Jumpsuit + Cape Blazer Combo

Rocking a jumpsuit and cape blazer combo a few days ago! I love cape blazers considering I own two of them already and thinking about getting a third one. That's how much I love them. I am not a big fan of jumpsuits tho.. It's just so difficult when you have to go to the bathroom! I purchased this one because it has interesting prints and the fabric is really good. Never thought about putting these two pieces together but I was inspired by a new app Stylekick which is a fashion inspiration app where you can upload your outfit photos and let people know where you shopped it with direct links to purchase the items. So convenient right? I downloaded one already and planning to play with it all weekend long :)

The New Noah's Barn Bandung

Visited Noah's Barn in my beloved Bandung city a few weeks ago! The first Noah's Barn opened in 2012 located at Jalan Garuda (near my church!) and it took Bandung coffee-lovers by storm. The new one opened in the late 2014 located at Jalan Dayang Sumbi (right across Beehive, read my Beehive post here) and it is so much bigger than the ones at Jalan Garuda. I am definitely happy with so much more space and a more homey interior with plenty of woods and leather covered sofas.

Ocean Blue

I always find blue color works for all kind of skin colors and all kind of style. One thing for sure, this shade always remind of the ocean with its calming superpower thanks to the breeze and the sound of waves combo. I am a confessed insomniac and the sound of waves helped takes away my messy thoughts.

Tired Wings

The little birds
                 who dream of flight;
                                 who gaze into the starry night.

Their tired wings
            fold down and up
           they try their best
               but it is not enough.

Grounded by Lang Leav

Alberto's Cafe Bandung

It has been over than a month that I last posted a foodie post! So this one is Alberto's located near to my house, about twenty to thirty minutes drive only. This place has a few other reviews out there but I thought I'd do one anyway :)
My experience here is pleasant enough. Food came out fairly fast and the service was okay.

Garden Party on My Skirt

At first glance I thought this skirt is way too coloful but at the second glance, this skirt grows on me! I slowly expanding my pencil skirt collection and this one is staying! Have a happy weekend, all <3 p="">

One Fine Bridal Shower

It was a Sunday and it was my friend's bridal shower! She loves yellow so we decided around that color to be theme and electric blue as accent. Mooi Party Designer (find them at instagram @mooi.partydesigner) helped us so much with the decoration. All the yellow is like rays of sunshine made all of us in a super bright mood! :)

Retail Threapy at Apparel Candy Wholesale Shopping

First of all, my favorite part is that  ApparelCandy.com sells cosmetics & nail polishes! Second of all, their prices are insanely reasonable because you buy in bulk (minimum of 6 pieces per item for their bags) but it will allow you to resell them and get a little pocket money, right? Apparel Candy is a wholesale clothing company.

Pretty wholesale handbags for $36 and you'll get 6 of them!

How to Improve Your OOTD Photos : Part 3

Take It to The Next Level

Last part of How to Improve Your OOTD! By now I hope you'll find your OOTD photos to be better :)
But why settle for better if you can get the best right? A few tips of mine to take your OOTD photos to the next level.

Frame It
I love posing in front of a door because it frames your outfit making the eyes focus instantly to you. Doors are relatively easy to find. An arch of some sort works too!

Make It Artistic
Bridges, row of fences, windows, stairs, stacks of books, mirrors.. Those are the kind of things you want to keep an eye off to take your outfit to the next level.

Playing with mirrors.

Stacks of books make great background!
Play with Angle
Instead of the usual eye-level, ask your photographer to take your picture from up or below. Taking picture from above will make you look slimmer but shorter. Taking from below, will make you look taller but careful of chubby cheeks!

Taken from below eye level.

Taken from above eye level.
Find Flowers
People love flowers. You should too. Use it in the background or use it as a prop. I find people respond greatly to photos with flowers no matter what the season is.

Edit Edit Edit
Shooting indoors requires sharpening and brightening (go easy or you'll have grainy photos). I like to add contrast as well for depth. But be careful because adding contrast usually costs details. My favorite Iphone apps are Hello Camera and Vscocam.

Go Out There (Travel More!)
Some of my favorite OOTD photos are from my travelling photos because the background is so different from my usual day to day scenes. So there's no excuse to dress sloppy while on a holiday!

Make It Colorful
Black and white creates more drama and personality but personally I prefer outfit photos to be colorful. Perhaps that's explain why I love prints so much.

Wearing a floral dress against colorful houses and the sea!
I enjoyed very much sharing all of these tips. I should hope you find them to be informative and apply some of them! :)

Have a great weekend, all

How to Improve Your OOTD Photos : Part 2

Pose Like a Fashion Blogger

I don't like categorizing myself as a fashion blogger but they do looks ah-mazing in their outfit photos. I picked up a few tips from them and here I share my go-to poses.

(1)The Look Down
Looking directly at camera can look harsh sometimes. Soften it by looking down. Not to mention, it gives some “candid” illusion as well. You're chic and you know it and you just let the outfit do the talking. Plus point : it gives a v-shape face illusion.

How To Improve Your OOTD Photos : Part 1

The Basic Steps

Most of my girlfriends (even the opposite sex, sometimes) love to take their outfit of the day photos. Often I am asked how to take this kind of photo and creates beautiful OOTD pictures. Now, I am by no mean an expert but I do have some tricks under my slevee.

Let's talk about the tool first. I do own a DSLR camera but most of my friends (and probably you) don't. Worry not, you can take those high quality photos which is sharp and clear with no noise (those grain in your photos) with your phone. If you own a DSLR camera or a snap and shot that is over than $200 (honestly, under that price, I'd go with Iphone 5) obviously, you should use them. However, a DSLR can be bulky while your phone is more practical and less obstrusive. 

For a phone camera, bigger megapixels does help but it's not a crucial factor. Megapixels only affect how big you can print your picture. I think anything above 3 megapixels (there IS a calculation for this, you don't need to know, we'll do it for you) is enough for a simple OOTD shoot that you only share on your social medias. For your information, all of this photos are taken with my IPhone 5 with an 8 megapixels on the main camera. And I will mostly adress tips to take photos with camera phone :)

The Year of Pencil Skirts

Almost five years (this March!) of blogging and I very rarely wear a pencil skirt except for the last months of 2014. From 2010, this blog is filled with flare and full skirts and shorts but this year is the year of pencil skirts! Well... I am currently obsessing this particular fashion item and have been on the hunt for a few months now. So expect to see a few of them here :)

Anyway, I hope the first days of 2015 is treating you well. Not so much with me.. My laptop crashed and I am blogging via my sister's laptop for now. Hence, I would probably not blogging as much. Fingers crossed my laptop can be fixed!

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