I was pretty much jumping off my feet when I saw these creepers. It was everything I was looking for. It's black. It has an oxford-like feel to it. And it was only Rp 285.000! Which I guess it's about US$30. It was also super comfy and it gives me a height-boost. Which is always always a plus.

black top - Scotish, lace shorts - Premium Shop (email me to join this BBM shop!), bag - Carlo Rino, watch - Guess, creepers - Glintz (for Bandung bloggers, find these babies at Kartika Sari, Dago)

Delicious-o Rainbow Cake. Not so crazy about the cheese cream tho..

Anything chocolate is just so tempting..

Went to Hummingbird cafe to meet up with some friends who were visiting from out of town last weekend. Got a chance to visit Trademark as well. Bought the cutest floral ankle boots at the last minute with 20% off! But that's for later :)

P.S. Sorry I missed Sunday Music post. It was a busy Sunday of 7AM Sunday service, also lunch and movie with friends that dragged until sundown. Didn't get any sleep on Saturday and I was pretty much passed out as soon as I touched bed yesterday.

{Pictures were taken at Hummingbird Eatery at Jl. Progo no. 14, Bandung}


blouse - Scotish, midi skirt - Maize, brown belt - vintage from Mom, candy bag - JessJess, geeky glasses and headband - thrifted, flowery wedges - Urbie

The bag makes me crave for candies and all kind of sweets! Hence, I decided to just use all kind of colorful items in my closet and ended up with this. How is everybody week so far?  I have a wedding this weekend and strangely enough, I am excited to wear my "kebaya" when I was a bit reluctant on the idea at first. Oh silly indecisive me.

My sister celebrated her birthday yesterday! Do head over to her blog and wish her a very happy and merry birthday! You'll find her at

Fake It Til You Make It

Pictures from weekend! I dressed for comfort and surrendered to flats. And I also included a few my lomo pics. They are not good. But I'm just grateful that there are pictures at all. Twice I experienced a film with zero pics in it. It wasn't a good memory.

multicolor sweater - bought through a friend, similar here at Oasap , yellow skirt - Gaudi, bag - Rotelli, yellow snakeskin flats - Bellagio, watch - Guess

I hope everybody doesn't catch the Monday Blue fever!

{Pictures were taken at Instax Shop, Bahureksa no. 25, Bandung}
Except for the first pic.

I can't believe we are on the last week of April. For most of the April, I feel so great and feel like everything is in place. Lately, not so much. Peace seems to be slipping away from my hand. Lately, I'm all about fake smiles, fake laughters, fake "nothing", fake "I'm okay", and sometimes, it works! So here's to fake it til you make it. Cheers! 

Inside Out

Peplum is one of the easiest trend to try since it flatters any kind of body shape. I chose mine in, of course, pastel color! It has been windy and rain every now and then so I put on a light blazer which also, in the pastel pink color. I have an obsession, I know. The leather skirt is one of my sister's high school days, she was going to throw it away, fortunately, I saw it, claimed it to be mine and never look back.

pink blazer - HongKong, pastel peplum top - Premium Shop (email me to join this BBM group store), 
black bow belt - Magnolia, leather skirt - a hand-me-down from sissy! , black wedges - BTC, 
snake turquoise ring - Diva, black and white clutch - Dorothy Perkins

My fringe needs trimming. Like, ASAP.

Had this story shared on one of my BBM group..

"Which one is easier?
Trying to get rid of all the sharp pebbles in every street? Or wearing shoes so our feet won't get hurt

Which one is easier?
Trying to stop each mouth so it doesn't say what it pleases? Or to keep our own heart to stop being easily offended?

Which one is easier? 
Trying to control other? Or to control ourself?

What important is not how people should be kind to me, but how I try to be kind to others.

It's not about other people who make me happy, but it's about my own self who decides I'm happy or not."

The point is, when you try to make things better, it should start from inside out. Start from yourself. As the wise Michael Jackson said, I'll start with the man in the mirror.

And yes, that is our Sunday Music song!

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change

Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson

Are you ready for Monday?


Something I threw on in last minute. Ended up really liking it :)
Time seems to be going so fast in a light speed. It's Thursday already and I have no clue what I did for these past 3 days. It seems like a blur. Like when you look out of your high-speed car window. Just hoping I stay on track and avoid all kind of collision!

floral blazer - Nikicio femme, vintage white shirt - D'fashion, floral tank top & belt - Cotton On, necklace - from Mom, brown pants - Velvet, pale blue bag - Rotelli, white wedges - Heatwave, floral watch - Forever21

Pastel nails!

Visited SugaRush for lunch. 
So curious to try their famous Rainbow Cake and wasn't disappointed. SO GOOD!

Still, I look forward to weekend. I am FINALLY going to take my lomo pictures that I put in over a month ago this Friday. Fingers crossed the results are good!

Hopefully everyone will have a great weekend too.

{Pictures are taken at Sugarush Resto at Braga Street no. 83}


Met a beauty called Tanya. Wishing I have a tenth of that much of gorgeousness!

purple rose garland - Forever New, Tanya lace dress in plum - Velvet

Another beauty worth mentioning is my long-lost friend, Stephanie. She recently started blogging. Do head over to Stephanie's Notebook and leave her a comment. She's new and we all know how the first day at everything is the worst. Show her the love you have showed me (thank you thank you thank you) for the past two years! Yes, The Sweetest Escape will be two years old this May. Stay tuned as I am planning to do a giveaway on that day.

Hopefully everybody survived battling the Monday blue!

We Are Young

These are one week old pictures that I took on Easter weekend. Went for a brunch with some dear friends. Then strolling around malls with my family.

Life has been... funny lately. So I smile and I laugh while I can.

soft pink blazer - Mango, nude top - Velvet, bow necklace - Forever21, bunny prints skirt - H&M, shiny black loafers - Bellagio, yellow mustard oversized bag - Tocco Toscano

My kaya and cheese toast. Died and went to food-heaven. Well, not really, of course.

 This week Sunday Music is We Are Young by Fun.
Seriously, the chorus is too catchy.

But between the drinks and subtle things
The holes in my apologies
You know I'm trying hard to take it back
So if by the time the bar closes
And you feel like falling down
I'll carry you home

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun

We Are Young - Fun

So I hope you all have a fun relaxing Sunday with your loved ones!

Sky Blue

Loving my Halston sky blue shorts! The color is sky blue and it looks so summery and happy paired with white. It's actually highwaisted so no worries on showing your undies! #oops This outfit is inspired by Coachella music festivals. Kinda wishing to at least attend the event once in my life. 

leopard cardi - NYLA, white vintage top - Bonvieux, sky blue shorts - Velvet, bracelets, bag, and sandal - Rubi, snake ring - Diva, blue bow - bought it when I went to Korea


Weekend is one day away. What are your weekend plans? I have Jakarta, a facial treatment, and movies marathon in my schedule. I guess this weekend will be quite a blast. Less than 48 hours and we'll have our relaxing days. Hang in there, everyone!

Photographed by Vanesa Indrawan
Special appearance by a strayed kitten

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