First of all, welcome, potential partners!
Thank you for taking interest in working together with The Sweetest Escape.

My website is open for business!

As in 19 March 2020, The Sweetest Escape :
  • is 10 years old!
  • Has an average of 300 page views/day and 666,166 page views of all time
  • had worked together with plenty of websites (click here for examples)
  • top 5 country of readers are Indonesia, United States, China, Malaysia, and Singapore
  • I only accept payment via Paypal. I don't accept gift card as payment
  • price is very negotiable until it's a deal! ;)
The meaning of the last point is because this website is meant as an outlet for my daily outfits and adventures and not because I want to live out of sponsored posts, but if you can make a little money, why not right? Hence, my price is negotiable until we reach a price we both comfortable at.

There are two things you can do here to promote your website
  1. Sponsored Post
    Which means I will talk about your website and products in one post that will stay in this website as long as this little corner of internet is still running. You don't have to send me items, but if you want, obviously, I will gladly receive it and then wear it and post all about said item. Please give one week for me to create the post.
  2. Banner Ad
    At the bottom of my website, you can place your store's banner that will link back to your website. Minimum one month ad. Please make your ad 250 pixels wide and length is maximum 400 pixels.

If you have any other ideas, for example a giveaway with your product as the prize, I will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Interested? Email me at steviaindrawan@gmail.com for details and pricing with subject : sponsorship/banner ad.

Please note, I have every right to turn down any offer due to many reasons, such as health issues, your product doesn't fit with my content and readers, I will be away for a vacation, or any other possible reasons.

Thank you and have a productive day!