Thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes <3
Really, I am so lucky to have such great blogger friends! *kisses*
Reading your birthday wishes made my day.

headband - MyoungDong street, cardigan - Polo, dress - Zara, 
belt - thirfted, bow ring - gifted from a friend, bag - Longchamp, shoes - Mandy's

To be honest, the euphoria of birthday left me after 24 hours. The next day, I feel like I'm on a roadblock. 
I feel trapped in my comfort zone and not moving forward.
I want to go out in the world (Korea, for sure!) and just drowned myself in the culture and the language.
Well, it's a maybe.
I am working on my Hangul now. It has been 2 weeks and I am loving it!
It is a teeny wee more difficult than I thought and it is definitely time consuming, hence, the lack posting of my blog! I seriously need to manage my time better.

I wore this when I watched Captain America. I wasn't really impressed.
I assumed because my friends keep telling me how good the movie is, I have such high expectation and when it's only "good" instead of "great", you'll ended up dissapointed. I am not saying you shouldn't have expectation, but you need to learn what a reasonable standard is.
On the other hand, Rise of The Planet of The Apes was incredible. I cried. That's said it all.

This is one of my favorite cardigan because there are lines of pretty ruffles at front!

This the last set of pictures of me with my long hair.
I have a new year set out in front of me and I wanted a fresh start. So I cut my hair off.
Curious to see my new hair?? *I'll just assume you do*
I'll see you with my new hair on my next post :)
Have great week ahead!


  1. i like the lines & ruffles on your cardigan too. nice mix of black in white in the shoes, headband, & ring.
    that salad looks delicious!
    here's to a brand new year, of good things to come.

  2. I am in love with your headband :) I'm following you now, follow me back if you don't mind ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. love your headband dear,you are sweet lady deh aa common kapan kita bisa ktmu? ;) that would be great.

  4. so cute n pretty!!!

    followed already...hope u'l follow back!!=)

  5. I Love the ring!

    please follow mee and comment!


  6. Oh, happy birthday! Wish you all the best and I haven't seen both movies you mentioned. I wanted to watch One Day but it's already pulled out in the movie house. Maybe I'll just have to wait for the DVD copy.

  7. how come you are so prettY??????
    u look good in almost everything! :)


  8. woaaah you are cute :)

  9. Love your ring! I would love to see your new hair!

    Thanks for the comment. I know that we are not supposed to be in shock at the things that happen around us, but there are far too many verses stating to defend the oppressed and that is one of the best things we should do! I think completely ignoring helping them would be very wrong, so that's why I try to spread awareness. Even if I ask to free all the slaves, I know not all will be freed, but the ones that get freed were worth it rather than allowing them to suffer without ever knowing the love and kindness of Christ.


  10. super cute headband and i love ur bow rings :)

  11. happy belated birthday! your cardigan just soooo CUTE! love it :)

  12. cute pics

  13. ahh the headband is so cute..i love this look :)

  14. cute cute headband!
    visit my blog,
    following you dear!

  15. you look cute with those glasses ;)

  16. you look cute with those glasses ;)

  17. So adorable! I love that little bow ring :)


  18. Happy belated birthday!!!!! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful fantabulous time!!!
    The bunny-ear headband is so funky and whimsical. I'm excited to see your new hair!

  19. HI Stevia :)
    what a cute headband,I like it!!

  20. so you want to travel? DO IT! that is my Dream too. my dream is Paris and London :) such a cute 1st picture, love the little ears. adorable look as usual! can't wait to see your new hair!

  21. Ah I love your handband! It's adorable! And I am so very excited to see you with your short hair. I'm so scared of chopping off my hair-I don't feel like I can pull it out. And good luck with the hangul! I remember going to Korean school for it when I was younger. But then again, all I did was sit there and watch Korean cartoons and snack on Korean goodies. Happy belated birthday as well :)

  22. i love your outfit!! & your bow ring. can't wait to see your new hair!!

  23. ew, thank's for follow back dear..
    ohh,, love your bunny headband.. ^^ it is soooo cute.. :)
    and also the ribbon ring.. so lovely.. ^^

  24. oh what an adorable headband! hehe :)


  25. Ahh you are SO CUTE in that first picture haha, like a little bunny! Adorable :)

  26. wow really amazing look dear :)

  27. You look great! Glad to hear you had a good birthday and hope you get to go out and experience Korea and things start looking up for you soon!

  28. It's so cool that you are learning a new language! Next semester I'm planning on taking Cantonese classes. It should be fun.

    You look adorable by the way. I love your bunny ears!

  29. your bunny ears are lovely!

  30. lovely pics!! you ring is soooo cute! :)

  31. Cute pictures! i love your dress and your bow ring! (:

  32. awww i love your little headband and your pretty little ring! cute outfit!

  33. i know it's a wee late but Happy Birthday pretty girl! I love the bunny ears :)

  34. eyy I wish a happy B-day (better late than never jaja) you look soo cute in this photos... the "ears" jaja super super cute... kisses

  35. This is such a cute outfit. I am smitten by the rabbit ears :)

    I totally hear you on Capt. America. I was totally revved up for it, but EH. it didn't please at all. I haven't seen POTA, but I'm not all that intrigued in the first place.

    I can't wait to see your new hairstyle!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  36. you look so cute and adorable!!

  37. very cute. and great photos!

    xx from hong kong :)

  38. lovely post¡¡¡ i love the pics :D

    i love your blog :D thanks por the coment¡¡

  39. you look like a bunny in the first photo!so cute :) lovely outfit,preppy and chic!

  40. i love these photos! :) so cute!

  41. Super super cute, Love the dress, u look so pretty

  42. cute hairbow.


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