My Little Black Velvet Dress

I guess the title pretty much said it all :)

There is a long story behind this dress!!

So I put the order of a Red Velvet Dress size L on 25th Dec 2011. Paid it on 26th Dec 2011 and then confirmed the payment via website. After 24hours there weren't any notifications that the store has received my confirmation. No emails. No text messages. Nothing. I emailed the store in the morning of 27th but until night time, no reply. So I tried to text the store using the number written on the confirmation order email I received on 25th. It said the servers failed. I tried to send the text mssg about 10 times and the results are the same. I tried to called, it's inactive. I seriously thought I was fooled? And to be honest, a little upset. But I refused to give up and then I tweeted the store (ah.. thanks to all sorts of channel of communication nowadays!) saying I put an order and already paid. About 24hours later, they replied my tweet. They said the store is closed (there weren't any announcement on the web or their twitter timeline about the holiday) until 2nd of January but they didn't said anything about my order. So I waited.. Thanks to all the busy-ness of Christmas and New Year I almost forgot about this whole thing until on the 3rd January 2012, I received an email saying my order is on my way. Finally, on 9th January, my order arrived. And it's in the wrong color. And they totally overpriced the shipping fee about 3times than normal shipping fee. I usually paid 9 to 10 thousand rupiah and it will arrives in 2 to 3 days. This time, I paid 24 thousand rupiah and it arrives 6 days later..
I guess it's safe to say that I won't be shopping there again in the near future..

Sorry to burden you with such dreadfully boring story. I guess it happened to everyone at least once in their life. But I decided to stay positive since the dress is in the right size although it's a bit short.. Will definitely add stockings if I'm going to wear this outside the house ;p

dress - Picnic, rose garland - Garland World, necklace - The Little Thing She Needs

Lunar New Year special post will be up on 23rd! 
Do come back by that time <3

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