and it is indeed located in a renovated garage. Their coffee is fine but I prefer Two Hands Full's one. Perhaps because its sweeter there. Lord knows I do not EVER drink bitter cofffee. I do however will come back again just for their Acai Berry Bowl. So good! They also serves savory/breakfast menus.

Be My Bridesmaid

Last weekend, one of my dearest (and oldest) friend finally tied the knot to her Prince Charming! They are now on a honeymoon but I thought I posted a tidbits from the garden nuptial since we took so many photos anyway. I particularly love the soft peachy color of our bridesmaid dress with the pale bouquet of flowers.

25 Things I Learned by My 26th Year

Feeling particularly old since I'm turning 26 yo today. In turn, my birthday always make me a little bit reflective about life.. Hence, I decided to write this post. Most of them are inspired by other people's post but there are a lot of personal experiences too . Some are funny some are deep, but all of them I sure have learned.

Switching Things Up

top - helostrangers.com // skirt - shopatvelvet.com // sandals - Zara

Switching things up with your look is as easy as a colored hair extensions! You will look totally different especially if you're usually have short hair, it's like a makeover altogether :)

I like purple ever since I'm in high school and even tho it's not my favorite color, I probably still write purple if I have to choose one color. My experiences with hairclip extensions had been nothing but happy altho they can be heavy when you wear it all day long but for one hour or two, I don't have any problem wearing them. It's one of my beauty secret for glorious hair on special events!

Open for Sponsored Post

Feeling a little bit polkadot last weekend and here's the outfit I came up with! Took these photos at Old Bens, a new coffee shop near my house. Will post about the place on the next post.

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