Sejiwa Coffee Shop Bandung

Hi, guys!
I'm a bit hesitant to write this mainly because the interior of this place is super industrial. LOL. It's difficult for me to get excited about anything that is too industrial and too rugged. What can I say, I like the finer things in life. But you guys don't care about that so here is a post about Sejiwa located at Jalan Progo no. 15, Bandung.
We went there on a Thursday afternoon and the place was packed. We actually roamed around for 10 minutes before we get our table. Another thing, all of the waiter/waitress were busy so we were pretty much left to our own. Luckily before we exit, one of the waitress offer us a seat since a couple just left. Oh, upstairs is smoking area so even though there was a table available upstairs, I refuse to sit there because I'm fussy and I love my healthy smoke-free lungs.

Chinese New Year Outfit Ideas

Hi, guys!
Put together three Chinese New Year outfits ideas especially for my Chinese's friends. It's traditional to wear red since we believe this beloved vibrant colour will scare off devils; however, I took a more modern route although I also included a good ole red outfit in the mix. I have always loved the idea of mixing something traditional with a contemporary touch. Keeping it very Lunar New Year appropriate with my mandarin collars yet still managed to look fresh and youthful.
Anyway, wishing everyone a great midweek!

Team Bride

Hi, guys!
My boyfriend and I got engaged last December and I just asked my girls to be a member of my Team Bride a.k.a my bridesmaid. Not that a wedding is a competition but you know, it's just nice to have your best girls cheering you up, rooting for you, and just be there when things get emotional.

I think it's a common knowledge that I love laces and it's almost guaranteed my future bridesmaids will most definitely have lace of some sorts in their dresses. These three lace bridesmaid dresses uk are delicate and romantic in its own way. My favourite bridesmaid dress amongst all three is hands down the first one on the left. The neckline is just very unique and the sash on the waist is flattering for all body types. I would've chosen a lighter, more lilac colour but this one right here is a gorgeous shade of plum nonetheless. The other two has less lace implemented in bodice which is not only budget savvy but also creates focus on the bridesmaids' beautiful hair and make up.

Balenciaga Metallic Edge Small City Bag Review


Hi, guys!
It took me three days to edit this video. Not to mention another two days to shoot it. But I'm actually quite happy with the video. The whole trouble (including stares from strangers) was totally worth it. Despite only editing two hours/day, I think this video is not too shabby! Pardon the self-confidence, I read too many chapters of self-help book today. 
But anyway, I purchased this bag early December last year as a late birthday present / an early Christmas present from me to me. I wore it all through December (I switch to my other bag for only three days and then back to this) because I want to make sure I've worn it enough times to have the right information. 

Monochromatic Once Again


When you're in a rush and just had no idea what to wear but want to stay put together, an LBD has been my saviour. And I have been in a rush very often these days, I haven't really got the time to plan my outfit as per usual. So please bear with me while I go back to monochromatic outfit schemes once again. 

It was an easy breezy Sunday and I went for a casual side with my cold shoulder black dress which you can also easily recreate with this number from . They have great selections, one of a kind clothing for women. This pretty dress can easily dressed up or down. Paired it with heels and red lipstick; it makes a great date night outfit. Or, you can go the other way; paired it with a gladiator sandals and some slouchy bags; a perfect hobo outfit for a day exploring the city. Direct link to this dress here.

StyleWe provides exclusive pieces from various designers, making sure each of you get that high quality product on your doorstep. I browsed around and I did find their items are not the ones you usually see on the street. All the cutting edge designers and all the trends you can think of. One thing that makes me very interested was their gym-wear tho! It's tough business to look cute in the mornings while you're working out. A page worth looking at for some fitspiration :) Don't forget to check our Instagram as well.

December 2016 Favourites

Hi, guys!
I know it's super late but I don't want to just skip my monthly favourites post so without further ado, here are some stuff that I have been loving in the month of December.

Sydwic Bandung

Hi, guys!
Back with a foodie post from the widely popular Sydwic Bandung. It's a coffee shop IMHO, not much going on in the food section. They do have cakes as well. I first noticed this place from a friend's instagram post and pretty soon everybody start posting about this place. What captured our hearts was definitely the whole kinfolk-ish vibe with minimal interior and lots greenery. 

When you first walk in, it's a fully air conditioned little space and the back area is semi-outdoor so it was really really hot during day time even with air-conditioning. I went there around 4PM and we had to wait for while because the place was packed. Parking was also difficult. I wouldn't recommend to bring more than six people here. Food and drinks come out relatively fast. Nothing special about the service. Price was normal, I would say slightly cheaper than your usual coffee shop. Definitely worth a visit!

Cropped and Fringed

Hi, blogsphere!
Took an impromptu leave for a week from the blog and feeling very much refreshed! I hope everybody had a nice new year's eve because I sure did :)
I thought I start the year with my favourite type of post (altho the least popular type of post here) which is an outfit post. Wore this cropped and fringed lace top on the last day of the year. Pretty much dancing away the rest of 2016. So much details going on with this top from the polkadot tile on neckline, to the lace, to the fringes, that it quickly become a favourite. Paired it with a knee length culotte for a relaxed vibe to make this top slightly more casual.

Anyway, as I said in my previous post, I am cutting back on blogging. My 3 posts-a-week schedule will be 2 posts-a-week now. The schedule will be as per usual; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I will put up my posts around those three days. I do hope this is only temporary because I still enjoy blogging very much. It' nice to just sit in front of my laptop and type away; disconnected from the reality and it's just me and my keyboard. But anyway, real life is calling and I must prioritise, like the adult that I am.

Wishing everyone an amazing year ahead!

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