Fall Lookbook 2019

Hi, guys!
It's officially fall and without further ado, here are my take on a fall lookbook 2019. Mind you, I live in a tropical country so there isn't that much layering but you can always add a legging or tights to most of this outfit once the weather in your place drops. But as for these early fall days, I feel like these looks will work just fine.
Without further ado, here are seven looks I put together for fall lookbook 2019.

First look is my number two favorite from all seven looks; it's a classic blazer and skirt combo. A long blazer looks great with pants and jeans; which makes it a great investment piece. I bought this moss green color at Primark two years ago and it's still a favorite. The suede skirt is also from Primark two years ago. And I also wore this skirt A LOT. Even during spring and summer time. I can safely say you can't go wrong buying a brown suede skirt.
This preppy look will be cute for work if you can find a longer skirt or just add tights, really. However, I actually wore this for a dinner with my girlfriends and that works too.

What's fall without plaid prints, right? Found this cute little wool skirt online at a random Chinese store and it was only $10. The sweater is old from Uniqlo and I added a hot item these days; a padded velvet headband to this outfit. Thus I matched said headband with my maroon scarf. 
A school girl look that will be perfect for well, school. But also can be worn for Thanksgiving around the corner. Just switch my ankle boots to a knee high and you're good to go.

My favorite color for fall is burnt orange or some might said terra-cotta. It blends with the background and you know how much I love matching my outfit to my background; it creates a pleasing aesthetics's to the eye. 
Pair the top with a thrifted blazer and an emerald green skirt. I'd called this look Ms. Assistant Professor. It's yet another preppy look but don't worry, there's a more casual outfit to come.

This is my third fave look and it's because this outfit features one of my favorite dress that I got earlier this year. I bought this fall floral dress back in January at The Editor's Market in Singapore. Without the jeans jacket, it can very much be a wedding look if you switch the beret with the headband I wore in the first outfit.
Also, is there any outfit that doesn't look good with a denim jeans? Got yours in cropped for a more flattering look.

I understand scarf print is not as popular these days but I bought this about a month ago and I thought I threw in a wild card outfit here since the print is not something I would normally wear. Apparently, retail stores decided that paisley is the it print for fall so you can keep an eye on that.
It's not my favorite look but I do love how the print gives a retro vibe and I'm into that 90s revival. I remember vividly my mom would wear something like this when I was a kid. 

Corduroy is always everywhere once the fall weather hits. It's my first corduroy in a while (I had a corduroy pants once when I was in junior high school) and I gotta say, I forgot how cozy they are. Mine is quite recent from Pull & Bear and it also comes in a beautiful pink and tan color. I was deliberating between the pink one and the green one and opted for green since it's such a pretty green shade and you don't stumble upon this kind of color very often.
Corduroy jacket looks great with plenty of items as well. It looks best over jeans and any brown color bottoms.

Another casual look and finally a pants, hallelujah. My apologies, I didn't realized I had so many skirts in this lookbook until I'm editing all the photos. Anyway, a fake two piece top is all the rage these days, as most retail stores would agree; since every single one stocked at least one top like this. I got mine almost a year ago and it's super duper warm. I can get away not wearing any outer when going to the movies and you know how cold the aircon in a theater is. And actually, I wore this outfit to watch It Chapter Two.
Anyway, I hope you like this fall lookbook and have a great weekend, all.


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