Lazy Weekend

Finally I have one quiet day staying at home just for relaxing! It has been quite a week! Going out of town for 3 times in a week is exhausting. Especially when you left super early in the morning and got home super late at night and doing nothing but walking all day in between!

Spent my morning for some exercise in my aerobic class. Then just chilling in front of TV and flipping through glossy magazine. I do excited for a night out with my friends! Although I can't go home too late since I have 6.30 AM Sunday Service to attend tomorrow. 

I got this rose earring for my last birthday. It also comes in black but I love the white most simply because I can wear it for day but it's also appropriate for night time.

  It was love at first sight. The collar definitely a dead giveaway. I can not stand not to buy this lovely piece! And the gold button add that little sparkle this shirt need! I think I'm going to rock this look tonight!

Happy Weekend and Happy Easter!

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