A Mystical Aura

How is everyone's weekend?
It will ends in a few hour and it made me a little sad. However! Life is not to spend doing unimportant things like being sad. So I put on my favorite songs and feeling much better now :)

When I took the pictures, the air had some mystical aura for an unexplainable reason. The sun. The green green grass. The white reeds among the green which makes the field looks even more mystical. How peculiar. I guess a busy week made me a tad bit melancholic..

sweater - H&M, dress - Velvet, glasses and camera bag - bought it from Korea, shoes - Charles&Keith

The weather was not exactly cold but it was rather windy so I put on a sweater. It matches perfectly with this dress. I am helpless when it comes to matching outfit! Oops.. I also decided to include my camera bag which I just ADORE not only because it looks super cute, but it can also multifunction as a bag. The hideous black camera bag that comes with the camera is very useful but not very wearable.. Hence, when I'm hanging out with my friends, I don't have to bring two bags! What more can I ask?

Out of focus picture which made that day even more dream-alike..

Halloween is tomorrow!
Who are you dressing up as?
Kiss and tell!

It's Swings and Roundabouts

Good afternoon,dolls!
Oh my.. I miss blogging dearly! I have been preoccupied lately. And although some people think one week is not that long, to me, it kinda is.. My grasp on time is not very fixated though. When it comes to weekend, two days are not long enough! I had a splendid weekend spent with a bunch of my friends. Sushi-ing.. Graduation ceremony.. More Polaroids.. And of course, a good amount of a heart-to-heart conversation.

top - Gaudi, shorts - Bugis Street Market, stockings - PVJ, shoes - Zonzo

I got the top from my friend as a birthday present which was over a month late.. Nevertheless, I love presents at any time of the year. ;p
The blouse is so adorable with the tie on the neck and the polkadot pattern. I don't own any red top so this is definitely a nice surprise. I rarely find something in red that I feel obliged to have.. Until I met this top!
Anyway.. Posing in a swing is so much difficult than I imagened! I got 1 decent picture out of 10 blurry ones.. But it was so much fun though! :)

Would have been a really nice picture if it wasn't blurry!

I added an "I'm Reading" widget on my right bar. The reason I added it is because I want to motivate myself to ALWAYS be on the read (is there such term?). You know, I don't want to catch myself not reading anything.  Hopefully the widget serves it purpose! Fingers crossed.. 
So I'm currently reading The Secret Life of Bees. It's my 3rd time reading it, I think. I actually really like the book. It's surprisingly enjoyable to read despite the heavy topics.. If you love the book or just read it or are reading it, I would love to hear your thoughts about the book!<3

Instant Memories

Good morning, lovely people!
I am one chapter away from finishing "A Little Princess".
Sara Crewe is definitely my idol. She manages to go through pain and suffering with a princess-like behavior. And it reminds me the power of imagination and the strength you will get from keeping your faith in check :)

hat-Chaussure Modest, cardigan - unbranded, t-shirt - gifted from my aunt, bow belt - Mangolia, 
skirt - Gaudi, oxfords - Gaudi, bag - unbranded

Just playing around with my instax camera! Would you care to see some of my favorite memories?

Anyway, it's only Tuesday. 4 days to go and it's weekend again!
I live for the weekend, really..

Moonlight Sonata

Title is taken from one of Beethoven's Sonata

How is everyone?

The moon is shining brightly and oh my.. it looks breathtaking. It makes want to stare at it forever and perhaps hear some mellifluous sonata.

dress- unbranded, blazer - Forever21, bag - Hobsch, shoes - Ruby

I hope you can see the sweet peter pan collar on my dress! I just can't get enough of this collar it is rather unhealthy obsession, I supposed!
The blazer is the most perfect color ever. Once I saw it on the rack, I was in love. My mom and my sis and my aunt seem to have the same mind as they are now on the look for this blazer! Unfortunately, I bought this in Singapore and no F21 store in Indonesia has this item..


Anyway, I did some changes on the layout.. Can guess what? :)

Love Letter

Morning, lovely people!
How was everybody's weekend? I spent mine reading half through Conversations With Amber.
The book is really fun to read. I don't know.. As I said, I'm easily impressed. Just wanted to share with you a few paragraphs from the book!

outer - Yenli's Store, white tank - Mango, shorts - Velvet, stocking and boots - BTC

"I think a great deal about love. Love is the foundation of living. The Bible has more about it than I can remember. Love has more facets than any other emotion the heart experiences. Without it there would be no poetry or music, no truly great men and women to give light to the dark history. . . . love involves something which is often forgotten. Love involves responsibility. Too often people in love do not want to accept this. Why not? Responsibility is a heavy word and can be a heavy burden. But without it we do not have love.
If I say 'I love you madly,' it should mean that I will put up with you when you are difficult. I will forgive you when you hurt me, will share your sorrows, comfort you, sustain you. This is an enormous job. . ."
I must remember that I have responsibilities to those I love. These responsibilities may be dull, time-consuming, a nuisance, but they are there. Otherwise that word "love" is as thin as a piece of carbon paper."
Taber, Gladys. 1978.  Conversation with Amber, pg 58-59.

Look how cute my envelope necklace is. A dear friend gave it to me as a birthday present. It sort of inspires the whole 'lettter' title thingy.. ;p
Wishing you a great week ahead!

A Wrinkle In Time

Title is taken from Madeleine L'Engle book.

How is everybody's weekend?
I, apparently, going to spend my Saturday night at home since my mom is feeling a little sick. I feel obligated to help out although my big sis doesn't seem to have that problem.. I do wonder whether our birth certificate is switched or something cause a lot of times I feel like I'm actually a lot older than my age.

hat - Chaussure Modest, sweater - from Korea, shorts and oxfords - Gaudi, stockings - BTC

So I just finished reading Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit and it makes me wonder if I ever found a spring of mortality.. Would I drink some? 
I don't think I would. I am too much of a whimp. And I do believe that is not in God's plan at all. Also.. I hate being left behind. If I ever drink the water, everybody else would have to drink it too! That's only fair, right. But then again.. Living is so tiring sometimes. And I wouldn't want to make everybody else suffers. However, it is fun to play around with the idea of living forever. With all the time in your hand that would never run out.. Just an idea! :)
Readers, would you drink out of spring of mortality?

Let me just leave you with my favorite quote from the book, which unsurprisingly, the most famous one!

“Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. 
You don't have to live forever, you just have to live.” 
Hopefully your weekend will be sweet!

Last thing.. Here are some polaroids I took earlier today. My Korean class had a cooking class this morning and my lunch was consisted of bulgogi, bibimbap, and gimbap. It was heaven! <3


Whisper Sweet Nothing To Me

Ahhhh.. I seriously don't want to get out of my bed for tomorrow.. But I have to go to the gym, run errands, Korean class, English class, and fulfill my duty as an usher at a graduation.
Despite feeling exhausted, I was so happy that I got 95 out of 100 on my Korean test!  Woo hoo!
And I also got featured on Style It Light. Click here to read about my favorite item :)

 flower headband - thrifted, tee and bracelets- H&M,  skirt - Bugis Street Market, clogs - Juice String

I bought this skirt on my latest trip to Singapore. I have always been hesitated to wear anything maxi. Mostly because of my short height. However, at only $12SGD, I couldn't resist to try one. I paired it with a loose tee and clogs and added a flower headband to complete the bohemian look. Thoughts? My sister practically laughed and spilled water all over her clothes when she saw me getting out of my room.. She's adorable.

좋은 하루 보내요!
(joheul haru bonaeyo!)
(have a nice day!)

My Kind of Holiday

How is weekend treating you, bloggers?
Yesterday Korean test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be so I decided to rewarded myself today with a Korean lunch! I just got home from a yummy Korean bbq lunch with my friends. We spent 3 hours at the restaurant. There was only one other customer, it was a family, I think. Fortunately, they sat far away from us. So we practically joked around and laughed as if we were in our own house.

Just wanted to give a special shout out to my friends : Chyrel Gomez, Cherie, and Debiparna. They are pretty amazing, you know.
The Woolmark contest is over and although I didn't win, I can't help but being grateful for all the love you have showed me :)

Below are pictures from my previous short trip to Singapore (again, you ask? Yes ofcourse!) from 2 weeks ago..
Happy weekend everyone!

Before boarding..  
Top - gifted from Mom!, shorts - Porcupid Closet, thigts - BTC

Finally visited Singapore Botanical Garden!
Brown cardi - BTC, top - Vintagers, shorts and belt - Porcupid Closet
bag - Hobsch, sandals - Mandy's

It was such a gorgeous place! I didn't want to leave..

At Bugis Junction with sis..
Brown cardi - BTC, dress&belt - Mango, bag - Hobsch, sandals - Mandy's

At my cousin's sweet seventeen..
Top - from Korea, necklace - Birthday present from a dear friend, 
skirt - Gaudi, shoes - Bata

A polaroid pic with the birthday girl (she's the hottie in red)

A golden yummyness.. Garrett's Popcorn..

One of my fave pic during this trip. Taken at Orchard Road :)
Top - PopStore, belt - Mango, skirt - Gaudi, bag - Longchamp, shoes - Bellagio

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