Lustrous Pop

Lustrous Pop is actually a photoshop action name I use to edit these photos and the pop also contributes to the shocking pink color of my dress. Besides, on Wednesday we wear pink, right?
This fun vibrant number accompany me for a wedding ceremony and you can't really see but I was sweating like there's no tomorrow. Anyway, love this dress with its pretty lace detailing. I always have a soft spot for lace.
Wishing everyone a lovely midweek!

White on White Beach Outfit

I know I haven't been entirely creative in terms of creating a blog post' title, but in my defense, my titles are always make sense.. you know, once you actually read the post, because I know lots of people only look at the photos, even tho it's sometimes very literal, quite like this one's title. 
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I had great quality time with long-time-no-see friends and my soul is as happy and as giddy as these set of photos are. I mean, how can you be gloomy when the sky is as clear as summer's day? 
This one is from my last trip to Bali for a wedding weekend. Managed to sneak in a little beach time to catch a beautiful sunset as per usual. Had no idea what to wear tho and this white on white is sort of a last minute thrown in top and skirt but it works perfectly, I think.
Anyway, wishing everyone is having a good Monday!


Something I wore for a movie date before I left for Bali. Do excuse the lack of posts. I haven't been feeling motivated to blog lately, I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm just still in a vacation mood?
Vacation mood or not, this black top and printed shorts combo never fails me. I feel comfy and still look cute at the same time. Add my new favorite hat for a little bit of witchy vibe. And don't worry, I didn't wear the hat inside the theatre.

Anyway, it's Passover week and I couldn't help but reflect yet once again about how good has the Lord been to me. Granted these first few months of 2016 has been bumpy with medical issues but other than that, I have pretty much everything to be thankful for. So here it is, thank you Jesus, for sacrificing yourself on the cross to redeem our sins. And for always watching over us and love us even when we're unlovable. All we really could do is be a good Christian :)

Have a great midweek, all!

Boho Vibe

A bit bored with sporty look so I thought I channel a little boho vibe this time. Spring is upon us and I can't help with feeling a tiny bit romantic. The big bell sleeve is super cute, I think. Paired it with a ripped jeans to get that laid-back bohemian feel.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!
Has anyone seen Kung Fu Panda 3?

Cremelin Patisserie et Cafe Bandung

Visited Cremelin at Jalan Abdul Rivai two weeks ago with my friends. We went there on a weekday for dinner so the place was not crowded. The place is small, there were 9 of us and they have to put together two tables together. I guess anything more than twelve would have to find another place to eat. There's a second floor but it's only open if the first floor is already full. Food was good. I heard they have great coffee, their own house blend. Love that they have Havilla Tea here. Service was okay, nothing special. Price range is normal around 22k-55k.

Vest and Sneakers

So I repeat outfit every now and then and every now and then, I post similar outfit too. And that 's okay because even bloggers are humans right? Plus, this outfit combo of vest for extra warmth and sneakers for a long walk is so comfy who could resist?
Here in Indonesia we have a National holiday tomorrow so it will be a 24 hour of chill and relaxing with my loved ones :)
Wishing everyone a great day!  

Furla Metropolis Mini "Mini" Review

NOTE : I am currently selling this bag via Tokopedia. Here's the link

Hey, guys!
I recently purchased a Furla Metropolis in mini size. Currently, in my town, this is sort of the it bag. I understand Chloe Drew bag is the most coveted in blogging world, but in real life, the Metropolis one is selling out very quickly (probably because the $1000 price difference) and I've seen dozens of ladies sporting this adorable cross body bag.

I shall give you my mini review about this bag. Do excuse the terrible pun at the title.
Size wise, the name says it all. It is a mini bag and I can't fit much in it. I was carrying : my iPhone 6, a pouch with a power bank and the cords, a hand sanitizer, and I put my money and two cards at the back slot. This is definitely a special event bag or a night out bag since you can't put your life inside. I do love how I can wear it with jeans and still looks great with a dress. I even plan to wear this bag to a wedding.

I had concerns about how thin the strap is but since the bag is small, you can't fit too much in it, hence, there's no problem about the strap digging in to your shoulder. The chain doesn't tangled with my hair too, which is a big point in my book since I have a long hair. The snap closure is easy to open, a little tricky to close tho. I need to look at the bag to make sure the snap closed perfectly. I think an additional magnet will help but to me it's not a big issue.

Health is Wealth

Yeay it's Thursday! Only one more day to weekend ;)

A little life update, I was MIA last week because I was busy going back and forth to the doctors due to my health issues but I am relieved to say that I am now healthy and most certainly happy. During those trips and all those blood tests, the terms health is wealth comes into my mind over and over again. Being sick is not fun at all and it's such a hassle for your loved ones because they have to put away their daily schedule just to take care of you. 

Being healthy is priceless and being sick is pricey so I encourage everyone to keep a balanced life. Have enough sleep, exercise regularly, make sure you eat well and I mean real food, not junk food. I have been taking chia seed and honey every morning for the past week. I also been obsessed with cold pressed juices. All in all, just make sure you appreciate your body. You only have one, you know.

Well, wishing everyone a great Thursday :)

Wild Grass Bandung

As expected, even more restaurants and new cafes popping up here in my beloved Bandung town. This one is quite new. I think it's not even three months since Wild Grass first opened. The place is located at Ciumbeleuit area near Miss Bee (read my Miss Bee review here).

I went there on a Sunday afternoon and the place was packed. Luckily we didn't have to wait listed but there were a wait list after we get to our seat. The place has no air condition and it was a little hot despite the cool breeze of Bandung weather. Probably because there were so many people.

This place is huge and definitely family friendly (group friendly too, if you like to eat with a lot of people). Interior were industrial for sure. I have no comment there. Service were so-so. I didn't expect a lot tho since the place just opened and they had a full house. My friend order were mixed up somehow so she canceled her order because she already wait for an hour and the waiter said there are 3 more order before the chef start cooking hers. I felt bad for my friend but it wasn't actually a surprise to me for a mix up to happen on such a busy lunch hour. The rest of us also waited for about half an hour before our food came out. And drinks were even worse. I think it was 45 mins before we started to get our drinks.

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