At The End of The Day, It's The Journey That Matters

How is your Tuesday so far, lovelies? Mine is quite well despite the headache.
Here is the last set of my 30 from 30 Challenge. For new readers, about a month ago I decided to participate in a remixing challenge. Where I had to choose 30 items of clothing and create 30 looks from there. 
You can click here to reminsice together with me about the journey I took.

I have to admit that I have been such a lazy bum for the last half. I rarely took outdoor pictures and use my house as my background set. In my opinion, the remixing is not exactly the challenge. It is the commitment to take pictures everyday which is to me, the biggest challenge of all. When you only rely on your tripod and relatives who don't get why you take so much pictures of yourself everyday, it can be quite a burden. 

Enough about the downside. The upside is of course, discovering so many useful things you can do with one item. And also the feeling of awe every time you find out how versatile that dress is! I have never use dress as a skirt (Look 12) or a dress as a top (Look 17) before I took this challenge. So it's those little discoveries that makes this challenge worth taking. Also, you push your brain to work a little bit more. I try not to wear the same shoes or sandals for the next three day as I post three days outfit in a row, it would look rather boring.
You also get to know new friends who are participating in this challenge. 
It is always nice to meet new friends, right? <3

Would I take this challenge again? Absolutely.
But maybe not in a near time.. Maybe next year?

Look 28 from 30 

Look 29 from 30

Look 30 from 30

And I'm finished. Make sure you vote!
I am working on the poll now!

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