Clock-Hand, Please Run Faster

Lately I can't stop listening to You & I by IU. She is seriously the cutest and the song is not too catchy but I just completely in love with the lyric.. :)

The whispered secrets as I look at the clock
The sincere story in my heart
It's okay if I'm hurt now
The more I pushed, the better

I really like your image that shines through my hand
I turned it with my fingertips, hey clock-hand, please run
Run a little bit faster
I close my eyes tightly and cast a spell

You and I there's only little time left
I don't know when or what time
But in the future, which where you will be
If by any chance I get lost and wander
to help me recognize you, please call out my name

The song is basically about a girl who wants to be with her future soul mate right here right now and couldn't wait for it. I guess it explains about how I feel lately and that's why I am completely hooked ;p

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