New La Costilla Bandung

Hi, guys!
La Costilla recently relocated and on their opening week, my last La Costilla post was the number 3 most read post that week. Hence, I feel some responsibility to update that post so without further ado, here are my review on the new La Costilla Bandung. 
If you guys remember their iconic pink wall with cactuses, it is a little sad to see that pink wall go. However, the new La Costilla Bandung does have a more upscale vibe now while it used to be more casual. You can feel such vibe just by looking at their new upgraded interior. 

Fall Lookbook 2019

Hi, guys!
It's officially fall and without further ado, here are my take on a fall lookbook 2019. Mind you, I live in a tropical country so there isn't that much layering but you can always add a legging or tights to most of this outfit once the weather in your place drops. But as for these early fall days, I feel like these looks will work just fine.
Without further ado, here are seven looks I put together for fall lookbook 2019.

Tips for Your Mount Bromo Trip 2019

Hi, guys!
For the sake of not giving you unrealistic expectations, I will not be editing the colors of my photos so you can see the real beauty of Mount Bromo Trip 2019. I will be giving you some tips that I did to maximize your Mount Bromo Trip 2019. This is one long post so grab a snack.

Tortoise Shell Accessories for Fall

Animal prints are having a moment since last year. From leopard to snake prints, the jungle seems to have completely dominated the fashion scene. And to be honest, I'm not complaining. There's something that screams fashionista when you're wearing animal prints. 
The new obsession this year is the tortoise-shell effect, coming directly from the 70s era, when the print dominated combs, hair accessories, and glasses. In those days, the material used was actually extracted from the turtle shell, but don't worry, now the trend is recreated using acetate, resin, and even glass products. No turtles were harm in any of the items I wear, I promise.
The most classic items featuring tortoise shell are definitely glasses. This print lends a retro and vintage feel; giving out a touch of elegance to any look.

Otillie Coffee and Kitchen Bandung Review

Delicious Affogato that we ordered one more since it's that good (26k)
Hi, guys!

Went to Otillie Coffee and Kitchen Bandung two weeks ago. Found it via online when I was googling places to have brunch in. Otillie Coffee and Kitchen is relatively new; based on their instagram, it opened this March so it has been around for six months. My husband and I went on Saturday morning around 10.30 AM and the place was empty. We were definitely the first customer that day.

The 5 Best Activities When Holidaying in Lan Ha Bay

Image Source : Unsplash

Halong Bay is one of the most popular Vietnam beach regions, and being a World Heritage Site, this pristine section of the Vietnamese coast has more than 2,000 islets, all ready to be explored. While Halong Bay is quite well known to tourists, there is an area at the southern end called Lan Ha Bay, and this is about as close to paradise as one can get.

Lan Ha Bay is home to around 400 mini islands, each with its own private bay, and the climate is great all year round. Here are some of the top leisure activities that are recommended by those who have been there.

  1. Kayaking - If ever a place was made for kayaking, Lan Ha Bay it is, with calm crystal-clear water that offers a window into the amazing marine life found in this tucked-away paradise. Taking a cruise here is the ultimate way to experience Lan Ha Bay, as your floating hotel literally parks in the middle of the bay and you are free to explore in kayaks, and with luxury facilities on board, you can experience natural beauty in sheer comfort. With luxury Lan Ha Bay cruises that are available online, you can book your dream holiday and prepare for an experience you will never forget.
Image Source : Pixabay

  1. Swimming And Snorkelling - Bring your flippers and snorkel for a once in a lifetime experience to immerse yourself in pristine tropical marine life, and you can do this day in and day out, each time going to a new and unexplored area. There are so many tiny bays that are sheltered, and with your floating palace moored not far away, you really can’t go wrong. Spend a few hours snorkelling, then back to the ship for chilled cocktails and a delicious lunch buffet. After an hour relaxing on deck, you can head out on your kayak to explore some more.
  2. Rock Climbing - If you are into climbing, there is a registered rock climbing centre, where you can book a climb at the Monkey Island Resort. Spend the whole day or just the morning tackling these challenging venues, and you will experience some amazing views.
Image Source : Pexels

  1. Visit The Viet Hai Fishing Village - This picturesque fishing settlement is located within Cat Ba National Park, and it must be on your list of places to visit. Surrounded by mountains, this exotic local community lives with the marine and island life, and they have been living here for hundreds of years in perfect harmony with their habitat. You can experience village life without any of the trappings of western living, and it isn’t hard to understand why the villagers are always so happy.
  2. Monkey Island - This small paradise island is located within Cat Ba National Park. You can visit the 30 or more monkeys that live there and get real close up with these inquisitive apes.
There are online luxury cruise tour operators and once on their website, you can browse the many exciting packages and book the holiday of a lifetime, in what must surely be the best tropical beach location in the world

August Favorites

Hi, guys!
It’s seriously mind blowing how August just flew by like that and then fall is just around the corner. August was quite uneventful but I would say it’s a pretty good month as well. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of August.

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