Team Bride

Hi, guys!
My boyfriend and I got engaged last December and I just asked my girls to be a member of my Team Bride a.k.a my bridesmaid. Not that a wedding is a competition but you know, it's just nice to have your best girls cheering you up, rooting for you, and just be there when things get emotional.

I think it's a common knowledge that I love laces and it's almost guaranteed my future bridesmaids will most definitely have lace of some sorts in their dresses. These three lace bridesmaid dresses uk are delicate and romantic in its own way. My favourite bridesmaid dress amongst all three is hands down the first one on the left. The neckline is just very unique and the sash on the waist is flattering for all body types. I would've chosen a lighter, more lilac colour but this one right here is a gorgeous shade of plum nonetheless. The other two has less lace implemented in bodice which is not only budget savvy but also creates focus on the bridesmaids' beautiful hair and make up.

I asked a dear friend of mine who makes bridesmaid dresses to create different dresses for my bridesmaids but to keep the bridesmaid' vibe; we use the same fabric for all of them. Mine in particular also have the exact same shade but if you're looking for a mix match bridesmaid dresses which is quite popular these days, you can use the same colour and just let your bridesmaid do their thing. For example is like this yellow bridesmaid dress in this pic below. 

The far right dress, which is my favourite, is sort of a mix of the other two dresses. It has a little bit of lace in the bodice and a flowy skirts from the waist down. I personally like my bridesmaids to have the same fabric just so there's a limit to our budget. I also love maxi skirts, it just seems more formal to me. However, I know there are people who can make knee-length dresses look just as formal as maxi dresses. I might be bias but the middle is my least favourite (because it has zero lace in it) but it will look perfect on a bohemian or maybe a greek wedding theme. The neckline definitely has that goddess kind of vibe. 

If laces are not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other affordable bridesmaid dresses 2017 at their website. OkDress not only provides bridesmaid dresses, they also have great selections for prom dresses, wedding guest dresses, flower girl dresses, and mother of the bride dresses! Not only dresses, if you're a bride to be, OkDress also provides the right accessories to complete your look. From veil, gloves, shoes to hair accessories, you can look your best in a few clicks.  OkDress also available to custom size your dresses, as well as choose your own favourite shade. If you're in a rush, worry not, there's quick tailoring time for an extra fee. 

Anyway, thank you so much for reading!
Wishing everyone a great weekend :)


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