Miss Bee Providore Bandung Review

Miss Bee Providore is a newcomer in Bandung cafe-society. It opened late April 2014 and the place was an instant hits. I do believe it's mostly because of the great advertising by Bandung cafe hoppers! Their tempting brunch pictures popping out everywhere from twitter, instagram, and especially my path timeline. I visited twice already and I'm planning to come back to try for their breakfast menu!

Fendi Petit 2Jours Review

Hello, I hope you enjoy the video!
It's my first ever reviewing a bag in form of a video. Do tell if you feel something is missing or if you have any other question relating to the bag, just comment below and I'll answer as soon as I can.

Have a great midweek, all.

Last Goodbye from Madurodam

Madurodam is a tourist spot (inevitably) with miniature buildings of the important landmarks in Holland. This place is our last stop (well we went to Chinatown for dinner and then airport bright and early the next day) before we leave for Jakarta so I took all the pictures that I can! It's definitely a fun place to visit for the whole family to enjoy. As you can see from the pictures, the day was cloudy with small raindrops but it lasted for less than 5 minutes and nothing that my beanie couldn't handle!

PS. I bought 3 pretty necklaces all Made in Holland at the gift shop as souvenirs for my girls. The pendant is in a form of a tulip with colorful rhinestones. It wasn't expensive.. Around 15 euros so if you really love your girlfriends/sisters, it's a nice souvenir option :)

Alluring Amsterdam

I found a paragraph in John Green' The Fault In Our Star book that defines Amsterdam beautifully.

"Amsterdam is like the rings of a tree; it gets older as you get closer to the center"
It happened all at once : We exited the highway and there were the row houses of my imagination leaning precariously toward canals, ubiquitois bicycles, and coffeshops advertising LARGE SMOKING ROOM. We drove over a canal and from atop the bridge I could see dozens of houseboats moored along the water. It looked  nothing like America.
It looked like an old painting, but real--everything achingly idyllic in the morning light--and I thought about how wonderfully strange it would be to live in a place where almost everything had been built by the dead.


A set of pictures from Germany, Dusseldorf to be exact. That day was slightly cold so a leather jacket and a leather skirt are definitely appropriate. I did though, feel overdressed for the area considering most of them wearing light sweater and jeans.
I have the worst case of flu right now so I'm just going to keep this post short and sweet.
Wishing all of you a healthy midweek!

Oui Oui Paris

The post that I have been waiting for! From Paris with bisous.
I usually post my travel pics randomly but for my Eurotrip, I decided to just post according to the natural timeline. Paris was towards the end of my 3 weeks holiday and I guess it's definitely perfectly designed so we all have something to look forward to during our long hours in mini bus.

The Eiffel Tower did not dissapoint and what used to be a sticker on my bedroom wall has become a reality. It stands tall with its own majesty and beauty, I cannot help but to feel super grateful. Eiffel Tower' beauty comes out at night with its twinkling lights. I do wish each of you who read this will experience Paris on your own someday.

St. Tropez and St. Maxime

Lots of loves from Saint Tropez! It's an easy breezy seaside town with touches of luxe everywhere. When people asked which is my favorite place from my Eurotrip, it actually took me a while to realize that I like St. Tropez the best.

Carpenter and Cook (Singapore) Review

I was so excited to finally try this cafe. I spotted it from a famous instragamers and it has been haunting me eversince. Hence, a few days ago, when I was in Singapore with a friend, I made a conscious effort to visit Carpenter and Cook. It's located at Lorong Kilat and we went there via taxi because there is no MRT station within a walking distance (the nearest is Clementi and you must take a bus from there) and we are practically blind in term of buses. I highly suggest to do the same if you're a tourist like me. From Lavender MRT station a taxi costs three of us each five Sing dollars.

Giveaway Winner

An email is on its way to you.
Congratulations and happy shopping, Elera! 

Next post is a review of a cafe I have been dying to try in Singapore.
Have a great weekend, all :)


So my first thought about Genova was it sounds a lot like Genovia. Which is a fictional country created for a Princess Diary background movie. Goodness how I love that movie. We didn't try the hop-on hop-off city tour bus but instead we just walked around near where we parked our mini bus. I scored a jacket, a skirt, and a dress all made in Italy for only 50 euros. Which I think is a really good deal!

Anyway, wishing everyone a good midweek!

Picturesque Cinque Terre

I absolutely absolutely love Cinque Terre. 
It's a must visit when you're in Italy. And that's all I'm going to say.
Have a great week ahead, loves!

Summer Giveaway Win Romwe Shopping Voucher

Another giveaway to welcome the summer months ahead. 
Get yourself ready with summery floral pieces. If you win this giveaway, you can get any of these items I picked. 
Or basically anything you want from Romwe :)

It's super simple just follow my instagram and I'll announce the winner on 18th of July.
Open internationally.

Lovely Lucca

From Pisa we went to Lucca City which is famous for its summer festival. This old town is surrounded by tall brick walls dated back to 6th century. Obviously, the wall has been modernized but remain intact until now. From the city gate, almost no car is in sight and more bicycles are seen. The city has so many churches with nothing but grand architectures. Picture above is taken just at the front of Church of San Michele in Foro. 
I also noticed that time seems to slow down here and people is off their phone, walking their dog while enjoying the weather, and involved in intimate talks everywhere over a cup of cappuccino. I couldn't help but to wish I actually lived here, ride bikes to work and then sitting at the cafes for a glass of wine with friends afterwards. What a life.

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