Flower on Flower, Blooming or Just Too Much?

An overexposure picture (I did mention I'm not a master photographer) I had to make it in black and white, but somehow it works (I THINK so)! 

On Saturday (I know, it's such an old pictures) I went to my sister friend graduation (my sister has friends and their graduating, get it?) and determined to be such a professional photographer who refused to be taken pic of themselves by other. I failed, of course. But that's because all of them insist I joined them in the picture. I refused but they practically dragged me I almost lost my balance and had a minor heart attack cause I was afraid I dropped my camera.

I was trying to channel Blair's flower on flower ensemble. Does it work? I can't tell cause I'm very subjective about my own clothes. Sometimes I'd say it's gorgeous and unique others said it's weird and crazy.

The Flower of My Eyes

Inception was mind-blowing! Literally, I was like 'wow' at the end of the movie, and left with an inexplicable feeling. Sort of a pensive feeling. I never think much about dreams. To me, they just that. Dream. An illusory mental image, built by your subconscious, as an escape from your real world. Nothing more.
And for Christopher Nolan (the writer) to explore such idea is very brilliant of him!

Nu Art

Went to Nu Art yesterday. It's some sort of a gallery but with an awesome landscape. I din't exactly went in to the gallery. There's a cafe too. Some pics taken inside and outside the cafe

You Know How I Feel About Prints

I adore them. (well, just recently)
Which is tricky, cause my sis (my ultimate shopping partner) is not really into prints. Therefore, I get 'are you crazy?' look from her quite a lot every time I pick something with bright bold prints. Like this one over here.
Okay, I purchased this online. So she didn't see it until the package arrived. 

American Honey

Apologies for being such a lousy blogger in the past week.I am well aware that I haven't reply any comments (boo me!) and I am extremely sorry for that. 
I wish I had a grand or a heartbreaking excuse, but unfortunately, the only one I can blame is myself. My modem and my laptop are not the greatest couple. They seem to have their own arguments, resulting me can't access the internet. I was too busy to take them to couple's shrink. Just got a chance to do it earlier today. Finally they make their peace. For now. (you do realize I'm talking in a metaphor, right? The shrink is obviously a computer mechanic. I'm trying to make my lame story slightly interesting. Succeed? No?)

Anyway, to make it up to you, I add more pictures (more like a punishment? Sorry!) to this post.
Took the photos on Wednesday. Therefore got a chance to edit it!
So here we go.
Oh, and for the record, all quotes on my photos belong to American Honey song by Lady Antabellum. The song just popped in my head when I was editing the pictures. 

My Mom Tells Me What to Wear and What Not to Wear

I know. I'm 20 years almost 21 years old university student yet my mom still has a tell about what I can and can't wear.

So I was going downstairs for a day out with this shirt and my mom was like 'I can see your bra'
Me : 'Really?' (pretending to be oblivious)
Mom : 'You should wear a tanktop or something'
Me : 'I think all of my tanktop is all dirty'
Mom : 'I have clean tanktops.'
Me : '...'
Mom : 'Take it from my room. Come on. We're running late'
And since she's my mother and I'm living under her roof, I'll try to be on her good side all the time. Therefore I reluctantly put the tanktop on.

Oh well. I guess it's not appropriate to show off your bra. 
However, in my defense, my bra was green too. So it doesn't look like a slut or something. 

PolkaPink Q&A

So that few days out of town was a much needed break for me. 
If you're curious what I was up to the last few days, you can check out the story here.

As promised, I'm going to answer Sally Annie questions. I'm under the delusion that she really wants me to answer it. And because she loves pink and spots so much, it would only be logical to wear outfit with such themes.

Happy Bday, America!

Happy Independence Day, anyone who celebrates it!
I thought I'd do a little blue, red, and white ensemble in honor of American flag. I guess the blue should be navy blue but I was excited to show off my new denim dress. Yep, I finally cave in and bought one.

I'm The Generation Who Loves Sparkly Vampires, Yes I Am

Added a read more link to my posts. 
I hope it makes reading my blog not so torturing for you *winkink*

I haven't watch Eclipse. But I want to watch it oh-so-very-bad. Tried to watch it yesterday, but couldn't get the ticket, ended up watched Knight and Day.

A friend of mine made this t-shirt for me. It says fanpire. Fan of Vampire, I suppose? Anyway, I think it's a cool t-shirt. It captures the Twilight essence with the red apple.

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