The Sweetest Escape Caught in a Video

Hello, all! This is my very first video blog ever. I know it's long and I will definitely try to make it a minute or a minute and a half long next time. I am still working on my skill ini video-editing so just bear with me for a bit :)
Can not wait to read your comments...

You can also watch the Indonesian version on website. Here's the link :

Wishing everyone a great day!

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  1. This is so cute! You can tell you worked hard on it! I love your dress too!

  2. Keren banget! I need to work on my video-editing skills haha, guess i should learn from you!

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  3. i thought it was an inspiring video :)

  4. I love your outfit in the video!
    Also, Sistar! :D <3

  5. i like your purple dress... pretty :)


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