Shiny Happy People

Hello, lovelies!
I have the worst headache due to all this hangul.
It sounds like I studied a lot. Well.. I did open my book for hours.. But not exactly getting anything inside my poor jammed brain. I have the worst focus span ever. Between the TV, my annoying yet adorable dog, and my blackberry . . .

This dress is one of my impulse buys. I added at least 10 items to my closet over the last month.
(So I declare myself on a shopping ban and delegated my sister in charge to keep me off shopping. Besides, what sisters are for?)
And I haven't got the chance to wear even half of them.

I am completely in love with this dress.
I love the color. The prints. The shiny fabric. The color. 
The dress makes me happy  ;)
The dress is pretty loud for itself so I refrain myself to add any accessory.

 cardigan - BTC, dress - Velvet, flats - The Little Things She Need

I apologized for being so lousy at replying comments. I managed to do some using my blackberry when I'm in the car. But it's so difficult to read your lovely posts using that small screen.. I just don't have that luxury to do blogwalking yet.. But I promise I WILL get back to all of you! Be patient will you? :)

Don't We Love Wool

Good evening, lovely people!
I am currently waiting for Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense MV to finish buffering.. Excited!!
I am quite a fan of this group. Click here to hear their awesomeness.

I also submitted the above pic to WeLoveWool
The deadline is in 6 days!
I guess I submitted it a little too late. Typical
Would you kindly click here and vote? I would really appreciate it!
Just mentioned it on my comment and I promise to give a special shout out on my next post :)
It took a while for the link to opened. But you got to hear a super catchy tune while waiting!

WeLoveWool is a website that aims to educate people about wool as a natural and renewable fibre.
Woolmark decided to campaigned through this Find Fashion by Feelings where anyone can upload their picture using one or more item of wool. You can also upload your own look and win a $12,000 holiday prize! There are up to 12 feelings you can choose when you upload your pic :)

Spaghetti in my mouth, kebab in my hand.. I was hungry.. 
Well.. Not really. I just want to eat everything.
This probably would be my last post for a week!
I have my Korean language course test next week. Eeepp
Not ready at all!
And I have ten chapters of hangul to memorize. Not a pleasant thought at all.

Wish me luck!
And don't forget to vote for me.. And ask your friends to do so.. LOL


Homeward Bound

I am a family girl. I love spending time with my family. And my dog, obviously.
Friends are great. And I don't know where would I be without them. Definitely not who I am today. However, friends come and go. Some stays, of course, a handful precious diamonds that you rarely find, and you treasure them. Keep them in your heart and keep it safe, dear.

Still, let's be honest, if you happened to have an accident (not a big one, just some scratch here and there) who would you call? 
My answer would be my father
And when you're sick, and don't know what medicine to take, can hardly get out of bed.
Who would you call?
My answer would be my mother.

My sister.. She is my best friend.
My dog.. Well he is.. Definitely something!

necklace - Marks and Spencer (birthday present from a friend), 
vintage red dress - thrifted, blazer - Gaudi, black pumps - Zonzo

Anyway, that's me with my new short hair!
I continue to emphasized to my friends how short my hair is now. And when they finally meet me, they told me it's not short at all. I was like 'what?'. I mean, try compare it to my last post. Seriously, guys, it's short!
Fine, it's not Victoria-Beckham-short, but still, I have never have my hair this short before.

 There this phrase "sesuatu banget" which translated "definitely something" that seems to rose into occasion because one of local celebrity use it to answer some questions during an interview.
I don't understand what's the big deal but it is a catchy phrase and you can use it to answer a lot of different questions that you don't really want to answer.

Yes. Definitely Something!


Thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes <3
Really, I am so lucky to have such great blogger friends! *kisses*
Reading your birthday wishes made my day.

headband - MyoungDong street, cardigan - Polo, dress - Zara, 
belt - thirfted, bow ring - gifted from a friend, bag - Longchamp, shoes - Mandy's

To be honest, the euphoria of birthday left me after 24 hours. The next day, I feel like I'm on a roadblock. 
I feel trapped in my comfort zone and not moving forward.
I want to go out in the world (Korea, for sure!) and just drowned myself in the culture and the language.
Well, it's a maybe.
I am working on my Hangul now. It has been 2 weeks and I am loving it!
It is a teeny wee more difficult than I thought and it is definitely time consuming, hence, the lack posting of my blog! I seriously need to manage my time better.

I wore this when I watched Captain America. I wasn't really impressed.
I assumed because my friends keep telling me how good the movie is, I have such high expectation and when it's only "good" instead of "great", you'll ended up dissapointed. I am not saying you shouldn't have expectation, but you need to learn what a reasonable standard is.
On the other hand, Rise of The Planet of The Apes was incredible. I cried. That's said it all.

This is one of my favorite cardigan because there are lines of pretty ruffles at front!

This the last set of pictures of me with my long hair.
I have a new year set out in front of me and I wanted a fresh start. So I cut my hair off.
Curious to see my new hair?? *I'll just assume you do*
I'll see you with my new hair on my next post :)
Have great week ahead!

To Be Loved Is The Greatest Gift of All

I celebrated my 22th birthday last Saturday. I got plenty of presents and I love all of them (boy, my friends sure do know little ole me!). But truly, the greatest gift of all is the feeling of loved. That day I was just the happiest quaint birthday-girl. <3

 Apparently, I failed to take any outfit picture, so this one must do :)

chiffon blazer - Korea, dress - Gaudi (one of my birthday present!), 
belt - thrifted, wedges - Charles&Keith

You can't really see it, but my dress has the cutest elephant prints!
Can you see it?
Apologies for not having a decent outfit pictures, bloggers. 
It felt weird to take a solo picture at event like this. 
Anyway, I was having a major fashion-emergency the day before. I couldn't figure out what to wear. Then out of the blue, just at the last minutes, a package came and it comes with this cutest dress I ever laid my eyes on. Saved!

Wherever you are right now, whatever you are doing, I hope you are all safe and feeling the love :)

Toast To Happiness!

My sister and I stumbled upon this adorable place when we were waiting for our friends. We were planning to have a karaoke night and we were the first to come to the place. Anyway, this place is called Roppan. It serves toasts and there are some savory menus as well. Their motto is "Toast to Happiness". Such a lovely motto don't you think? Click here to check out their website! 

My sister and I were craving for something sweet. However, we weren't really hungry... But the craving was bad enough we couldn't resist to order this Blueberry Honey Toast. It is super yummy but it was a tiny bit too sweet for me. It's a good thing I didn't have to finish this alone or I might ended up with a sugar rush!

top - Myoung Doung street market, bow belt - Velvet, 
skirt - Topshop, bag - Mango, shoes - Zonzo

If you ever visited the place (it is available at Gandaria City Jakarta, Living World BSD, and Ciwalk Bandung; as far as I know) don't forget to tweet them @Roppanista

Toast to happiness!

Hey Baby Blue

Hello, dolls!
It is Monday again and somehow my dress matches the "Monday blue"! How cool! (such a dork, I know). Well, personally, I don't feel blue at all. If I would put a color on my mood right now, it would be brown. I just feel really calm and at peace now. Very zen indeed.

This dress is definitely my favorite dress. One of many. I think it's silly to only have ONE favorite item. I have a lot of favorites. It is difficult to only have one single favorite. It's like you have to choose one of your favorite kid. How unfair. You know what, I'll just say, I love this dress :)

cardigan - N61, dress - thrifted, bow belt - Myoung Doung street market, 
shoes - The Little Things She Needs

Lebaran holiday is finally over. I hope all of you who celebrates Ramadhan had a splendid time with your family. Everybody is back doing their business.The stores are back open. People are back being hard at work. And rush hour when everyone is going at work or when everyone is going back from work finally returned. I do miss the busy-ness and the hectic from my days and the roads. It makes weekend so much more sweet. Agree?

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