Just Another Pink Picnic

pink floppy hat - Chaussure Modest, dress - vintage from Chapel Street Melbourne, gold bangle - PVJ, flower earrings - The Little Things She Needs, lace white stockings - H&M, brown loafers - vintage-buy from Melbourne

Currently waiting for 2 packages to arrived to my excited self. I bought one from ASOS and I wonder about the quality of the item. I assumed it's good enough since everybody keep buying! Haha.. The other one is from Velvet and I am so excited about this item since I have been looking for the perfect highwaisted shorts with bright color.. Besides my yellow one.. Been a loyal customer of Velvet and never dissapointed!

These shots were taken two weeks ago. Saw my pink hat and my picnic basket and sort of inspired to take outfit pictures with them.

Easter is coming up and I hope everybody is in a good spirit to celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus and the joy when He rose from the death. What are your long weekend plans?


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