April Favorites

Hi, guys!
Can't belive it's May already. We are almost halfway through 2019 and that is just so crazy to me. But anyway. April has been pretty good and I don't have much of new stuff this month but without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of April.

Strangely as the weather gets warmer, my lips get drier and I have been loving this Laneige lip sleeping mask. It's an amazing stuff and you can feel the difference in just one night. Well, maybe not if your lips are really dry but if it's just a little bit dry, you will do with just a night mask. This lip mask is the good stuff and I highly recommend it! I bought this travel size back at the end of 2017 and I still have about a third left. It lasts a good amount of time and the travel size is super affordable!

Love love love this Maybelline Powder Matte lipstick! I have the Touch of Nude, Mauve It Up, and Make Me Blush. My fave is definitely Make Me Blush, it's a beautiful peachy coral shade. They are not only affordable, have tons of beautiful shades, and they are really comfy too. My biggest concern with mattes is that sometimes the formula just sticks to your fine lines and dry patches; but not this one. They don't stand food and drinks well but I never mind to reapply my lipstick. For the price, it's something you should try!

Rattan bags are definitely a favorite this month. I own three rattan bags in total and those three have been in heavy rotation this month. It's definitely a must have for spring and summer. The rattan has a very cool laid-back vibe that is just perfect for this warmer month. The best part is, they look good with literally everything.

I'm a sucker for sunnies and own at least ten of them. Only one of them branded and the rest is just something I picked up during my travel. I don't remember where I got this one but I'm pretty sure I picked this up in Bangkok and it was like super cheap. This particular one strangely looks good with every single outfit and I love the slightly cat-eye shape, not to mention the tortoise pattern on the handle. 

I haven't been as diligent as I used to in terms of visiting the hair saloon and doing my treatment so my hair has been feeling a little crusty. The Face Shop Damage Coating Essence have been really helpful in returning those shines back. It does need about an hour or two to really absorbed to my hair but it feels very lightweight and not oily at all. If you have dry hair, definitely try this!

Holy moly I don't even know where to start with this movie. And I know it's been a week since it's premiered but I don't want to give you any spoiler. So I'll just say it's exceeds any of my expectation and it's definitely a once in a generation kinda of movie. Holy smokes can you believe we've had 21 Marvel movies? 

And that is pretty much it for my April favorites. I do hope May will be good to me!


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