Word of The Year 2020

Hi, guys!
Before we officially say hello to the new year, I want to put in one last post about my word(s) of the year of 2020.
Word of the year is basically one word of your choosing which will help and guide you make your decisions in the upcoming year ahead. There are literally hundreds of inspiring words out there (I'll list a few at the end of the post for you to choose!) so how can you choose? Honestly, you can choose as many words as you want but it can be confusing if you choose too many words. Three seems to be ideal.

Merry Christmas 2019

Hi, guys!
I know you all must be busy with family or friends to celebrate Christmas so this post will be short and sweet.

Red for the Holiday

Hi, guys!
Since I love Christmas, I'd thought I'd give you two extra outfits for the holiday; this time the theme is red. I always like the idea of red for the holiday season since it's such a bold bright and fun color. I know this vibrant color is not everyone's cup of tea but you should try it at least for Christmas! T'is is the season to be extra after all.

Christmas Outfit Ideas 2019

Hi, guys!
Can't believe it's only two weeks away until Christmas. With the so many soirees and parties coming up, I put together four looks based on several dresscode; casual, smart casual, business casual, and cocktail. Without further ado, here are Christmas Outfit Ideas 2019 I put together just for you.

Teman Lama Coffee Shop Bandung

Hi, guys!
I'm back with another resto review. This one is from Teman Lama Coffee Shop Bandung located at Jalan Bima. Visited this place about a month ago and had a pleasant time; also their es kopi was ah-mazing so I feel like I'm obligated to share.

The Best Attractions Just Outside Of Sydney

Image Source : Unsplash

When tourists visit the beautiful city of Sydney, there are often popular attractions on their to-do list such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge or the Sydney Opera House. However, as well as there being many excellent places to visit in and around the city, if you explore outside of Sydney, you will find that there are wealth of beautiful places to visit that will help to ensure you have a fantastic trip when you visit this iconic city.

Padded Headband Trend

Hi, guys!
Hair accessories are at all time high this year. From your pearl hair barrettes to the padded headband trend, it's not so daunting to have a bad hair day this year since we have so many options. This version of padded headband was first noted at Miuccia Prada who incorporated them into Prada Spring 2019 runway show.
A padded headband basically looks like your regular headband but, as you guessed it, there's some padding involves. That padding gives them a few extra inches of volume and a more luxe feel. Your padded headband can comes in any color and any fabric. From satin, velvet, to braided, the options are endless.

New La Costilla Bandung

Hi, guys!
La Costilla recently relocated and on their opening week, my last La Costilla post was the number 3 most read post that week. Hence, I feel some responsibility to update that post so without further ado, here are my review on the new La Costilla Bandung. 
If you guys remember their iconic pink wall with cactuses, it is a little sad to see that pink wall go. However, the new La Costilla Bandung does have a more upscale vibe now while it used to be more casual. You can feel such vibe just by looking at their new upgraded interior. 

Fall Lookbook 2019

Hi, guys!
It's officially fall and without further ado, here are my take on a fall lookbook 2019. Mind you, I live in a tropical country so there isn't that much layering but you can always add a legging or tights to most of this outfit once the weather in your place drops. But as for these early fall days, I feel like these looks will work just fine.
Without further ado, here are seven looks I put together for fall lookbook 2019.

Tips for Your Mount Bromo Trip 2019

Hi, guys!
For the sake of not giving you unrealistic expectations, I will not be editing the colors of my photos so you can see the real beauty of Mount Bromo Trip 2019. I will be giving you some tips that I did to maximize your Mount Bromo Trip 2019. This is one long post so grab a snack.

Tortoise Shell Accessories for Fall

Animal prints are having a moment since last year. From leopard to snake prints, the jungle seems to have completely dominated the fashion scene. And to be honest, I'm not complaining. There's something that screams fashionista when you're wearing animal prints. 
The new obsession this year is the tortoise-shell effect, coming directly from the 70s era, when the print dominated combs, hair accessories, and glasses. In those days, the material used was actually extracted from the turtle shell, but don't worry, now the trend is recreated using acetate, resin, and even glass products. No turtles were harm in any of the items I wear, I promise.
The most classic items featuring tortoise shell are definitely glasses. This print lends a retro and vintage feel; giving out a touch of elegance to any look.

Otillie Coffee and Kitchen Bandung Review

Delicious Affogato that we ordered one more since it's that good (26k)
Hi, guys!

Went to Otillie Coffee and Kitchen Bandung two weeks ago. Found it via online when I was googling places to have brunch in. Otillie Coffee and Kitchen is relatively new; based on their instagram, it opened this March so it has been around for six months. My husband and I went on Saturday morning around 10.30 AM and the place was empty. We were definitely the first customer that day.

The 5 Best Activities When Holidaying in Lan Ha Bay

Image Source : Unsplash

Halong Bay is one of the most popular Vietnam beach regions, and being a World Heritage Site, this pristine section of the Vietnamese coast has more than 2,000 islets, all ready to be explored. While Halong Bay is quite well known to tourists, there is an area at the southern end called Lan Ha Bay, and this is about as close to paradise as one can get.

Lan Ha Bay is home to around 400 mini islands, each with its own private bay, and the climate is great all year round. Here are some of the top leisure activities that are recommended by those who have been there.

  1. Kayaking - If ever a place was made for kayaking, Lan Ha Bay it is, with calm crystal-clear water that offers a window into the amazing marine life found in this tucked-away paradise. Taking a cruise here is the ultimate way to experience Lan Ha Bay, as your floating hotel literally parks in the middle of the bay and you are free to explore in kayaks, and with luxury facilities on board, you can experience natural beauty in sheer comfort. With luxury Lan Ha Bay cruises that are available online, you can book your dream holiday and prepare for an experience you will never forget.
Image Source : Pixabay

  1. Swimming And Snorkelling - Bring your flippers and snorkel for a once in a lifetime experience to immerse yourself in pristine tropical marine life, and you can do this day in and day out, each time going to a new and unexplored area. There are so many tiny bays that are sheltered, and with your floating palace moored not far away, you really can’t go wrong. Spend a few hours snorkelling, then back to the ship for chilled cocktails and a delicious lunch buffet. After an hour relaxing on deck, you can head out on your kayak to explore some more.
  2. Rock Climbing - If you are into climbing, there is a registered rock climbing centre, where you can book a climb at the Monkey Island Resort. Spend the whole day or just the morning tackling these challenging venues, and you will experience some amazing views.
Image Source : Pexels

  1. Visit The Viet Hai Fishing Village - This picturesque fishing settlement is located within Cat Ba National Park, and it must be on your list of places to visit. Surrounded by mountains, this exotic local community lives with the marine and island life, and they have been living here for hundreds of years in perfect harmony with their habitat. You can experience village life without any of the trappings of western living, and it isn’t hard to understand why the villagers are always so happy.
  2. Monkey Island - This small paradise island is located within Cat Ba National Park. You can visit the 30 or more monkeys that live there and get real close up with these inquisitive apes.
There are online luxury cruise tour operators and once on their website, you can browse the many exciting packages and book the holiday of a lifetime, in what must surely be the best tropical beach location in the world

August Favorites

Hi, guys!
It’s seriously mind blowing how August just flew by like that and then fall is just around the corner. August was quite uneventful but I would say it’s a pretty good month as well. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of August.

This Is Me Wisata Selfie Bandung

Hi, guys!
Went to This Is Me Wisata Selfie Bandung located at Jalan Cihampleas last week. Wisata Selfie = Selfie Tourism; seems to be on the rise these days thanks to social media. Basically is one building consists of backdrops for you to take pics. We went there on a Friday afternoon (around 1PM) so the place was basically empty. 
Ticket was Rp 35.000 per person (around US$2.5) and as you can see from the map there are about a dozen spots you can take pics in. It opened at the end of 2018. I went in with very low expectations since I read their google review but still very curious about this place.
First of all, I want to apologize for the amount of my face you're about to see in this post.

Common Mistakes People Make When Taking A Cruise Holiday And How To Avoid Them

Image Source : Unsplash

There was a time when cruise holidays were the exclusive domain of the wealthy and elderly, yet much has changed since the turn of the century, and the modern cruise liner caters for families and solo travelers by providing a wide-range of fun-based activities on the ship. If you are new to cruising, here are a few common mistakes you should try to avoid. 
  • Trying To Do Everything - It is perfectly natural to get the most out of your hard-earned money, and with so much going on, a-state-of-the-art cruise liner really does have it all. If you want a relaxing holiday, then be selective about what you do, otherwise you will arrive back at port needing a holiday to get over the holiday. It will takes you a few days to discover your floating city, and rather than trying to get round all to all the many activities, be a little selective.
  • Choosing The Wrong Cruise - Cruises are aimed at specific groups, and if you are the kind of person who likes to party the night away, make sure the cruise caters for the young person. If, on the other hand, you are looking for some real peace and quiet, then look for the cruise that attracts older people. There are cruise line operators with great deals for cruises from Melbourne in 2019, and with so many destinations and cruise styles, you can browse until you find the cruise that works for you. 
  • Failing To Do Some Online Research - Your chosen cruise will obviously visit many ports, where you have the option of stepping ashore or stay on the ship, and once you have booked your cruise, you should spend some time researching the local attractions at all the ports of call. This will enable you to plan your time on land, plus knowing a little about the places you visit will help you to appreciate your visit more. Here are a few more common mistakes people make when booking a cruise, which is recommended reading for all newbies.
Image Source : Pixabay

  • Assuming The Cruise Is All-Inclusive - Cruise ships offer the passengers many activities, and while some are complementary, many are not. It is very easy, for example, to rack up a hefty drinks bill, as you don't have to pay cash at the end of your drinking session, and you need to know how much each drink costs. Set yourself for daily budget for extras and don't go beyond that, which will ensure that you don't have a nasty shock when it comes to settling up. 
  • Flying In On The Same Day - If you're thinking about flying to the port on the same day the cruise departs, think again. Having to get you, your group, and your luggage to the port in good time can be stressful, and it only takes a short flight delay to leave you in a position whereby you won't make the cruise boarding online. Book a hotel and fly in the day before the cruise sets sail, that way you will not be pushed for time and can arrived at the port refreshed and ready for your holiday.
In order the get most out of a cruise holiday, it is important that you choose a cruise that offers the kind of holiday you are looking for, and with so many cruises available, scouring the right one is not an issue.

The Pop Up Bandung

Hi, guys!
Went to The Pop Up Bandung located at Jalan Sukajadi (next to Thai Odyssesy) last weekend. The Pop Up Bandung is a multi brand concept store that carries local brands as well as a restaurant together with FatBox.Id. We went there on a Friday around 5PM so the place was rather empty.

Skema Coffe Archetype Bandung Review

Hi, guys!
It's been a hot minute since I did any restaurant review and altho this place is technically a coffee shop, Skema Coffee Archetype located at my hometown Bandung is quite the it place these days. I mean, as proven by the full house pictured above. We went there on a Saturday afternoon so I guess the full house was given. 

3 Summer Outfit with Snakeskin Print Trend

Hi, guys!
I have always love snakeskin print when it started to emerge at fashion runways but I wasn't sure if I could ever pull it off and I tried on a snakeskin print blazer once and it just looks so weird on me. LOL. I guess my girl-next-door style was a bit taken aback by the coolness and boldness that this print has. BUT, I did able to make leopard print work (read my three fall looks featuring leopard print here) and basically snakeskin print is the new leopard print; therefore I decided to give it a try this summer.

July Favorites

Hi, guys!
We are now well past the halfway mark of the year. It is a bit crazy and sometimes overwhelming when I think about all the things I haven't accomplished. But anyway, the key is to live in the moment and just take it day by day. July have been disappointing, in terms of my life, but again, I'm just trying to focus on today. But last month did have its nice moments as proven by these favorites. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite items in the month of July.

Puffy Sleeve Trend 2019

Hi, guys!
Puffy sleeve is a trend that I have been loving lately. It has that romantic Disney princess vibe that I’m really into. And surprisingly, it’s quite flattering for my big upper arm. The trick to wear this trend is to keep everything on the bottom fuss free and preferably tight. You want to balance the puffiness at the top with something that is form-fitting at the bottom like the pencil skirt that I wore in the picture above.

Sam Poo Kong Semarang

Hi, guys!
This post will also have more pics than usual but not too much so no worries. Sam Poo Kong is a complex of Chinese temples for Kong Hu Cu religion located in Semarang. This place have five temples with the building style following a mixed of Chinese and Javanese architectural style. We went there on a Friday around 11AM and the place was not crowded but there were quite some people roaming around. There is an entrance fee (Rp 28.000 or around US$2) that we also bought at Traveloka but you can definitely bought one on the spot.

Jatim Park 2 Review : Batu Secret Zoo, Museum Satwa, & Eco Green Park

Hi, guys!
Again, this post contains A LOT of photos and it's longer than my usual post, so get comfy. We went to Jatim Park 2 on a Tuesday during school holiday and the place was crowded. We got there around 10 AM and spent about five hours inside. Jatim Park 2 consists of Batu Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park, Museum Satwa, Fantasy Land, and Adventure Land. And that is us just breezing through everything. If you want to soak in each place, you will need all day. Jatim Park 2 opens from 10 AM to 6 PM while Eco Green Park closes at 4 PM. We got our tickets at Traveloka but you can also buy one on the spot.

Bucket Hat Trend

Hi, guys!
Bucket hat is one of those trend that I wasn't sure going to be picked up by the fashion community but through resilience, it is finally one of the it hat for the trendy people.
At first sight, bucket hat seems to be a difficult item to pull off since the fishing dad' vibe is strong and it cuts off my already round face but I learned the trick is to pull back the hat just a little bit.

Museum Angkut Batu

Hi, guys!
First off, I want to apologize for the amount of my face you're about to see in this post. Other than that, let's get started. Museum Angkut Batu (Transportation Museum) is located at East Java, about 10 hours drive from my hometown, Bandung. We booked our ticket via Traveloka for Rp 97.000/person or around US$ 7. It is a little bit cheaper than buying on the spot. You also need to pay extra fee if you bring camera other than your phone. Which sucks but then again, I would probably never comeback again so why not.

June Favorites

Hi, guys!
I'm sorry for the delay in a favorite post but without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in this month of June.

Gingham Style

Hi, guys!
If you get the title reference from Gangnam Style; hi there, fellow K-Popers. Anyway, gingham is definitely a popular print this summer. Thanks to Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, it has been on our radar for quite some time. It was a huge hit last year and you still see it in every store this year too. I'm not complaining since I do find gingham prints to be both cute and casual yet still very chic and on trend. Here are two cute summer looks with this classic prints.

Ombre and Neon

Hi, guys!
These set of pics is from three weeks ago but three weeks ago the weather was still a bit cold and I actually wrapped myself in a scarf after these pics were taken. But anyway, since the weather have been warming up, I thought I would post this look now.

Ombre and tie dye is making a come back this summer but not just that, neon is also back this summer. I was really hesitant about this trend since I feel it's such a bright color and while I'm all about colors, this blinding colors was too much for me. However, since I'm all about experimenting when it comes to fashion, I bought a set of hair ties and earrings to start small.

Three Ways to Wear Fruit Prints This Summer

Hi, guys!
One of my favorite summer trend is the fruit prints. It’s such a fun and flirty trend that you can only rock when the sun is shining bright. Now I understand that fruit prints can be a little much for people while other people (as yours truly) would love nothing but to wear fruit prints from head to toe. So here I put together three sweet looks incorporating this vibrant print.

May Favorites

Hi, guys!
I do want to apologize for posting a favorite post very late. I usually post favorite's on the first week but work have been intense so obviously blogging takes a back seat, but without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of May.

Wedding Anniversary

Hi, guys!
My wedding anniversary is coming soon and I can't believe it's been two years! Time just flies when you're having fun. But anyway, I thought this anniversary also comes with the perfect opportunity to share a few shots from the big day. It was a truly memorable day and I guess I have been very selfish about not sharing since that day was just so precious to me that I don't want to share it! Silly me.

Summer Lookbook 2019

Hi, guys!
I hope it's not too late. With holiday season just ahead of us, make sure you have your best summer outfit ready. Here I put together eight looks just for you. From the beach to the cafe to the theme park, I got you covered. Click read more to watch the video!

Sun Porch by Cottonwood Bandung

Hi, guys!
Another restaurant/cafe review just for you. It's uncharacteristic of me considering I'm quite a hermit but my husband and I found this cute little cafe; Sun Porch by Cottonwood, on our way to Pangandaran. We love the overall vibe and it's like 10 mins from our home so I'm pretty sure we're coming back soon.

Dots Board Game Cafe Bandung Review

Hi, guys!
It has been a month since my last restaurant review so let's get started with another one! This Dots Board Game Cafe is quite new, I believe they open towards the end of 2018 so it's been around six months since they opened. Their concept is interesting; a cafe where you can play board games; I don't think the idea is new tho, I've heard it before but never actually visited one so it was quite exciting.
First time; my husband and I went there on a national holiday which was a Wednesday and the place was full so we decided to just try it another day. We did tried it out on a Thursday during lunch time and the place was empty. You can definitely book on weekdays but Dots Board Game Cafe only accept walk-ins on weekends. They close on Tuesdays too.

9th Blogiversary Giveaway

Hi, guys!
Boy o boy it has been nine freaking years of typing and creating contents for you guys. It has been quite a journey, isn't it? Nine hundred and fifty two posts later, I am still blogging. If you have been with The Sweetest Escape since the first post, I am very thankful and humbled that we have been together for so long!

April Favorites

Hi, guys!
Can't belive it's May already. We are almost halfway through 2019 and that is just so crazy to me. But anyway. April has been pretty good and I don't have much of new stuff this month but without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of April.

Three Patterns to Wear This Spring if You Don't Like Floral

Hi, guys!
I'm personally a huge fan of floral prints. Even though my love of floral prints had decreased lately (I used to have a full closet filled with floral); but I still do really like them! It's very feminine and I feel like it suits my style. 
However, I do know there are also plenty people who doesn't like them!
My sister for example, is not the biggest fan of floral. I mean, she'd wear them but it's not her first choice, you know. She definitely had much less of floral items in her closet than mine.
But floral print is basically the epitome of spring, right? Worry not, there are three other patterns you can try and still feel and look ready for spring,

Victory in the Cross

Hi, guys!
Today's post is a different one than my usual outfit posts, if Christianity is no interest of you, then feel free to move on :) But if you're a Christian or even a Catholic, then please do read along.

Good Friday and Passover always make me feel reflective and definitely feeling grateful for His death on the cross to ensure salvation for all human kind. But what comes in your mind when you think of the cross?

The Potting Shed Bandung Review

Hi, guys!
It's been a while since I reviewed a restaurant in town, the last place I reviewed was Little Collins back in August last year. I took almost a seven months break and I didn't really tried out new cafes during those times. It's both admirable and kinda embarrassing. BUT here I am with a brand new restaurant review post from The Potting Shed Bandung. Let's get started!

Spring Lookbook 2019

Hi, guys!

Styled, shoot, and edited SEVEN spring looks just for you! It's quite a hardwork from thinking of seven different spring trends, shooting every weekend for 2 weeks, then turned out there were some faulty setting (my bad) that we need to re-shoot two looks, until finding my way around the new upgraded Final Cut Pro; boy o boy it has been quite a month.

2019 Event List for North Devon

aerial view photography of cliff near body of water
Image Source : Unsplash

If you are planning a holiday in North Devon this year, there are many activities that are guaranteed to keep you and your family engaged. This magical region of the UK offers some of the best natural scenery in the British Isles, and whatever your passion, there will be a few events that are not to be missed.

March Favorites

Hi, guys! Can't believe it's April already. I feel like the first three months gone by just like that. But anyway, here we are with another favorites post. Without further ado, here are a few things that I have  been loving in the month of March.

Love Lilac

Hi, guys!

To be honest, I'm not completely sure whether the colour of my blouse is either lavender or lilac. I tried to google but the answers are completely mixed. Since I like the rhytm, I decided to just go with lilac.

Spring Essentials

Hi, guys!
Spring is my favourite season. Altho here in Indonesia we do find flowers all year long but now that all the stores are also filled to the brim with spring pieces, it definitely gives an extra fun point to dressing up for the season. 

Pearl Hair Barrette Trend

Hi, guys!
Apologies for missing so many days. I have been sick with a cold and cough. There was a full day where I had a fever but I am definitely feeling better. Anyway, this time I want to talk about this spring trend that I have been loving; pearl hair barrette. I mean, barrette, clips, snaps, bendy clip, whatever you guys call it. 

Big Bad Wolf Book Fair Jakarta 2019

Hi, guys!
For those of you who don't live in Indonesia this might not interest you but if you happen to be going to Big Bad Wolf Book Fair in the near future, then do read along! 
Big Bad Wolf Book Fair or as we like to call it, BBW, is a book fair from Malaysia that comes to Indonesia every year. This is the third year I went to the one's in Jakarta and so far it's super fun for a bookworm like me. 

February Favourites

Hi, guys!
I am feeling proud of myself that for once in a very long time I finally post a favourites post on time. But anyway, February has been pretty good and I got some new stuff from my travel to Singapore last month. Without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things in the second month of 2019.

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