Yellow Scallop Allowed Down Below

Is that tounge twisting enough for you? I guess not.. 
I am terrible at making title but I do try my best! :)

It has been forever since I last posted (well, 5 days actually, but it does feel like forever!). 
Life has been as lovely as ever it just that.. it gets busier somehow!
My aunties were staying at my house last weekend until Tuesday (so much fun with all those estrogen around me!). And then on Wednesday I had my usual weekly visit to my dad's waterpark. And bible study at night. On Thursday I had my english course class (I got 87 of 100 on my level test! Cool!). And then today just as busy. In the morning me and my sister went to run some errands. In the evening I accompanied my mom to see her OB. I did tho manage to take outfit pictures. And now.. I am finally able to breathe and just blogwalking to your lovely blogs!

I will be MIA again after this.. My mom, me, and my sister are planning to spend weekend in Jakarta :)
City time! I am pretty sure I will waste more money. I already spent so much these past few days. Someone please stop me! ;p

blue blazer - thrifted, yellow scalloped shorts - Queen Bee, heels - Charles&Keith

Check it out! I've been featured on a's Best of the Web, Style
 Such an honour really! <3

Oh. I also submitted this post to Spunky Chateau Thursdays are for Thrifters !
Check out her blog, lovely people!

Happy weekend!

Clogged Up

Afternoon, lovelies!
After a month of waiting, my clogs from Juice String is finally mine to hold. The heels are higher than I was expected but I don't mind since it is still as comfy as I thought it would be! I actually wore this to run errands on Friday (well, not actually running of course!) and I escaped unscratched.

My aunt is visiting all the way from Sidney, Australia. Well, she is actually in Jakarta for now and I did went there yesterday in case she didn't have time to visit us here in Bandung. It is always nice when a relative is visiting from a far off place. It makes you realize that no bond is stronger than blood. Even a thousand miles can't keep us apart. Agree?

giraffes patterned blouse - Gaudi, tan belt - Cotton On, skirt - Topshop, clogs - Juice String

My dog is coming up to me and I do realized that, but I managed to maintain my pose! 
Weird? Me think so.

 Look 10 is the winner for my 30 from 30 Remixing Challenge!
I don't think I would do the reshoot I promised you. I just don't feel like repeating outfits in such close period. Yes I am not fan of repeating outfits which might explain my crowded closet. Oops!

New In The Block

Hey there, dolls!
This is my very first color blocking so do be gentle on the comments ;)
I thought I try by playing it safe with orange, green, and purple (ignore the yellow heels) that have been seen a lot here in blogsphere. I told you I'm easily impressed..

Anyway, I'm not sure if nobody voted or the poll doesn't work, but there are only 4 votes on my last poll. It is a little sad. Yes? No? I guess I'll settle with Look 10... It does has 75% vote so far..
Will you make me happy and voted, please? <3

On another topic, I have a great news to tell and I am beyond excited. I am telling you, BEYOND. But I'll keep my mouth sealed until it is a done deal. Which it will be (if everything goes smoothly) by the second week of August. Okay now I have to study for my english course test.
It will be a reading and listening test today and speaking test on Thursday. I'm a little bit worried on speaking test as I am terrible in public speaking. I sttutter a lot.. Wish me luck!
I might have to wait until Friday to reply your lovely comments just so I don't feel guilty ;p

fish hairpin - stole it from my little sister, peacock necklace - gifted from a friend, cardigan - BTC, 
tanktop - Mango, skirt - Zara, heels - Bellagio

The hairpin is totally silly but it totally matches the whole color blocking thing! 
How can I resist?

"All You Need Is Trust and A Little Bit of Pixie Dust"

That quote always pops in my head every time I remember Peter Pan. I guess you all know that I have a slight obsession with Peter Pan collar. I have 4 in my closet so far. Including this number. 

Look 21 is the winner for Poll Part 2! 
Thank you for everyone who voted. Please participate again on the last poll and click for your fave :)
The poll is on right side bar in case you missed it!

I have not been taking outfit pictures for the past 4 days and wow it was 4 days of peace between me and my darling mother. I think I might have to cut back my posting frequency in to 2 times a week. With 1 outdoor post and 1 indoor post. Just so every one in the house can have some serenity and happiness ;)

headband - thrifted, dress - Forever21, belt - thrifted, bag - vintage, shoes - Charles&Keith

Vote for Your Fave Part 2

Here's the second half of my outfits for my 30 from 30 Challenge. 
Vote away!

I tried to make the voting inside this post but I'm not sure if it works..
Will you kindly notified me if it doesn't work? :)
I'm such a lousy blogger. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience.
You can click your favorite looks (yes you can choose more than one) right now.

As I said in my previous post, I will do three polls. One for Look 1 to 15. Second for Look 16 to 30. The winner of each poll would face each other on the last poll. The winning look will have another re-shoot and along with that look, I will present you my favorite look!

At The End of The Day, It's The Journey That Matters

How is your Tuesday so far, lovelies? Mine is quite well despite the headache.
Here is the last set of my 30 from 30 Challenge. For new readers, about a month ago I decided to participate in a remixing challenge. Where I had to choose 30 items of clothing and create 30 looks from there. 
You can click here to reminsice together with me about the journey I took.

I have to admit that I have been such a lazy bum for the last half. I rarely took outdoor pictures and use my house as my background set. In my opinion, the remixing is not exactly the challenge. It is the commitment to take pictures everyday which is to me, the biggest challenge of all. When you only rely on your tripod and relatives who don't get why you take so much pictures of yourself everyday, it can be quite a burden. 

Enough about the downside. The upside is of course, discovering so many useful things you can do with one item. And also the feeling of awe every time you find out how versatile that dress is! I have never use dress as a skirt (Look 12) or a dress as a top (Look 17) before I took this challenge. So it's those little discoveries that makes this challenge worth taking. Also, you push your brain to work a little bit more. I try not to wear the same shoes or sandals for the next three day as I post three days outfit in a row, it would look rather boring.
You also get to know new friends who are participating in this challenge. 
It is always nice to meet new friends, right? <3

Would I take this challenge again? Absolutely.
But maybe not in a near time.. Maybe next year?

Look 28 from 30 

Look 29 from 30

Look 30 from 30

And I'm finished. Make sure you vote!
I am working on the poll now!

Sweeter Than A Macaroon

I want a macaroon. No. I want a lot of macaroons!
And yes I am hungry. Starving, actually. Is this lunch time already? Time passes too fast lately. I can't believe it's Saturday already. I wish I have time to have more fun with my friends. When I have free time. it's difficult to get out of the house without infuring my mother's fury. She hates when her daughters are not in the safe and comfort of her care. Anyway, can we have a delivery for macaroons?

Look 25 from 30

Look 26 to 30

Look 27 from 30

Happy weekend you macaroons!

Look 22 to 24

Yes I don't have any idea on what to write now so that super uncreative title should do!
And yes I am in a rush now, surprisingly enough. I had an 8 o'clock gym class and then after showering, I was lazying around in my bed until I realized that I was planning to post today! Thanks to my forgetful nature, now I have to grab my lunch and go do my activities for the day which include payment and drop off a COD to an advertisement office, pick up my dress from the tailor, English course, and fellowship at night. I shall catch up with all your lovely comments tonight <3

Look 22 from 30

Look 23 from 30

Look 24 from 30

I know I promised you a more interesting background but I haven't found the will nor the time!

On That Balcony

How was your 4th of July weekend, bloggers?
I went to Jakarta which is the capital city of Indonesia  to visit my relatives and had quite some fun with my aunties and my cute nieces. 

I wasn't in the mood to get in a fight with my mom. Which always happens every time I take outfit pictures. She has this thought in her mind that outdoor (even in our backyard) is dirty and I have to change into bath robe, wash my hands and feet, before I go back to my room. She would also wipe everything I touched. Therefore I've been taking more indoor pictures for the past couple of days. I completely forgot about my balcony. It's quite a cozy place since I don't have to get out my room yet I still can get that natural lightning of sunshine. I promise I'll have more interesting backgrounds on the next post :)

Look 19 from 30

Sometimes I forgot how I edited one picture and ended up edited it differently. Below is an example.

Look 20 from 30

Do ignore my wide forehead. I was having a bad bangs day.

Look 21 from 30

Look 10 is the winner of the first poll!!  Thank you so much for everyone who voted.

I am nine looks short and I can't wait to finish it. Taking pictures everyday has taking a toll on me. I started to look like a narcissistic brat who cares too much about how I look. I have been toying around with the idea of a blogging break so my camera, my tripod, and my vanity can have some rest.

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