Switching Things Up

top - helostrangers.com // skirt - shopatvelvet.com // sandals - Zara

Switching things up with your look is as easy as a colored hair extensions! You will look totally different especially if you're usually have short hair, it's like a makeover altogether :)

I like purple ever since I'm in high school and even tho it's not my favorite color, I probably still write purple if I have to choose one color. My experiences with hairclip extensions had been nothing but happy altho they can be heavy when you wear it all day long but for one hour or two, I don't have any problem wearing them. It's one of my beauty secret for glorious hair on special events!

For cheapest human hair extensions you can go to UU Hair Extensions. They provide a wide range of hair extensions including thick clip extensions and various colors even black clip hair extensions which is perfect for us Indonesians who naturally have black hair ;)

Anyway, these photos are from a year ago! My.. time flies..

Have a great week ahead! Next post is Old Bens Coffee Shop on Wednesday. Stay tuned <3 p="">


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