Patrick's Pants

Fabrik is located here in Bandung. You can google them for the exact adress. I love the warm colors yet it oozes cool ambience with the decor. The food is good and the black velvet was not the best in town, but very satisfying for my sweet tooth :)

As for the flowery pants, I finally own one! I have been looking for the perfect flowery pants and this one from Patrick Owen, come up in the mail. Couldn't be happier with the fit and especially, the colors. I paired it with a simple flowy top, a solid color oversized bag, and a simple peep toe heels to let the pants shine.

I, by no mean, was sponsored by Fabrik in this post. Nor was I sponsored by Patrick Owen. I just think it's important for us blogger to have our own voice. So when I see something that I love, I would like to share the merriment, even when the brand has no idea that I love them. The reason why bloggers arising is because readers believe us to give our honest opinion, sponsored or not. Hence, let's live up to  the expectation, fellow bloggers!

Anyway the week is about to start.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

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