May Favourites

Hi, guys! First of all, I'd like to pat myself in the back for posting a favourite post on time. This is not a coincidence and I obviously sacrifice my TV time for this. LOL. But anyway, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of May.

Ambrogio Patisserie Bandung

Hi, guys!
First of all, I'd like to say happy fasting to every moslem out there. May we have the most peaceful month in 2017. With the Manchester bombing and a local bombing here in Indonesia just days apart, it has been a very unnerving month for us. Seriously, it's the time to be the kindest version of yourself.
But anyway, on a brighter note, I haven't posted foodie post in a while so here is another one of Ambrogio Patisserie located at Jalan Banda, Bandung. Who knows, this could be the place you could do your breakfasting :)

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (A Recap)

Hi, guys!
I'm sorry it took me almost a week just to do a recap. I definitely had tons of fun creating ten looks out of ten items and my summer edition is coming together a little slow mostly because of my busy schedule. But, it is coming. Anyway, the ten items I chose have one colour palette of mostly pink with one yellow wildcard just to mix things up. Thus, making it a pretty easy breezy job to come up with ten outfits. 

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 9 + 10)

Hi, guys!
I hope everybody is having a good day. Today's post is the last two looks of my Ten for Ten Spring Edition. I definitely had fun creating all ten outfits and can't wait to see them altogether in one pic!
But that's for the next post, in the meantime these are look number nine and ten.

Look Nine

Wore this outfit for a Sunday service and feeling cold the whole time. LOL. Should've brought my suede jacket with me. But overall, I do like this dress a whole lot. It's from one of my favorite local brand but unfortunately this Praul dress is sold out, however, there are tons of pretty dresses there. This dress is kinda fancy with its lace fabric but I found them to be very wearable for weekends and special events :)

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 6 to 8)

Hi, guys!
So this is my 3rd post on my Ten for Ten Spring Edition. And I promised you five posts. The next post will be Look 9 + 10 and the next post after that would be a recap of what I have put together with my ten items of choice. Anyway, wishing everyone a great Monday! It's going to be a very busy week for me so I'm keeping this short and sweet and I'll see you in my next post.

Look Six

I believe this is what I wore to watch Guardian of The Galaxy. The movie was good but I like the first one better. Again, this suede jacket is everything (and so warm) and I'd recommend everybody to go and get one! It's from Stradivarius and I believe they still have this in stock. I'm seriously considering getting the brown colour. Click here for direct link to the jacket.

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 3 to 5)

Hi, guys!
TGIF, right? Here in our country we had Vesak Day yesterday, which is a national holiday so I went to grab some coffee with my fiancee and finishing up our invitation list. I also shot my very first look for Ten for Ten Summer Edition. But before we jump into summer, here are my Look 3 to 5 of Ten for Ten Spring Edition.

Look Three

Itinerary for that Saturday included a coffee meet up with friends and a movie afterwards (I think this is what I wore to watch Fast Furious 8) so the idea is to look cute and yet still warm for the always-so-chilly theatre air-con. I did brought a floral scarf with me which I put inside the bag since it looks too crowded with the embroidery on my blouse. P.S. I am in love with this blouse. Wear it all the time even after I finish my Ten for Ten.

Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 1 + 2)

Hi, guys!
I hope everybody is doing well. I want to start creating a capsule wardrobe mostly so I shop less but also to save time getting ready in the morning. I thought I started small and do a Ten for Ten which is where you choose ten items and create ten outfits out of them. I did a Thirty for Thirty before and despite enjoyed trying to push my creativity, it did felt very limiting since I love wearing new stuff pretty much every week. Also, taking pic (almost) everyday is annoying for everybody I know, t's annoying even for me.
P.S. I'm sorry the ten pieces pics look off. I took those in two different lightings. And the last pic of the suede pink jacket is taken directly from Stradivarius website which is where I bought the jacket.

April Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologise for being 5 days late posting my monthly favourites post this April. I had been quiet a busy bee this week and also next week and even busier in the second week of May. I had, however, create an editorial schedule for most of May so hopefully I still able to post twice a week :)
Anyway, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of April.

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