Something I threw on in last minute. Ended up really liking it :)
Time seems to be going so fast in a light speed. It's Thursday already and I have no clue what I did for these past 3 days. It seems like a blur. Like when you look out of your high-speed car window. Just hoping I stay on track and avoid all kind of collision!

floral blazer - Nikicio femme, vintage white shirt - D'fashion, floral tank top & belt - Cotton On, necklace - from Mom, brown pants - Velvet, pale blue bag - Rotelli, white wedges - Heatwave, floral watch - Forever21

Pastel nails!

Visited SugaRush for lunch. 
So curious to try their famous Rainbow Cake and wasn't disappointed. SO GOOD!

Still, I look forward to weekend. I am FINALLY going to take my lomo pictures that I put in over a month ago this Friday. Fingers crossed the results are good!

Hopefully everyone will have a great weekend too.

{Pictures are taken at Sugarush Resto at Braga Street no. 83}

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