Last Goodbye from Madurodam

Madurodam is a tourist spot (inevitably) with miniature buildings of the important landmarks in Holland. This place is our last stop (well we went to Chinatown for dinner and then airport bright and early the next day) before we leave for Jakarta so I took all the pictures that I can! It's definitely a fun place to visit for the whole family to enjoy. As you can see from the pictures, the day was cloudy with small raindrops but it lasted for less than 5 minutes and nothing that my beanie couldn't handle!

PS. I bought 3 pretty necklaces all Made in Holland at the gift shop as souvenirs for my girls. The pendant is in a form of a tulip with colorful rhinestones. It wasn't expensive.. Around 15 euros so if you really love your girlfriends/sisters, it's a nice souvenir option :)

Thank you for sticking with me throughout my travel diary :)

For Wednesday post, I'll write (maybe a video?) about my Fendi 2Jours bag and for Friday post, I think I'll post about TWO new hangout place in Bandung! Do stay tuned and happy long weekend for Indonesian!

Happy Eid Mubarak for those who celebrate it...

beanie & coat - Twig, black sweater - Disneyland Paris, jeans - Alcott, 
ankle boots - Clarks, Le Pliage bag - Longchamp


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