OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Review

Hello, there!
Today I will be talking about this ah-mazing liquid lipstick that I have been using for pretty much every occasion be it just an everyday look or a fancy weekend vibe. As you can probably guess already, I'm talking about OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. If you're not familiar with this brand, it's totally understandable because this brand is not exactly popular here in Indonesia. I don't think OFRA have a counter in Indonesia but it's really booming in United States. OFRA is an United States product so it has reliable quality control. 

They recently repackage their liquid lipstick and I do like this upgrade. It looks more sturdy, more expensive but there is no price increase. Oh, also, they give us more content! I'm not sure by how much but the new one is bigger. I noticed the new release ones have slightly better formulation. It says liquid but it's still on the creamy side so application is easy. Light color ones require at least two layers but for Atlantic City and Miami Fever, I'm usually good with just one layer. It's not drying but its completely matte altho it's not completely kiss-proof especially Atlantic City and Miami Fever. Those two feels like a regular lipstick altho it looks matte, but it still leaves lip mark on glasses. It is long lasting but I swore by Lime Crime in terms of the longest wear.

Madame Sisca Patisserie Bandung

Hi, guys!
Visited Madame Sisca Patisserie at Jalan Cendana a few weeks back. It was raining but there were lots of umbrellas waiting for us. I LOVE the interior. It's so classy, so elegant, but current and welcoming at the same time. I am very happy that this wasn't another coffee shop. LOL
We had a pleasant time there despite the rain. Service was good. I think they have a comprehensive menu that you can take anyone here be it your grandparents or your funky cousin. Place is spacious. The patisserie is so adorable with lots of flowers and pretty cakes. You can custom made your cake too.
Anyway, keeping this post short and sweet because I am having a bad case of flu and an awful headache. Wishing everyone a healthier weekend than me!

P.S. complete menu at the end of the post!

Shore Time

Since I went out of town last weekend with my mom who has zero photographing skill for a wedding, I have no content for this week blog posts. Hence, here it is. A super sunny throwback photos from my shore time in Bali last March. Please ignore my non-matching sandals. I forgot to bring one so I bought the cheapest one I could find.
Anyway, wishing everybody a bright sunny midweek!

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Committed, Honest, and Loyal

Hi, there!
I'm back with another review of a liquid lipstick. My Lime Crime post drives traffic twice as my blog usually has when it went live so I guess I'll be doing more beauty related posts in the future.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (man, it is a mouthful! let's abbreviate it to The Balm's) is relatively new compared to Lime Crime. I mean, Lime Crime is sort of the pioneer of matte liquid lipstick in a way. However, I actually like The Balm's more than Lime Crime's. The formulation is leaning toward creamy while Lime Crime ones is more liquid (and runny in application!). I thank God for the creamy-ness because that makes applying this one is much less terrifying and require less skill (YES!)

Updated Sept 21st 2016 : I added Charming shade!

Eugene The Goat Cafe Bandung

Eugene The Goat is located far away from the hustle and bustle of Bandung city which is a nice change of pace in my opinion. Yes it does requires more effort to visit since it's quite far (Dago atas) but I think it's worth it. The road there is damaged so expect a bumpy ride and make sure you checked your car's brake. The cafe is located next to Clove Garden Hotel which looks nice but I didn't see much of the hotel itself.

The place is semi-outdoor and thanks God for Bandung's perfect weather which was not too hot or too cold that day. I wouldn't recommend to bring more than ten people here. Also, make sure you follow the weather forecast because rainy day can really ruin your food and drinks. It looks spacious but there aren't that much tables. No meals here, just croissants and bagels and obviously coffee (as well as iced chocolate for those who don't like coffee, I have been informed such people exist). 

Apologies for forgetting to snap a pic of their menu! Coffees are around 30-40k rupiah, croissants around 20-30k rupiah, and bagels (cheese, ham and cheese, and I can't remember one more) around 40-50k rupiah. Price wise I do think it's overpriced especially for the croissants and bagels. There weren't that good either. I guess you really buying the coffee (which was good) and the view.

Well, wishing everyone a lovely day.
By the way, who's watching X-Men Apocalypse this weekend? I know I will!

Suede Baby

Maybe a little late with this suede trend.. I understand they are more popular back in winter time. LOL. But since it's still a little cold with all the rain, I actually love the extra warmth provided by this fabric. I also like the turtleneck-ish neckline. It's very on trend. I actually have the exact same model of this top but with cotton fabric which is probably more spring appropriate.
This set of photos are from Eugene The Goat, a new place in town which you can read more about on my next post this Friday.
I hope everybody is having a good week so far :)

Lime Crime Bleached, Riot, and Wicked

I know there are tons of reviews already out there but I thought I share with you my thoughts about this much hyped liquid lipstick from a make-up newbie perspective! Liquid lipstick is some sort of revolutionary thing for me since I usually use traditional lipstick which is a much easier item to use. If you're not used to it, liquid lipstick can be tricky to apply.

So I heard about Lime Crime around two years ago from a friend who is a make-up enthusiast, but at that time I stick to my good ole lipstick because I just wasn't really into make-up. Now that I'm trying to be more excited about make-up, I decided to get one and first, I chose Bleached, which is a new shade, I believe. It's the softest prettiest nude pink and it's the easiest to apply from the all three I have.


Apologies for the crappy lighting! Were going to take photos outdoors but the rain was pouring non-stop; boohoo.  It was such a gloomy day I think I caught the blues, which happens to coordinate with my top. LOL. Anyway, just popping in to say hi since it has been almost a week since my last post. Not sure why I haven't updated, I do have one content about this new restaurant I visited last weekend. I guess it's just work, family, friends, and you know, life . . .
Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Team Cap

Captain America : Civil War was epic, you guys! If you haven't watched it already, well, what are you waiting for? The movie had so many superheroes that me, as a fangirl, was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie. 

I especially admire Black Panther costume, I thought he looks so badass, so cool, and just fierce! Ant-Man was as funny as he was in his own movie.  Spiderman . . . I'm still on the fence about him. . . I think I like him, but I'm not sure I love him. I do admit, him being a newbie in this Avengers thing was hilarious. Black Widow and Hawkeye fight scenes were super cute, I still feel weird with Black Widow & Hulk romance. I thought there were no chemistry at all . . . I'm a Clintasha shippers, you know. Iron Man was surprisingly deep in this movie. Which was a nice character development from his bad boy image. Also, loved the fact that we get to see more of Sharon Carter. Captain America looks dreamy as per usual. I actually thought about getting a ticket to Singapore just to see Chris Evans at the Marina Bay Sands premiere. You can say, I'm a hardcore #teamcap

Anyway, enough rambling.. Here in Indonesia we are having a super long weekend! So . . . yeay to hanging out with my loved ones and boo to the crazy traffic jam.

Well, wishing everyone a fun filled weekend!

Light, Camera, Action

I really like the lighting on this photo! It kind of looks like my face is glowing.. LOL. But anyway, I find lights to be very important not to mention personal. There are all kinds of lights; chandeliers, flush mount ceiling lights, bedside lamps, etc. How can you choose? Well, go browse and find your very own lights at Lightsinhome that will reflect your great taste and compliment the whole room. There are so many types I had a headache trying to pick one favorite but this one is a winner because it's nothing like I have ever seen before with the pretty roses. Click here to purchase this pretty chandelier!

Anyway, just a black and white outfit that I wore last Saturday. Can I just say I am OBSESSED with these earrings? They're a little heavy but fashion is pain, right?

Well, wishing everyone a great midweek!

Behind The Curtain

In past few months I have been trying to be more into make up and spent over than half of my paycheck purchasing the items I needed. As it turns out, make up requires A LOT of stuff. However, I am happy to say that I almost covered the basics!  I am by no mean an expert, if any, I am a novice in this area but I thought I share with you a few of my looks. In the last two months, I have watched probably more youtube videos than I have ever watched in a year...
So, left one is a natural "no make up" make up. Middle one is a bit more of a night out look. Far right is sort of a chill weekend look focusing on lips. (Details on what I use on Read More :))

Anyway, I have figured out that my curtains make the best background for a selfie with perfect natural lighting! Plain curtains are the best ones, like mine's here, but you can also opt for a beige and silver striped living room curtains like this one from CTWOTOP. Those silver stripes are just so elegant combined with the beige color and it will totally bring the best out of your living room or any other room, really. Not to mention, curtains also very useful to block out heat and lights, obviously. Click here to purchase this beige and silver striped curtains.

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