Singapore Mini Journey

 Hello, hello.
As promised. My Singapore photo-diary. I was actually contemplating whether I should do another photo diary or not because what I did in Singapore was nothing special in particular... And pretty much what I do everytime I go there. But I have plenty of pics so why not share them with some info, right? :)

We stayed at Orchard Hotel. It was at the last day of F1 so we actually had to wait for 90 minutes to get our room. Luckily, Johnathan (the person behind the check-in desk) was so kind. He gave us a pool side view and a free wi-fi throughout our entire stay. Thank you, Johnathan!

As usual, we get our dinner fix at Botak Jones located in Youth Park. Right across Orchard Cineleisure. It has been some kind of ritual for some time now...

A little shoe-shopping at Orchard Cineleisure.. Seriously, they have the BEST shoes. Jeffrey Campbell, Doc Martens, you name it. Also visit The Editor's Market for affordable cutting edge pieces.

Singapore Botanical Garden was as gorgeous and as lovely as usual. Somehow I always stopped at The Swan Lake. Sit. Enjoy. And then I was back in the hectic city. I guess I'm not much of a romantic.

A short and sweet stop at the Bakerzin of Vivo City.

We went to Esplanade Mall to watch the Laser Show of Marina Bay Sands. It was a quite magnificent sight. Laser Show is every 8PM.. I'm guessing every night. We also visited Merlion Park obviously. Since those two are super close. And then we went back to Orchard Road for some late night mall sight-seeing.

The next day, we went to IMM Jurong to see some discounted branded items. Which resulted nothing. Well not really. I did bought a black top at G2000 and a top and a skirt at Cotton On. The price is definitely reduced a lot. Which makes me happy. We had lunch there and then we went to Chinese & Japanese Garden. We couldn't get in to Chinese Garden because there was a graduation. And we didn't check out Japanese Garden because my mom was too tired. She gets tired real quick if there's no shopping involved. And some people wonder why I love shopping so much.

Later that night we visited Clarke Quay for some Turkish ice cream treat. This place is a riviera gem in the bustling city. A must visit for you who is young and hip. I'm young but I'm not very hip, sadly...

Flew back home the next morning.

I hope you found any use of this photo diary :) I bold the name of the places I visited in case you just want to find ideas of places to visit instead of reading the whole post.

Have a great week ahead!

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Beautiful September

Pics from my instagram. Do follow @steviatepi. If you don't have any instagram account, worry not! I always share my insta pics to my twitter @EscapeSweetest
I hope your September has been full of memories.
Clearly, I had a rather good month since it's my birthday. And it has been one perfect month indeed. Thank you September. You have been beautiful.
Looking forward for October!
I'll be back with my posts from Singapore next week. Until then :)

P.S. How GORGEOUS is that teacup that my friend gave to me as a birthday present?

Summer to Fall Outfits Transition

Hello, I'm still in Singapore. Most likely fighting the rain.. Boohoo.
Hopefully you'll like the video. I know it's not very creative and the video is dark, but I actually like it! It's the first time I discover a fading effect for transition in every short clip. I felt like I won the lottery. LOL.
Wishing everyone a super happy midweek...

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Hi, everyone!
I am currently in Singapore for the week but this blog will be updated as per usual (every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). So do come back to check out my next posts :)

It's finally sweater weather and the best way to start the week is wearing this super cute minion sweater from Amore Knitwear to cheer up your Monday blue.

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Wishing all of you a great week ahead!

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sweater - c/o Amore Knitwear, origami skorts - c/o Persunmall, heels - Catwalk, bracelet - from Bangkok

Leopard Prints - The Enduring Trend

Leopard print is not my favorite kind of prints, but I have to admit, it's that one print which can endures the test of time. I hope you enjoy the video and I'm sorry if I talk too fast. Will work on that!

leopard print blouse - Cloth Inc, black bag - Mango, bracelet and necklace - c/o, brown pants - Factors, leopard flats - Rubi, brown watch - Marc Jacobs


 If you want to feel rich, just count all of things you have that money cannot buy.

A quick hello from me. It has been a slow week since I have a cough and runny nose. 
Wishing everyone a happy midweek and keep counting your blessings!

P.S. Love this outer from my friend @winsclothingline instagram :)

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outer - Wins Clothing Line, lacey tank top - Mango,  red belt - vintage from Mom, earrings and bracelet - c/o, Robinsons tote bag - Tory Burch, studded wedges - Geox

Leather Varsity Jacket

Obviously, this is not a real leather, otherwise it won't be so affordable (less than US$43)! But this jacket definitely achieves the shiny look I have been craving for. Plus, a varsity jacket has been on my wishlist for quite some time. It has been difficult to find a varsity jacket that doesn't have a number or a cool university names that I never attended. Good news is, here is the answer! Choies is so kind to send me this (p)leather varsity jacket which perfect for practically all of my outfit this fall comes. This model is out of stock but there are so many great leather jacket choices in Choies!

Decided to paired this sporty item with a dressier piece. This old Zara lace dress has been a super reliable friend in times where I don't know what to wear. You can dress it up with heels and cool outer or dress it down with ballet flats and a cozy sweater over it. 

Wishing everyone a good week ahead!

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varsity jacket & lippie clutch - c/o Choies, lace dress - Zara, belt - vintage, heels - IWearUp

Chapter XXIV : In a Good Place

On Tuesday, I was officially 24 years old. It feels . . . okay. I wasn't too thrilled about aging but it was one blissful day indeed. I can recall feeling incredibly blessed on Tuesday morning as soon as I woke, you know, the fact that I am graced for another day just being alive. And of course, the fact that I had another year of health, happiness, as well as tears, a loving family, fresh experiences, a bunch of great new friends, a handful of old friends who still very dear to me, an expanding wardrobe, and wow.. I am still blogging!

It has been a part of my life now and even though I'm not very good at it, I'm happy that I can channel something I enjoy doing (shopping, writing, taking pics of myself; LOL) as well as sharpening my skill in English, photography, and editing my own typing (and bring in a little pocket money!).

 I have so many people to thank you for. My parents, for ever be so patient of me taking outfit pics before we go out. My sister, who is my ultimate photographer (right after Mr. Tripod), I honestly don't think this blog would ever be updated without her. And of course, my readers and fellow bloggers. You guys are my inspiration. Either how you take fashion day by day as your living breathing source or simply as your means of expressing yourself. Please continue to inspire me!

Last but definitely not the very least, my Jesus, my God, my Father.
In term of my Christianity, I would like to think that I have grown. About a year ago I was still new in my ministry and had very little knowledge about serving God. Now, I learned that it wasn't about serving God. Your ministry is about serving people. And to love God, is to love people. Sure, the whole reading Bible everyday, pray, praise and worship is essentials, but the heart of Christianity lies in people. And my ultimate wish for this year is to learn how to connect more with people. Therefore, I can guide them to have their own experience with God. Believe me, there's nothing like His presence. 

I have soooo many self improvement to make but no rush. I am taking my time...  Overall, I think I'm in a good place. You know you're in a good place in life when you can laugh at what would have made you mad in the past.

Thank you for reading and I hope you realize how beautiful life can be if you only take time to be grateful.

Have a lovely weekend!

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houndstooth top - from Bangkok, skorts - Cloth Inc, 
Selma bag - Michael Kors, heels  - from Hong Kong

TSE x CHOiES Birthday Giveaway Winner Announced

Happily announcing the winner of my birthday giveaway...
It's Felienda Martalia!!

Over 400 entries! That's got to be a record of any giveaway I have ever held. Thank you for everyone who joined. Another giveaway will be happening in the near future. I am still considering between a shopping voucher from Romwe (I have two US$20 coupons every month from my sponsors) or simply a care package for you guys (I'm thinking a clutch and some pretty jewelries so there will be no fuss of it won't fit me etc.). Let me know which one you will like better.

Now excuse me, I am about to celebrate my birthday with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Happy midweek!

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