Standing In The Sun

In case you haven't been on board with watching Scandal, you probably don't know the term “standing in the sun”
It was once a very trendy thing in Scandal. I think everyone can relate about wanting to stand under the sun, both figuratively and in the literal way. The sun seems like a bright hopeful state where everything is clear. Nothing foggy or in grey area for sure. All color seem so vibrant making you excited about life. I will always forever standing in the sun :)

Harper's Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014

Last weekend me and my sister and a friend decided to went to  Harper's Bazaar Fashion Festival at Jakarta Convention Centre. We went because we thought their seminar sounded interesting. Alas, it wasn't the case. What I thought would be an informative seminar filled with a fashionable power point, turned out to be a talkshow with the guest speakers.. I was definitely not happy about it since we pay a hefty price and we didn't even get any food or a simple glass of water just a goodie bag consisted of old magazines, an old notebook (clearly from a leftover magz' bonuses), and a super pinky beauty case (pretty sure it was a leftover magz' bonuses as well).

Nanny's Pavillon Home Bandung

Thanks God It's Friday, right? It's weekend at last!
I visited Nanny's Pavillon Home at Jalan R.E. Martadinata in the previous weekend. Nanny's Pavillon first emerged in Bandung around 2009. I remember the garden theme was the first one also located at Jalan R.E. Martadinata. And then library theme at Jalan Setiabudi. No longer after that, barn theme at Istana Plaza Mall. I believed there's a porch theme at Trans Studio Mall. After a few years running, Nanny's Pavillon everywhere starts closing and at April 2014 reopened as one Nanny's Pavillon Home.

Dune Bashing in Dubai

It is said to be the MUST DO activity in Dubai. I am not a big fan of anything extreme, but you know, I was there and probably won't be there for another ten years so I decided to just go with the flow. And I did threw up my lunch, which was expected anyway. If you have no idea what a dune bashing looks like click play on the video to get a picture.

Lux Dubai

Dubai is a relatively young city and it's definitely lives up to expectation in terms of making you go all "wow" thanks to their futuristic architecture and lavish culture. I literally spot a sport car every 5 minutes.  Above is me standing in front of Burj al Arab which is a SEVEN stars hotel built on a man-made island. They made an island 200 meters from the shore line and then built the hotel so we actually have to go across a bridge to get inside.

The Treasury

From Israel, we continue our tour to Jordan to visit its most famous tourist attraction : The Treasury. Standing in front of the tomb also known as Al Khazneh, I cannot help but to feel how small my world is. There are so much more treasures out there waiting for us to give insights about what an amazing place this planet is, in which we have to preserve everything so our grandchildren will have the opportunity to have their own experience with the wonders of the world.

Promised Land Part Two

Picture above is Armageddon Valley where the last battle will occur according to book of Revelation. It was such a gorgeous view that I can't even imagine any battle will happen here. Anyway, around 30 photos in this post, so much more friendlier than previous post.

Promised Land Part One

Above is a scenery of Jerusalem, Israel. In the bible, the promised land is a vast area that now is mostly in Israel. But there are more than the Israel official area that is promised by God to be given for Israel nation. To cut the story short, this post and the next post will be glimpses about our 4 days in Israel. There are over than 40 photos so do be patient :)

A Sunny Smile

It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, 
but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living."
 - F. Scott Fitzgerald.

It was also a sunny day in Dubai. Can't believe this was almost a month ago! Been a little busy bee for the past week hence the lack of post. My church has a huge event this November and the hectic buzz is starting now. Not to mention my Instagram store is now a webstore! Go visit (INDONESIA shipping only). A new packaging is also coming up! SO excited for a new chapter of my store. I love providing cute clothes with reasonable price. 

Holyland Tour Day Two : Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai was actually from around midnight of day two to day three but I decided to just put it on day two because we didn't go anywhere except for some well which name I already forget. But do click more for my story of conquering Mount Sinai.

Holyland Tour Day One : Egypt

Holyland Tour was lifechanging. You should do it when you have the chance and the opportunity. I'm glad that I'm home with a new spirit in Jesus! You can't really describe every feeling when you visit a place but I do hope these photos will give a little picture. First country was Egypt! Enjoy :)

Have a great midweek, all!

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