Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 1 + 2)

Hi, guys!
I hope everybody is doing well. I want to start creating a capsule wardrobe mostly so I shop less but also to save time getting ready in the morning. I thought I started small and do a Ten for Ten which is where you choose ten items and create ten outfits out of them. I did a Thirty for Thirty before and despite enjoyed trying to push my creativity, it did felt very limiting since I love wearing new stuff pretty much every week. Also, taking pic (almost) everyday is annoying for everybody I know, t's annoying even for me.
P.S. I'm sorry the ten pieces pics look off. I took those in two different lightings. And the last pic of the suede pink jacket is taken directly from Stradivarius website which is where I bought the jacket.

After five years I feel like trying again and taking baby steps which just ten outfits. This way, I can take pics only on weekend and will be done around five weeks. Another plus point is of course, figuring out my favourite core items for each season, hence closer to a complete capsule wardrobe. Most of my items (except no 1 and no 10) are over a year old so I'm sorry I couldn't find any links to purchase them. 
Anyway, I'm actually done creating ten outfits but I thought I'd divided them in five separate posts so I have a little time while I'm creating ten for ten summer edition. Enjoy!

Look One

For look number one, I had apartment hunting scheduled that day and being practical is mostly my main goal so first option is obviously the jeans. And my choice of top is because that day was pretty hot so I wanted a flowy blouse for sure.

Look Two 

For look two, it was a Sunday so I went for chic casual. The white top and white shorts combo is a no-fail outfit. Added a layer for interest with the suede moto jacket. I absolutely looove this jacket. Mostly it's because of the dusty pink color tho. It's spring enough yet still wearable for other seasons.

And that's it for Look One and Two. I'll see you in the next post with Look Three to Five.


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