Three Patterns to Wear This Spring if You Don't Like Floral

Hi, guys!
I'm personally a huge fan of floral prints. Even though my love of floral prints had decreased lately (I used to have a full closet filled with floral); but I still do really like them! It's very feminine and I feel like it suits my style. 
However, I do know there are also plenty people who doesn't like them!
My sister for example, is not the biggest fan of floral. I mean, she'd wear them but it's not her first choice, you know. She definitely had much less of floral items in her closet than mine.
But floral print is basically the epitome of spring, right? Worry not, there are three other patterns you can try and still feel and look ready for spring,

First up is the classic stripes. I would choose smaller pinstripes over the large ones and definitely always go with lighter colors. Blue is a very safe choice since I believe everyone looks good in a light blue! Mine has a cute bow details at the back which really add a plus fashion point to this outfit.

Second pattern is polkadot. Polkadot is, pretty much like stripes, a classic pattern you can wear all year long. Granted, they might look kinda off during fall, but other than that, you're good to go. For spring definitely try find; again, lighter colors, white dots, and lighter fabric as well.
Mine is in this beautiful light purple shade which is very in these days.

Last but surely not the least is gingham. While gingham might remind you of tablecloth and children's clothes, you can choose a darker color to avoid looking too much like a kid. Mine is in navy so I can still wear it towards the colder month but I find pink and yellow gingham look the best for spring!

For me my favorite would have to be gingham! Currently in the market looking for a pastel colored ones. How about you?


  1. First of all, I love this location! Second all of your outfits are so cute!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. What great ideas! I love the stripes!

    District of Chic


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