Sun Porch by Cottonwood Bandung

Hi, guys!
Another restaurant/cafe review just for you. It's uncharacteristic of me considering I'm quite a hermit but my husband and I found this cute little cafe; Sun Porch by Cottonwood, on our way to Pangandaran. We love the overall vibe and it's like 10 mins from our home so I'm pretty sure we're coming back soon.

This cafe is obviously run by Cottonwood, which is a Bed and Breakfast. The place is not spacious but it's quite homey and cozy which I love. There were plenty greeneries and cute trinkets making this place very instagenic. You will not be lacking of pictures when you eat here. The place gets a 9 out of 10 for me. I love how much attention they put into the little details. However, I would have prefer more air conditioning since it did get hot and I was sweating.
We went there on a Friday around 8.30AM so there were no one around but around 9AM when we finished eating, people start showing up.

A very photogenic corner!

We ordered a cappuccino (Rp 30k) which came out around 5 minutes after we ordered and I personally love it. It's not too strong and the latte art is A+, very neat. 

We shared a Full Platter Breakfast (Rp 58k) and it was filling for me, not sure about my husband'. He could probably finish this portion easily. I am one of those person who can't eat a lot in one go but I eat all the time, you can ask him. All the elements tastes really good; even the tomatoes, and I'm not a fan of tomatoes. The food came out around 15 mins mark, which I think is quite long but to be fair they might need time to prepare the food since we're basically the 1st customer. Food gets 8 out of 10 for me. I do think pricing is normal but it's not cheap in any way. You can find their menu below.

As I said, we had a nice time and will definitely come back although you might not want to bring big group here since the place is quite small. 

Sun Porch Cafe by Cottonwood
Jl. Mustang B2/1A, Pasteur, Bandung.
Open daily 7AM to 8PM.
IG : @cottonwoodsunporch


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