On That Balcony

How was your 4th of July weekend, bloggers?
I went to Jakarta which is the capital city of Indonesia  to visit my relatives and had quite some fun with my aunties and my cute nieces. 

I wasn't in the mood to get in a fight with my mom. Which always happens every time I take outfit pictures. She has this thought in her mind that outdoor (even in our backyard) is dirty and I have to change into bath robe, wash my hands and feet, before I go back to my room. She would also wipe everything I touched. Therefore I've been taking more indoor pictures for the past couple of days. I completely forgot about my balcony. It's quite a cozy place since I don't have to get out my room yet I still can get that natural lightning of sunshine. I promise I'll have more interesting backgrounds on the next post :)

Look 19 from 30

Sometimes I forgot how I edited one picture and ended up edited it differently. Below is an example.

Look 20 from 30

Do ignore my wide forehead. I was having a bad bangs day.

Look 21 from 30

Look 10 is the winner of the first poll!!  Thank you so much for everyone who voted.

I am nine looks short and I can't wait to finish it. Taking pictures everyday has taking a toll on me. I started to look like a narcissistic brat who cares too much about how I look. I have been toying around with the idea of a blogging break so my camera, my tripod, and my vanity can have some rest.

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