Something Old, Something Pink

With Valentine's Day in two weeks away, have you found your perfect V-Day outfit?
I actually think peach is a really nice substitute for pink. It has a little bit more sassy-ness to it instead of the ordinary milky pink that usually around on this month of love. Men are probably thinking peach and pink is the same thing, anyway! Ah boys, they really don't get our most interesting mind who run through 32 different thoughts in one "hello"

Thank you to Dhievine for yet another lovely and most romantic flower crown. Flowers.. Definitely an important piece of February! The store has plenty choices of flower crowns and also, impeccably neat batik items that is worth to have.

Anyway, I have this mini peach dress for about two years and only worn it twice! I guess this one deserves a new home.. Along with this versatile vintage boxy bag, both are for sale in my store! Do click Shop The Sweetest Escape for details. (Open for Indonesians only. Free shipping to Bandung and Jakarta with minimal purchase of 2 items)

Hopefully all of you are having a beautiful day!

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Sweet Edgy

Spring is definitely my favorite season because I can finally pull out all my flowery items out of the closet. A dear reader of my blog actually gives a really good nickname for my style which is "Forever Spring" style.

A lot of people called my style vintage or sweet but I actually have lots of black and always love anything acid washed and studded items! Plus, I have a girl crush on Kristen Stewart grungy style. That girl can do no wrong in my book (in term of style, of course, not the behavior!) 

Anyway, I didn't say much cause I have an upcoming throatsore thanks to all the iced coffee that I have been gulping for the past week (it has been really hot in the afternoon and rained at night so I have been drinking iced coffee more often than ever. bye bye white teeth! ) so I am saving my voice for the next vlog :)

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Have a jolly day, all!

Studded chiffon shirt - JessJess
Floral pants - Patrick Owen
Belt & Gummy Bag - courtesy of
Heels - Rotelli

This week Sunday music is all songs in Taylor Swift' Red album.
Kidding, well, not really. I actually love all the songs. It has been a while since I like one whole album. The last time was Daughtry' Leave This Town album.

My favorite song from the album is Treacherous.

This slope is treacherous
This path is reckless
This slope is treacherous
and I, I, I like it

I can't decide if it's a choice getting swept away
I hear the sound of my own voice
Asking you to stay
and all we are is skin and bone
Trained to get along

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Rock Bar Bali Review

Rock Bar is located in Ayana Resort. It's a bar built on a cliff overlooking to the sea. Beautiful views and although pricey, a nice place to see the sunset!

Taking pictures while waiting for the line to use the lift to get down to the bar. No price charges for the lift this time! But there's a dresscode. No sandals (swallow sandals, that is), surfer shorts, or those Bir Bintang sleeveless tee. Dress up a little if you want to visit Rock Bar..

For tables, there's no minimal charge but each person must order one drink. And one table is only for four person. Drinks starts at 75 thousand rupiah before tax. Bring at least 100 thousand rupiah.

For the sofas, there is a minimum order of 650 thousand rupiah with a maximum of three person per sofa. I don't think it's not that hard to reach 650 thousand rupiah if your want to eat as well. Especially if it's for three person.

Overall, I don't think Rock Bar is a must visit as there are many bars in Bali but it's definitely worth a visit when you need to choose from so many bars out there. The fact that it's built on the cliff is quite a statement itself. I don't remember the food price, but bring at least 300 thousand rupiah if you want to eat and drink here. 

Thank you for reading!
I'll see you on the next post and wishing everyone a great weekend ahead.
I'm planning to catch Hansel and Gretel this weekend. Any of you watched it? Is it good??

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Vacation Outfit : Summer Floral & Karma Kandara Review

Thank you for the crazy couple, Rheza and Irene for taking this pictures. I love them to pieces!
So for the beach, I always think of anything floral and summer floral is the best kind of all. Bright and bold colors are the key. And to let the skirt shine, I brought three white tops, which will allow the skirt to be the center of attention. Denim tops also works surprisingly well! Here's an example..

white lace blouse - Stradivarius, denim top - thrifted, floral skirt - Bershka, sunnies - Zara,
 sandals - Marie Claire, bag - Carlo Rino

Now to the place where the pics above were taken..
The place is called Karma Kandara which is luxury private villas. But even if you don't rent any villa, you can still enjoy the breath-taking gorgeous beach. The beach is down below and to get down, you can either use stairs or the lift. The lift costs 250 thousand rupiah/person which is too pricey for us so we chose the stairs which are quite safe until a few steps to the beach.. Then it gets tricky and even life-threatening (but that's just me since I have an innate fear of the sea thanks to Jaws). But if you travel with boys all around you, it's perfectly safe. LOL. Thank you, boys!

The beach is absolutely clean and beautiful. You just can not go "ooohh" or in my case "wooow" when you finally reach the beach. And there is not many people around (I think it's because of the pricey lift!). There is a bar near the beach called Nammos Kandara. The place is very beachy with woods and bamboos all over. Quite cozy with the fluffy cushion on the chairs.The drinks start at 50 thousand rupiah. One of the boys talked to the manager and we got a deal to use the elevator for 50 thousand rupiah/person which we can use to buy drinks. And the drinks are tasty in my opinion. (Price starts at 50 thousand rupiah is quite standard for the bars in Bali)You might want to propose similar things since going up with stairs are tiring and time consuming! And we had a whole day ahead of us that day..

Karma Kandara also has di Mare restaurant which takes a fine-dining theme and Temple Lounge and BarKarma Kandara is a must visit especially if you love beaches. The waves were also really tame.. You can actually get in to the water and swim without fearing for your life. If you want to use the lift, bring at least 300 thousand rupiah. If not, I think 100 thousand is enough if you just want to enjoy the beach and a glass of your favorite cocktail to accompany you. Not recommended to eat since the food looks too pricey for us. If I'm not mistaken, fish and chips costs 100 thousand rupiah.. Before tax..

Until next post. Wishing everyone a lovely day :)

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Vacation Outfit : The LWD

LWD a.k.a little white dress is another imperative item to have in your closet right after LBD. It can easily look right at home in the beach and properly chic for the bar right after that. Plus, so easy to mix and match! White goes with anything, just like its darker brother black.

Wishing everyone a good night sleep!

white dress - JessJess, belt - c/o, bag - Gaudi, sun hat - Bali, sandals - Marie Claire

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Vacation Diary : Bali Day Four

First stop of Day Four was Discovery Mall which connected to the beach. It was so cloudy and the current was strong we decided to take off and try another beach.

We found the sun in St. Regis Resort' beach. The beach is clean and inviting sunbathing seats everywhere but you have to pay 50 thousand rupiah for two seats. Don't you dare pay more than that! Those people just leeching your money, really. I don't get why we should pay but we paid nonetheless cause we just wanted to have fun instead of having arguments.. Definitely a beautiful place to play with sun, sand, and water!

We had lunch at Ulam which was said to be the best seafood resto in Nusa Dua but doesn't lived up to expectation. Not recommended..

We then head to Conrad Resort and Spa to see the most famous wedding spot, Infinity Chapel. The chapel is indeed beautiful overlooking to the cliff and sea. I visited the chapel once before and it's prettier at night, but you can't see the view.. Ah the dillema..

Next stop was Alila Uluwatu. We visited the one in Ubud which was relatively easy to find but not this one! I was definitely feeling the explorer vibe while trying to find this place. However, we were in luck since the search was worth the treasure. The place was a pure bliss and we actually took a nap there  on the cozy sofas since there were only us there (a few tourists on the resto area). Pricey food and  drinks (my kiwi juice, which was not that tasty, costs 55 thousand rupiah before tax) but we were really just buying the atmosphere which was so so soothing with the waves sound in the background.. Planning to do a review but I guess I just said everything.. LOL. But so much pics from this place so I guess a review I shall do..

We then had dinner at Menega Cafe. A seafood restaurent where you actually eat right next to the beach. That afternoon was cloudy and a storm came about fifteen minutes after I took these pictures. Scary and very effective to lose your appetite!

After a traumatic experience with the storm at Menega, we went back to the hotel but by nine o'clock, we all suddenly hungry again (thanks to the scary windy rain we didn't eat that much) and ended up at Flapjaks. I guess you can say Flapjaks is the IHOP of Bali. The pancakes are so good!! Even the savory one.. Must try.

 Climax ride.. Only for the ones who can handle thrills!

Day Five we all went to Waterbom Bali before catching our 7 PM flight. Tickets are US$ 31 for foreigners but only 200 thousand rupiah for Indonesians. A great ending for this vacation. Don't forget to visit Pasar Sukowati where you can get pretty summer dresses and cute accesories for a fraction of price. You also must buy Pia Legong and Pie Susu for your love ones at home. Both are sweet treats and very Bali. You can't get it anywhere else.

I hope you find my diary useful.. I personally did it so I can re-read it next time and know which place to revisit and which place not to revisit. And also to jog some memories in case people ask my opinion about this place or that place.

I'll see you on the next post.
Still in Bali, but this time, outfit post :)

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