You Know How I Feel About Prints

I adore them. (well, just recently)
Which is tricky, cause my sis (my ultimate shopping partner) is not really into prints. Therefore, I get 'are you crazy?' look from her quite a lot every time I pick something with bright bold prints. Like this one over here.
Okay, I purchased this online. So she didn't see it until the package arrived. 

She actually approved this. I guess. I bought this a few months ago. I do believe she didn't give me that 'are you insane?' look when she saw me wearing this. I have to admit, she's one of the person whom I actually listened to when it comes to my fashion sense which sometimes can go beyond the normal area.

Noticed that I'm wearing earrings?  I was trying to distract you from my pathetic hair. I was too lazy to do anything with it. I did wash it earlier this morning! But I'm one of those girls who need a straightener to have a decent hair to be presented for public.

Went garment shopping yesterday. It was so much fun. 
So I was like 'i don't think i want more flowery prints' but then again, I went home with this.

Planning to make a cute simple dress with this. I can't sew though, so I'm going to take this to a tailor. Still not sure what kind of dress. Somehow I imagined a peter pan collar will do wonder to this garment.
I have one more dress (of course it has prints on it!)  that supposedly done by today. But when I went to take it, the tailor was not in the store and the young lady who's watching the store knew nothing about my dress. What a bummer! Better luck tomorrow!

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