Under Medication

I was sick since last Wednesday. Like can't-get-out-of-bed sick. My mom had to come all the way from Bandung just to take care of me. I went to the doctor after 2 days of fever and now I'm currently under 5 different medication and pills (and one eardrops, I have an ear, nose, and throat problem) which I have to take every 8 hours. I believe the pills have some sedative effect cause I dooze off every now and then. And it's extremely difficult to stay up.

 (taken from my 7s mini fuji instax. I should show it off to you sometimes!)

I took the pictures a few weeks ago. I never get around to post them because.. Well.. I forgot. I'm sure I had a good reason not to post it before.. I guess I had better pictures back then.. 


Did the stupidest thing!
I think staring at numbers and financial statements for hours increase my clumsiness level.
I accidentally deleted my blog roll!

Anyway, for international and local bloggers who has linked me, would you kindly email me at steviatepi@gmail.com with your blog link? 
I tried to traced back. But it's so difficult. I would hate to see any of you who has exchanged link with me not linked back! So please do contact me.
And anyone who wants to exchange link, you should absolutely email me too :)
So sorry for the foolish act of me!

We Sit, We Eat, We Talk, We Love

I had the bestest time with some of my favorite people yesterday. 
I won't say much, you can check out the story here.

I wore my favorite lace top and a tiered skirt and a white wedges.
Added a ring and a bangles to complete the look. And of course, a watch.
I had comfort and cute in mind. 
I think I accomplished it quite well.

Newly 21

Yes, I'm officially 21 years old now. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures as I was too busy accepting "happy birthday", saying "thank you" in return, poured with hugs and kisses, trying to juggle my presents with one hand and shaking hands with another. 
The party was a huge success. I love my big family. Almost all of them came. And it was nice celebrating my birthday with so much love around me.
Although I did blinded with some camera flashes. It was uncles or cousins perhaps. I'd get back to you if I get a hold of their pictures.

I feel an outfit post has long overdue. So here it is. I'm still preoccupied with my thesis. But I managed to get up super early (6 a.m. That's like dawn for me) and took these pictures (yes, I feel super guilty abandoning my blog for so long I force myself to get out of bed)

There were joggers and dog walkers. They stare a little bit. But after 5 months of blogging, I have learned to be oblivious.

And the sun finally high in the sky. 
I have to admit, I enjoyed the photo session very much. It's usually really hot around here (even when it is fall) except when it's raining. But in the morning, the weather was so clean (it was raining really hard last night) and fresh and surprisingly chilly!

I Kissed Summer Goodbye

Adieu, summer. It was fun. The past week has been raining every single day. And not like small little drops of rain but like God was angry and just poured all his bathtub water down to the earth. Hence, I haven't been able to do any more photo shoot. 
My friends dragged me out of my depression hole last weekend and push back my mood chart to delirious level. Thank you, friends. You keep me sane.
We went to Hongkong Cafe and I dressed far beyond my age. I think I'm having a twenties-life crisis. I'm leaving my 20 and now I'm drawn to little kids hair clip. They are just so adorable. And I just took notice when my mom told me to buy some hair clip for my little sister. I ended up buying some for my self. It's extremely confusing how I rarely dress up appropriately with my age.

Of course, it was too dark so I was forced to use flash (these pictures has been heavily brightened with my poor photoshop skill). But I sort of prefer the above picture. 
I don't like using flash. Everything comes out too bold.

I Have Good News and Bad News

First of all, I apologize for not posting for almost a week! Geez. I miss you, blogsphere!
I'm a little stressed out right now. But I'll ramble all about it later.
I should share the good news first!
That's what you would want right?
I don't know. If it were me, I would have the good news first. Cause.. well.. I'm a rather negative-thinking person. So it's incredibily difficult for me to be happy after I hear a bad news. Therefore, why not enjoy the good news as long as you possibily can, right?

 My birthday is coming up!
I'll be 21 on September 10. How very exciting! Now I can read my cosmopolitan without remorse. And perhaps I should tune down a little the whole Disney and anime thingy. Oh that would be dreadful! I suppose I can keep that up with some 'cartoon is for everyone, that's why it is rated General' alibi.

Anyway, I'll be celebrating my legal age in Subang, my childhood hometown (I grew up there until I was 9), the same day with Idul Fitri, and the same day with my dad's waterpark soft opening. Busy day indeed!

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