Glorious Hair

First of all, thank you for all the compliments on my look at my sister's wedding post. I feel super glamorous that day, indeed. Thanks to the make up and hair team for making me look flawless. Obviously, my hair is not that thick! I had help with a hairclip. I used 16 inch hair extensions which is super easy to use. I also had 20 inch hair extensions but lost it when my church used it for a Christmas roleplay last year. UU Hair Extensions have all you need for an instant glorious hair :)

Miss Monochrome

Well the brown shoes isn't exactly monochrome, I guess. However, I have to admit that I always fall back to black and white when I just have no time to think of a composed outfit. It is put together and understated at the same time, making it a safe option and worship by many as the ultimate chic.
Anyway, wifi-less and moving in to my sister's bigger room (she's married now and moved to an apartment) might interrupt a little with my blogging pace. Do bear with me while I pick my brain try to find a solution for my no-signal-house and settling in to a new room (I have SO MANY stuff it's mind boggling)! :)
Have a blessed week ahead <3 p="">

Pastel Perfect

Pastel perfect on a cloudy day. Don't let the blue sky behind me fool you! I got no sunshine on the location of my shoot yet my background is crystal blue. Hmm.. Global warming?
Still can't get over how cute my yellow bag looks in photos (and real life). I am still battling to get the grey one or not because I'm not one of those person who stocks one item they like in plenty of colors. I believe one's closet should be as diverse as possible.

seafoam top - Zara, shorts - Velvet, wrapped bracelet - Tory Burch
yellow sling bag - Cloxvox, brown heels - Nine West

Wedding Photos with Fuji X100T

I finally took the plunge and bought Fuji X100T last Wednesday. Brought it out for a spin and test shots at my sister's wedding and super duper pleased with how all the photos came out! All pics went through resizing, cropping, and color editing only. Granted, since it's my first time taking photos with X100T, some photos were blurry and dark (especially in low light area). A little bit of tinkering in Photoshop fixes it just right. Considering the compactibilty and the results, I'd say I get what I paid for :)

Capital 8 Bandung

Just a quick review of Capital 8 located at Ir. H. Juanda no. 72 (also known as Dago area. right across Kartika Sari Dago). The place is spacious and it has a bit of vintage flair in terms of decor, which I do like. However, the back area is more industrial. Food is good. We didn't order the recommended ones because it was too pricey for me. Waiters and waitresses gave an okay service. Overall, not a bad place to visit at all :)
Anyway, have a nice weekend....
My sister is getting married tomorrow. So excited!  :D

Ready for Spring

Hello! Apologizes for the lack of posts, my wi-fi has been super whiney lately. Anyway, this post is dedicated for spring. And pink. Because on Wednesday, we wear pink! (I might watch Mean Girls too many times) I do excited about the sunny weather, making it easy to take outfit pictures. However, the heat is starting to catching up on me and I hate being sweaty. It's not the most glamorous thing to do.
Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful midweek :)
And happy Saint Patrick Day!

Phillip Lim for Target Yellow Bag

So this one is not from Target but it looks just like one! We have no Target here in Indonesia so you can guess how excited I was when I found one super similar on a local webstore. Besides the shape of the zipper and the Phillip Lim x Target writing on the zipper, you really can't tell.  I absoutely love the design-wise that resembles a lot like a mini pashli (planning to get one this May!). I was considering the taupe because the black is way too dark to see all the details but I thought... it's a nice affordable bag.. why don't I get it in a fun color? The store has red (more like a bright salmon red) and yellow. Now, I am not a fan of the red one, hence, I ended up with the yellow!

Cottonwood Bandung

Visited a cute little place near my house called Cottonwood in my lovely Bandung city. There's a bed and breakast too there but we didn't see the rooms, just a simple brunch with friends :)
I would definitely recommend this place. Everything we ordered tastes good and the price is just right! Not too expensive, just how we like it.

How to Wear : Culottes Pants

This culottes trend is very exciting to try! I wasn't sure if I'm going to pull it off or not but then again, as I always do with other trend, I just try them on and took some photos. I don't look so bad, right?
Granted, these kind of shorts are not the most flattering type so here are a few tips to keep in mind. One, make sure you wear heels! Two, just keep it simple. Black culottes are the best bet since it looks a lot like a skirt in most photos. Three, if you're a shortie like me (I'm 156 cm or 5 foot 2) choose the shorter version because the long/midi version is just going to drown you and make your bottom half looks bigger than it really is. 

Rockabilly Inspired Bridal Shower

Two weeks ago, me and a bunch of friends threw a bridal shower for my big sis. She really like this girl on instagram that has rockabilly style so we decided around that theme! This is probably my favorite decor so far. I absolutely love the red and black contrast. Naturally, I wore red and black that day. Oh, and all the girls wear red lips!

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