It's Swings and Roundabouts

Good afternoon,dolls!
Oh my.. I miss blogging dearly! I have been preoccupied lately. And although some people think one week is not that long, to me, it kinda is.. My grasp on time is not very fixated though. When it comes to weekend, two days are not long enough! I had a splendid weekend spent with a bunch of my friends. Sushi-ing.. Graduation ceremony.. More Polaroids.. And of course, a good amount of a heart-to-heart conversation.

top - Gaudi, shorts - Bugis Street Market, stockings - PVJ, shoes - Zonzo

I got the top from my friend as a birthday present which was over a month late.. Nevertheless, I love presents at any time of the year. ;p
The blouse is so adorable with the tie on the neck and the polkadot pattern. I don't own any red top so this is definitely a nice surprise. I rarely find something in red that I feel obliged to have.. Until I met this top!
Anyway.. Posing in a swing is so much difficult than I imagened! I got 1 decent picture out of 10 blurry ones.. But it was so much fun though! :)

Would have been a really nice picture if it wasn't blurry!

I added an "I'm Reading" widget on my right bar. The reason I added it is because I want to motivate myself to ALWAYS be on the read (is there such term?). You know, I don't want to catch myself not reading anything.  Hopefully the widget serves it purpose! Fingers crossed.. 
So I'm currently reading The Secret Life of Bees. It's my 3rd time reading it, I think. I actually really like the book. It's surprisingly enjoyable to read despite the heavy topics.. If you love the book or just read it or are reading it, I would love to hear your thoughts about the book!<3

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