Vacation Outfit : Windy Chapel

I've been cooped up in my bed for the past 2 days since I was sick. The doctor said it was from exhaustion :s
I guess sleep deprivation and too much walking from my trip to Australia is finally catching up to me. I had fever and couldn't stop coughing nor sneezing. Feeling better now and I'm sure I'll be back to my usual self by tomorrow :D

This is my favorite vacation outfit! The skirt is a size too big but at AUS$15 (it was on sale) I couldn't resist. I just fell in love with the dusty pink color, the accordion pleats, and the immaculate prints..

sunnies - Zara, watch- Guess, blazer & skirt- CottonOn, bow back top - Velvet, bag - Forever21,
 stockings - BTC, shoes - vintage

Scored this adorable vintage shoes for AUS$10 only! I died and went to heaven.. haha.. not really of course!
All pictures credit to Vanesa Indrawan.

Annoying Orange

A break from my vacation post!
Worry  not, I still have many outfit pictures waiting to be revealed :p

I never really like that Annoying Orange because.. well.. he is incredibly annoying! 
But I'm not gonna lie. I used to watch it.. Just for fun!

I love orange color lately. Not sure why. I also been combining it with brown a lot!
I purchased this blouse from Love Andalasia and it actually precedes my expectation! For only $9, I was sure that the cutting and the fabric will be a little off but I was incredibly surprised when I tried it on that it looks.. expensive? At the very least, worth more than $9! That's why I love online shopping.. Haha.

glasses - dangerfield, blouse - Love Andalasia, skirt - Zara, heels - Charles&Keith, bag - Fiore

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!


Vacation Outfit : The Yellow Skirt

Wore my yellow skirt on my first two days at Sydney.
The skirt was gifted from a dear friend and I can't help to remember about her every time I wear it :)
I just love the cheerful color and somehow paired it with white two days in a row. Since I thought it would be sunny and hot in Sydney, all I brought was summery outfit.. But I was stand corrected! I got sun for a two or three hours with strong winds and then it rained for the rest of the day. Not fun at all..

sunnies - Zara, flower hair pin - H&M, top - Bali Heaven, belt - Velvet, skirt - Gaudi, watch - Forever21, gold bangle - PVJ,  bag - Mango, sandals - Rubi

lace tee & bag - Forever21, skirt - Gaudi, watch - Guess, necklace - gifted from a friend ;)

Be ready for more vacation outfit posts! :)
Enjoy your weekend, everyone..

Vacation Diary : Melbourne

Although Sydney was my first love, Melbourne is starting to grow on me. 
I don't know. It's cozier somehow. More cafes and old buildings that I truly love about Melbourne.
Not too much pictures I hope. I stayed at my friend's apartment and the roommates (and the boyfriends too, a few times) joined us for the culinary trip which makes it so much more fun! Hence, more pictures I took! 
As fun as hanging out with my cousins and aunties and uncles.. Friends make life so much more sweet :)


I went to a class at my friend's uni.. And steal some wi-fi at their library to purchased my ticket to HongKong this June! :)


I came home with new friends, new memories, and definitely some extra pounds!
I miss my friends already (Cindyyyy, Rissaaaa, Nitaaaa, Niiiiick, Edwiiinnn, Todiiii) and wishing I will meet them again in the near future :)

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