Lazy Weekend

Finally I have one quiet day staying at home just for relaxing! It has been quite a week! Going out of town for 3 times in a week is exhausting. Especially when you left super early in the morning and got home super late at night and doing nothing but walking all day in between!

Spent my morning for some exercise in my aerobic class. Then just chilling in front of TV and flipping through glossy magazine. I do excited for a night out with my friends! Although I can't go home too late since I have 6.30 AM Sunday Service to attend tomorrow. 

I got this rose earring for my last birthday. It also comes in black but I love the white most simply because I can wear it for day but it's also appropriate for night time.

  It was love at first sight. The collar definitely a dead giveaway. I can not stand not to buy this lovely piece! And the gold button add that little sparkle this shirt need! I think I'm going to rock this look tonight!

Happy Weekend and Happy Easter!


  1. You look so pretty!!!! Your skirt is so perfect the shape is so swoon worthy =)
    Happy weekend & Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. such a classic look you pull together.

    I know the feeling of jet lag when you travel so much and have not gone on a plane. xD

  3. Love your outfit and the color of your skirt!! And your freckles are sooo cute <3

  4. Love the look! I covet the skirt and top. Have a happy easter! :)

  5. I super love your outfit and you look pretty in it. ;)

  6. HI:)
    tks for your visit!!
    nice look,I really like ur skirt :)
    kisses and have a nice weekend and Easter u too!!

  7. Hello there dear! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment! If that would be possible I would give you some cm. :D
    But still you look such a cutie and I think the best way for all us, is to except our selves as we are! In the end there stays the beauty in us! the outfit is really cute! I have a month that I'm busy and it will be like that for 2 other months! lucky you to have a lazy weekend! I'm following you! Would you like to follow me back?:
    xoxo Kiki

  8. love the blue skirt:)

  9. Such a pretty outfit! I love how you tied in all the accessories with your outfit! Such a sweet vintage look :)

    Glad you were able to relax today! Have fun going out tonight!!

  10. pretty outfit :)

  11. i love your skirt! so absolutely cute!


  12. cute outfit! love the earing:D

  13. This skirt's color is really beautiful, as the shirt's collar, love it :)

  14. love your blouse,
    it's so cute!
    lovely blog dear,


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