Shades of Pink

Really surprised how darling a soft pink over darker pink turned out. I realized I never done anything different with my hair before except adding headbands so I thought I put a bow in my hair for a change. Wore this outfit to attend an Easter Youth Celebration last Saturday. Watched a few of my friends on the Easter play and pretty much wow-ed.

pink blazer - Forever21, soft pink backless dress - Zara, black belt with golden bow - Magnolia, black wedges - Bata, pink bow hair clip - PVJ, bow ring & rose earrings - gifted from a friend, gold watch - Guess

Wore three bows at once! My hair clip, belt, and ring are all bows. So the similar poses with hand near my face is my way to make sure this lovely bow ring got the attention it deserves.

Feeling a bit discouraged lately. Spent the last week for a spring cleaning (I had no idea I was such a hoarder considering how much crap I accumulated through the year. All gone now! #satisfied) and found my diary books from my teenager days. Suddenly I had an enlightenment how I am NOT everything I wanted when I was 15 years old. Where did that drive and passion went? Out of the window and swept by the wind I guess. #sadface

This is me signing off and wishing my teenager spirit come back to me.

Good day, everyone..


  1. Your skirt looks so cute! Really like the back view!

  2. nice~ all pink..:3

    i love your hairclip..simple but pretty. :D

  3. really love this look. you looks so cute <3

  4. you look adorable!! amazing dress and bow!! love the color of your blazer!!
    maybe you'd like to take part at my romwe giveaway, if you haven't already:)

  5. Oh, cheer up! =)

    You look really lovely with your dress and I adore the blazer.

  6. you look so cute and lovely! You makes me changes my interpretation on pink :p

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  7. cute as always ♥
    i love the back of your dress

  8. Ahh, so adorable! I love the mix of pink shades and the gorgeous cut out back of the dress <3
    Very cute! I also love that bow ring. :)

    Trendy Teal

  9. What a sweet and romantic look! Major love :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  10. Oh my gosh! I am loving everything is this look the blush dress, coral blazer and bow belt. The colors look amazing together! You look adorable!

  11. such a pretty look! love the shades of pink!


  12. This is such a lovely outfit! you look very cute.

  13. you haven't follow me yet dear :( so sad

  14. don't be sad. now you consider it and don't just let the day pass you by. you still have a long day to do what you want. so make your 15th dreams come true become what you want :)
    btw. love your girly outfit. love the color and the bow:)
    nice to know you :)

  15. beautiful dress !
    I also like the belt and bow in your hair :)

  16. how cute! i love the dress!!!

    Hugs from Poland :*

  17. Can't help but being a little jalous of the beautiful blazer :)


  18. Aw! I'm sorry! I think we all have moments like that. I refer to them as my "what the hell am I doing here" moments. I really REALLY love all the bows and the different shades of pink. The blazer and the dress both are just gorgeous. I am so glad that I found your blog through your comment on mine. I love it! Your photography is breathtaking!


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