The Sweetest Escape Caught in a Video

Hello, all! This is my very first video blog ever. I know it's long and I will definitely try to make it a minute or a minute and a half long next time. I am still working on my skill ini video-editing so just bear with me for a bit :)
Can not wait to read your comments...

You can also watch the Indonesian version on website. Here's the link :

Wishing everyone a great day!

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Went to a new European restaurant near my house earlier today. The place called Jubilare Dine and Wine. The place takes a fine-dining theme and I felt slightly underdressed. LOL. It was really chilly and drizzled and I was aiming for warmth and comfort. I was wearing my love-printed-white-shirt from Forever21, sweater is vintage, collar chain is from WearCarols, nude shorts from Velvet, bag from Carla, and the white sandals from Charles&Keith.

I ordered Fetucini ala Carbonara (Rp55k). The food was worth the price and the cream was just the right amount but I could really use more flavour. The staff (which all wear this absolutely adorable gold bow ties) were on their toes with really fast responds. We also got complimentary garlic bread which was like a heaven in my mouth. The factor that I like best was their decoration which although look really neat but still has this homey and cozy ambience. If you want to visit this resto, just check out Jubilare facebook page and tweet them @JubilareBdg

Wishing everyone a great midweek.
Halfway there until weekend :)

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Cloudy Days

dress - c/o, earrings and bracelet c/o Juerii, heels - The Editor's Market

Hopefully everyone is doing well and healthy!
Me, albeit after having yet another kick-ass week and too-much-giggles-and-coffee weekend, feeling absolutely drained and my head is pounding like crazy. Still, I am beyond grateful for my Jesus, who works in the most mysterious and uncomprhensible way! Love You, Father.

Anyway, meet my new current obsession, this delicate and lovely bracelet has accompanied me throughout the whole weekend. I guess the fact I have plenty of pink and orange items really helps in making this bracelet my go-to accesory. Thanks, Juerii!

Anyway, you can also check out this post at
Will tell you about that later. Too dizzy to type more~~

Have a good night, all!

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PS. So sorry I have been falling off the grid in the term of blogwalking. Hopefully, next week will be better and more time for me to sit in front of my laptop :)

Cozy Cardigan

Nothing like an oversized super cozy cardigan and a bowl of warm creamy soup to accompany this rainy days. I was wearing N61 cardigan from their men section, a vintage shirt from Down Memory Lanes, collar brooch from Romwe, thrifted highwaisted white skirt from Melbourne, and white sandals from Charles and Keith.

 I guess all the blues definitely matches my mood lately. All with the dark skies and drizzles, one couldn't help but feeling slightly melancholic. This skirt is a favorite because it reminds me of my trip to Melbourne earlier this year. Paired it with a blue vintage blouse (to complement to blue line on the skirt) that just called for the collar brooch as the much needed accesory around the collar.  Top it off with the coziest cardigan, who also happens to be in blue color, and I was ready to face one of the longest day of the week.

Hopefully everyone stays warm and dry in this rainy season!

PS. So sorry for the grainy pics. Most of the photos taken was underexposed so I need to brighten up everything! Thank God for photoshop, right?

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My Hang Out Places in Bandung

What I wore to meet up with lovely ever so lively Anita from the other day at Maxi's.
I know, I know, me! In jeans! In color! I was surprised with myself as well.. But I really think it's time to step out of my comfrort zone. The black chiffon studded collar is from Jess, denim jacket is from Scotish,  jeans was Mom's, and the black flats was bought in Haji Lane, Singapore.

pic source : Anita instagram account (follow her at putrianita)

Pic source from Jo

Also had a chance to meet Jo from
I was their tour guide for a day! (And was paid by a whole day meal. Yayness!)
The flowery dress was bought in a cute little boutiqe at Chapel Street, Melbourne. The pink blazer is from Forever21. We visited HummingBird, some shopping, and then Verde, and the last one was Sierra to see the city lights <3 p="p">

If you ever visited Bandung, you should go to this places! I personally like the food and the prices are friendly to our pocket. The places are also cozy, wi-fi equipped, and very condusive for taking pictures. You can click on the name of the places for more info.

Anyway, the four days weekend was a pure bliss and I had tons of fun with my friends and my family. So my soul is fully charged but my body is tired beyond my comprehension.
Wishing everyone a good night sleep!

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Vintage Dressing 101

As the title said, I want to share my tips and tricks on donning a vintage outfit that is wearable and will get a nod from your grandma. I am not an expert and do let me know if you find some fact mistakes. I will fix it as soon as possible!

The first thing to know, vintage means the year of 1920s-1950s. After that, until the 1990s is called retro. Here I will give an example of adapting 1940s dressing into reality. 

1) Tea dresses. Here is an example of a great 1980s tea dress that is in crisp condition. With the exact same belt! Which is rarely happened. It usually the first one that's gone missing. Tea dresses are the first one that pops into mind when thinking about the women in the 1940s. Floral and polkadots are the easiest to find. This dress was originally a calf length but I cut it to my preferred length. 1980s dresses are very similar in styling with the 1940s. Plus, it's much easier to find. You would want to look for a dress with a shoulder pads cause those are the period of World War II and clothing are looking more and more similar with uniform, hence the shoulder pad. However, the war time also means looking good for the brave soldiers. So all the women feminity are put on display. Note the accentuated waist and the wide lapel (collar) brings attention to your lovely kissable neck. Also, the flare skirt that will easily shows some skin when the wind blows!
2) The hat. Hat is very important for women back in the 1940s. A respectable woman never leaves her house without a hat and a pair of gloves. In my opinion, we can loose the gloves as it is hard to find and   it will look too costume-y, at least for me. 1940s are the year of make and mend since everybody is busy battling war, nothing can go to waste. Hence, the hats are variant but the most popular choice is the beret hat. Here, I wore my woven hat which has a slightly "bowler hat" style that makes it more current.
3) A boxy bag. Bags are also very wide in variant but mostly are small enough just to put in your powder, your gloves, and your wallet. No phones or portable charger needed! Here I bought my alligator (was also a trend in the 1940s) boxy bag just two years ago and it has been a favorite that ironically, makes it rarely see the daylight.
4) Low heeled shoes. Remember, it was the time of war and women were taking over the field work. They need practical footwear to be worn all day long while doing all those chores. No stiletto heels here. The heels are also usually very sturdy and square. Mine is perfect to walk in all day long. The floral pattern is a bit too much, but I couldn't help myself! The shoes were just calling to be taken home.
5) A brooch. I don't own any and I am now on the hunt on finding one! Brooch are very popular in 1940s. Most brooches are inspired with war-theme. Such as a jet planes. Flowers tho, are always in trend. They usually pinned it in the wide lapel or on the side of the chest.
6) Matchy matchy. Yes, they love wearing everything in syncronhize! They usually go with two colors and just mix and match around them. No clashing colors or clashing prints just yet!

There you go. My most important trick is to find one perfect dress and just work your way around it. Forever21 has plenty of vintage-inspired dresses. I suggest you can start from there. And if you live in Indonesia, I suggest visiting Vernal Vintage ( or Vintage Bloomst (  or BonVieux (
Don't forget to have fun!

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Patrick's Pants

Fabrik is located here in Bandung. You can google them for the exact adress. I love the warm colors yet it oozes cool ambience with the decor. The food is good and the black velvet was not the best in town, but very satisfying for my sweet tooth :)

As for the flowery pants, I finally own one! I have been looking for the perfect flowery pants and this one from Patrick Owen, come up in the mail. Couldn't be happier with the fit and especially, the colors. I paired it with a simple flowy top, a solid color oversized bag, and a simple peep toe heels to let the pants shine.

I, by no mean, was sponsored by Fabrik in this post. Nor was I sponsored by Patrick Owen. I just think it's important for us blogger to have our own voice. So when I see something that I love, I would like to share the merriment, even when the brand has no idea that I love them. The reason why bloggers arising is because readers believe us to give our honest opinion, sponsored or not. Hence, let's live up to  the expectation, fellow bloggers!

Anyway the week is about to start.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

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NYC, What Is It About You?

floral crown - ViaDeLaRosa, black oversize blouse - thirfted, necklace - Topshop, I Love NYC bandage skirt - from a friend's BB store, you can email/tweet me if you want similar skirt :), 
heels - The Editor's Market

Ah.. New York City.. I guess everybody love this city. That's why when I heard about the hurricane Sandy, I quickly said a little prayer to my God. I want to visit this city one day! Just absorbing all the hustle, the mostly all black ensemble wear by New Yorkers, and the amazing amazing Central Park. Also a must visit, the Met steps while enjoying some yummy fro-yo (gossip much?)!

Weekend is a few hours away, hang in there, everyone!

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Sushi Night

 white shirt - vintage, floral tank - CottonOn, highwaisted shorts - Velvet, nude bag - Mango, white sandals - Charles&Keith, watch - Forever21

These pictures were taken back in August. I didn't post it because well.. the pics are bad. It's grainy, too much yellow, and I look incredibly pale. However, I am a little low in time to take outfit pictures plus my partner in crime seems to be really busy and I just not in the mood to carry around my tripod, so they just have to come out anyway!

Wishing everyone a great midweek!
Two more days and it's weekend once more :)

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Sponsor Spotlight : Yummy Cayleelicous

 headband - Bali, shirt and ring - c/o Cayleecious_ID, black skirt - HongKong, 
heart prints stocking - H&M, heels - Zonzo

How was everyone's weekend so far?
I just watched Skyfall with my friends and honestly, I was a little bummed why M has to die (oops!)

Welcoming November, I also would like to welcome my new sponsor, Cayleecious_ID.
Both the shirt and the ring is from the new up and coming local store which sells outfits and jewelries. I LOVE working with local stores cause it feels like supporting my own friends from my own country. Yeay Indonesia! The owner is such a sweetheart and she has her own blog. Do visit and show some love to Miss Yuki at

The shirt is a major love with the black paneling and the buttons at the collar shaped like a leopard head is definitely one of a kind. The ring is adorably vintage and just big enough to grab attention to your well manicured nails (unlike mine, of course). For this November, Cayleecious_ID gives you the opportunity to win one lovely tote bag for a minimum purchase of 300 thousand rupiah and one gorgeous floral crown for a minimum purchase of 150 thousand rupiah. Wait no more just click HERE

Hopefully everybody will have a great week!

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