Pastel Princess

I went to a fund raising event disguised as a Speed Date with the theme of Flaunt Yourself last night. The event was . . . weird interesting! The event was to raise money for a friend of a friend (his name is Rheza) who is suffering from a rare form of cancer. I saw his photo, his leg was amputated and he was all bones and he was bald and it was not a pretty picture and it broke my heart a little. Hence, I decided to join and give a little although I didn't know Rheza at all. 

I talked to a lot of people (exactly 20 of them!) and although I'm naturally happy, I'm not naturally chatty! Therefore, I stepped out of my comfort zone and try to be as happy-go-lucky as I can. It was my very first Speed Date and I must say, it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be! The guys were actually really nice and friendly. And.. really old.. I think I met a guy who is 10 years older than me! Mostly they are 4 to 5 years older so I was a little taken aback by that.. And I completely forgot his name.. But I remember he was super nice!

I feel ultra feminine with this pastel uniform. But I love feeling feminine once in  a while.. Waiting for a Prince to come with the glass shoe.. 

I'm not a big fan of the sleeves of my blouse.. I just love the color! But I haven't wear it for quite some time.. I think it needs a little fresh air!

This skirt is actually a shorts! So.. Skorts? 

Would you ever go to a Speed Date?

The lovely Ivy from Shimmer and Shine gave me an award. Thank you, Ivy!

I supposed to pass this to 12 people..

1. Lexy from Quirky Explosion
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10. Melissa from Unicorn and Tee
11.  Jasmine from Transient Withdrawal
and last but surely not least!
12. Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage

Winners, don't forget to pass this to other 12  bloggers!

A Rebel Cause

My teenage rebellious days.. I was quite dangerous, you see. 
The most rebellious teenage act I have ever pulled was : not washing my feet and hands when I got home after school! NEVER! Such a rebel, I know!
Yesterday, on my English course class, we were talking about teenage rebellion. We were asked to answer these questions on a piece of paper.

Had piercing on parts of their bods except ears
Always wore black and gothic make up
Wore very unusual clothers
Had an unusual hairstyle
Started smoking before they were 14
Dropped out of school or college
Had a backstreet relationship
Stole money from their mother's purse
Ditched school
Got pregnant while still in school
Did drugs

Out of 11 questions, I only answered yes 1 for ditched school. And I thought, that was very rebellious of me! I can't even remember why I ditched class in the first place.

Anyway, here's some pictures from last weekend!

I love tied collar! There's something very sweet and feminine about it..

Tell me, what's the most rebellious teenage act you ever pulled?

It's Her Birthday!

My sister is having her 23rd birthday today! How very exciting, right? 
Do come over to her blog and wish her a gleeful birthday!
She has been my utmost loyal photographer. 
And every outfit and shoes and bags in my closet could not compare to my love for her. 

It is come to my realization how incredibly colorful my top is! It makes me all smiley when I look myself in the mirror. Hopefully it has the same effect to others!

I am not sure what pose I was aiming for.. I suppose.. Waving? 
This pose is incredibly vague.. I must say, the person is very much not vague! 
Well, at least, I don't think I'm vague. I have always been very clear with my words and actions..

How was everybody's Easter Weekend?

Lazy Weekend

Finally I have one quiet day staying at home just for relaxing! It has been quite a week! Going out of town for 3 times in a week is exhausting. Especially when you left super early in the morning and got home super late at night and doing nothing but walking all day in between!

Spent my morning for some exercise in my aerobic class. Then just chilling in front of TV and flipping through glossy magazine. I do excited for a night out with my friends! Although I can't go home too late since I have 6.30 AM Sunday Service to attend tomorrow. 

I got this rose earring for my last birthday. It also comes in black but I love the white most simply because I can wear it for day but it's also appropriate for night time.

  It was love at first sight. The collar definitely a dead giveaway. I can not stand not to buy this lovely piece! And the gold button add that little sparkle this shirt need! I think I'm going to rock this look tonight!

Happy Weekend and Happy Easter!

Wednesday Blue?

 Thank you so much for all your sweet get well soon comments and also the tips and tricks on how to handle a cough! I'm all better! My mom took me to a doctor and now I'm taking medicines which is annoying cause it makes me sleepy all the time! And when I'm sleepy I get grumpy! Not good..

I can not get over how wide my forehead looks like in this picture!
But I suddenly got an idea to wear a headband. Somehow it doesn't work out so well. Hmm..

For The Love of Cough

Everybody seems to be coughing around me! My grandma.. My dad.. My high school friend. People sitting next to me in church.. Including me! Yes. I can't barely talk for more than 3 syllables without coughing.

It's Monday morning and I have 3 hours of traffic jam to conquer!

Stay healthy everyone!

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

My creative bones are very limited and therefore I take title from movies and TVs for my post's title all the time. I shamelessly confess it.
The chihuahua picture on my t-shirt is wearing earrings and you can't really see it, but she's actually carrying shopping bags! Took shopaholic bitches to a whole new level!

For the strangest reason, I always forget to finish painting my nail! 
Resulting in 2 pale and abandoned fingers..

I hope everybody will have a blast on their weekend!

It's A Fine City

There's this joke among locals and tourists about Singapore. It is indeed a fine and beautiful city. However, it is also has fine for everything. You speed, you'll get fine. You chewed gum carelessly, you'll get fine. You throw away paper in the wrong trash can, you'll get fine. But I personally think it's an effective method! Singapore is such a neat city and also an orderly country!

Song of The Day : The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

It is a little bit ironic that I begin to like his songs more now that the concert day has passed. This song is quite catchy.. With lyrics like "Today I don't feel like doing anything.."

Although I don't feel like doing anything, there are some things I need to get done. Like homework from my bible study class (I haven't done homework in months! Strangely I feel rather excited to do it!) and bathe my dog and prints more fliers and brochures for my dad's waterpark (one rim waiting for me) and taking my mom to the doctor (she's been feeling sick lately) and cleaning my room..

I guess "not doing anything" would have to wait.

I am determined to post three times a week from now on! Ambitious, I know! But I thought I should give it a try and be committed to blogging! Wish me luck..

I have a soft spot for dresses with pockets. It's a dress! It has pockets! It's a dress with pockets! I'm so buying!

I bought this dress on my latest trip to Singapore. I could never get tired of that country!

Went there to watch The Lion King Broadway! I was so very excited. The show is so good! I feel like I can die in peace now that I have watched one of a very coveted Broadway show.

Will be posting pictures from the trip on the next post :)

Concert Rookie

I feel super sleepy right now. I actually dozed off for a few minutes but you know, I miss blogging dearly! And my utmost loyal reader (hey there, Winny Gouw. She has a blog. Do visit!) TOLD me to post about this concert. And here we are.

So I took off from Jakarta at 1 PM for a 3 hours ride back to my hometown. Then at 6.30 PM I had a 2 hours bible study class. Then I had a little briefing from my dad for his waterpark thingy. And now I'm exhausted. But enough whining!

Went to Bruno Mars concert! It was my first music concert ever! So it was really exciting. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Mr. Easy Breezy Bruno Mars. I only know his Grenade song by heart. And a total of 7 songs I recognize from about 14 songs he sang. Therefore, I ended people watching when I didn't know the song he was singing... 

It was crowded and hot and I was all sweaty and dehydrated. However, a fun event indeed! I even ran to some of local actress and actors! And my.. They ARE super tall and super handsome and pretty.

Anyway.. I need some sleep.. I have aerobic class tomorrow at 7 AM.I haven't had any exercise since 2 weeks ago.. And I also skipped 3 meetings of my english course. And I also missed my fellowship once.. Feeling kinda guilty.. Going to explain why I've been MIA on the next post!

Apologies for the low quality. We weren't allowed to bring any cameras!

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